Wednesday, 5 September 2007

On leave =)

Yes, as of today!

Very happy.. Went for a massage this pm, came back to do some work (just to finish things off! :p), had hor fun for dinner while watching GTO, and now I am about to go take a nap..

Tomorrow I shall go watch that rat movie in the morning before dance lesson..

There's a scheduled facial on Friday before my flight.. Going for Miki's wedding and some leisure travels, taking the chance to hone my Japanese cos I'm taking JLPT 2 this year! Think I'm going to fail :p

I'll be back on 18 Sep 2007!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Scoop U!

Hope all teachers had a great Teachers' Day yesterday :)

Sito and I went to Scoop U at United Square. There was already a little girl there, quite shy and quiet.. We, both adults, were a lot more excited with the whole cake class experience!

Recipe for making an ice cream cake:

Step 1: Scoop ice cream into a springfoam tin lined with wax paper on the bottom. Press hard and freeze it. Single favour, or ten if you like!

Step 2: Whip cream so hard it won't fall out of bowl when you tip it over your head. Colour the cream as you wish. Freeze it.

Step 3: Crush cookies. Sprinkle evenly over ice cream cake.

Step 4: Tip onto cake base and slap cream all over. Freeze it.

Step 5: Decorate the cake but practise piping cream and hot fudge first - quite challenging! Freeze it.

See the alien flower sticking out of nowhere? :p

But our cake is lovely!!

Step 6: Decorate the cake box.

Sito is much better at drawing than I am...

(In fact, he made most of the cake; I was just "calefair" :p)

See, he drew me prettily but I made him look evil!

(The caption was really on his tee!)

Rule 1: You need a damn cool freezer.
Rule 2: You need to work fast so that the cake doesn't keep melting.
Rule 3: Failing all, just keep freezing the cake!

Enjoy the cake! :)

(Ignore the knife)

Saturday, 1 September 2007

There are three groups of people

In the area of making money/a living:

Group I - People who don't need to work for money: Other people work for them. They collect the money.

Group II - People who trade time for money: Work all the time either to earn a lot - though may not be as much as Group I - or just to make ends meet.

Group III - People who work a lot but get no extra remuneration. Either they are already paid a lot, or they are simply carrying too much shit.

mf belongs to Type III and its sub-category of carrying too much shit *.*
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