Sunday, 26 May 2019

Kids place? University? Universal Studios!

Yesterday was Sito's office family day. We were supposed to cab there after Yang's music lesson but when we got back, Sito was on the phone with M1 to fix our wifi which had been down for four days, four days!

During a last try, I had a suddenly tummy ache. It felt very much like the Taiwan tummy ache - shaking and feeling like puking. So when Sito was done, I asked him to go ahead with Kai and Yang first. Yu cried so badly when they left! :(

And then he fell asleep

I laid down with him for a while until my tummy felt better. I told Sito I would go with him later. He was so looking forward to going out the whole morning.

Meanwhile, they had lunch - buffet selection doesn't mean a thing to my picky kids!

Yu didn't take a very long nap. He refused lunch but got hungry on the cab there. So I got him a hotdog bun before we walked over to Universal Studios. His brothers had spent the past hour queuing for Transformers, and were doing the merry-go-round when we got there.

So sweet!

"Mama, wait for me!" And he stopped to take a bite :p

Here we are!

We met at the entrance where Sito passed me my ticket. We immediately spotted new bags on Kai and Yang - goodie bags! So cute. Yu has one too. There was a rainbow slinky, a press fan and a colouring set in each bag.

We queued 40 minutes for this!

Yes, it was the same Madagascar boat ride we took in February 2016 but with one more boy :) Kai wasn't impressed. Yang was quiet. Yu didn't like it. Hoho!

Sito brought Kai and Yang to a couple more rides but Yu was too short! So we only did merry-go-round and spent the rest of the time walking a bit.

I did the kiasu mum thing and dashed for the empty zebra coz he wanted it :p

Tak glam! But they enjoyed their $4 ice cream - that's the cost of one!


Baby was mesmerised by the singing and dancing on our way out

Both boys were excited to see a moving chocolate bar!

Yu said no to taking picture with moving chocolate bar

Moving chocolate bar gestured for us to go into the shop of course... So we did and got a bag of chocolate kisses for sharing on a day when the boys are good...

Next was dinner at Hard Rock Cafe! Sito and I enjoyed the food but the boys didn't eat much, unfortunately. So Sito got them hotdog buns from downstairs. By the time I came out of the room, they had finished the lot!

Yu complained on the way home. I was afraid he would vomit again like he did last Sunday on the cab back home. But he was ok once I distracted him with YouTube Kids. I think he was just tired coz he woke from an early nap early.. Even his brothers were tired already after a day out in the hot sun. They slept until past 6 am this morning, yeah!

And as I type, Yu was taking his nap with his little bag on his back :)

Update 31 May 2019

There he was, sleeping with his bag

And nua-ing on my lap when he woke - bag intact :)

Kai was a lost boy!

Friday, 17 May, Kai became a lost boy for real.

I got a WhatsApp voice message at 2.12 pm from N saying that she couldn't find Kai. She was late due to traffic and informed her friends, fellow helpers waiting outside the school, to tell Kai to wait. I called the general office to ask them to do an announcement to get Kai out, in case he was playing somewhere. But no.

The form teacher called me. All the students had been dismissed but she would go check the school compound. N went to the bus stops to search. She thought Kai might have gone home by himself. So I called the concierge to keep watch and alert me when they saw him.

As time went by, I kept wondering where he could have been. We were just talking about a playdate with a classmate that morning but he didn't want to go coz he didn't know the mum. (Sito: He's playing with his friend, not his friend's mum!) So in case he somehow went home with the kid though he didn't want to and it wasn't that day itself, I dropped the fellow mum A-T a text anyway. She called back to say no, and got info from her son that Kai was still in the classroom when he left. But that could be due to the teacher dismissing students accordingly to pickup point.

At the point, I just sat at my office desk, not quite knowing what to do. I mean, where do I go to look?? But by about 2.45 pm, the time when he should have got back by bus but there was still no word from the concierge, I decided to go. To school, I think. Coz I didn't manage to think much before A-T called me to say that she would go to the school to look so that I could go home to look. Later, I learnt that she is a TA so she is familiar with the school. She sent me texts after every place she searched - bless her!

On the cab home, I told N to go home. She suggested Kai might have fallen asleep in the bus. She has sent me photos of Kai in various sleeping poses before.

Also discussed with Sito and decided to call the police. Told them all I knew, and asked them to trace his farecard. But they need the CAN number behind the card to trace! But it's a concession card with ID! Argh...

I got home, dropped my stuff, and dug into my drawer to find a copy of his farecard - only the front, no back! I decided to head to Woodlands bus interchange where the bus service terminates. N came back just as I was leaving. I told her to stay put and wait for my call.

On the way to Woodlands, I found a photo of the back of his card on my phone! Thank goodness I took pictures of just about everything! I sent it to the police officers. By then, I was letting my imagination run wild. I mean, he knows my mobile number by heart so why didn't he call?!

Woodlands bus interchange was huge! I went to the alighting place - no crying boy. And there were stalls there so if they saw one, they would have helped already?? Went towards the passenger service counter. When the guy came out to scan my card and learnt that I wasn't on the same bus with him, he said I would have to go to the office to trace his CAN number.

At that moment, about 3.45 pm, I got a call from concierge - he got home!!! I got N to go fetch him and pull him in front of the living room camera so that I could confirm it was indeed my precious!

I had alerted both police and A-T who called in between - I think I made some 40 calls in those two hours! - and they were eagerly waiting for my confirmation. In fact, A-T said the P, all the VPs and some HODs and teachers were gathered at the clock tower, waiting for my call! Famous already, this Sito, as he is known in school.

All were glad to hear he was alright. The police said they would go take a statement. I also made my way home - and had to bother concierge again coz I had no money for taxi! Got N to bring money down and go straight back to stay with the kid. The concierge said he wasn't crying when he came back.

So glad to see this boy! He looked a little cheeky and scared though; he thought we would scold him. Well, that came later.. First, we needed to find out what happened!

N was right - he fell asleep on the way home and missed the bus stop. He said an uncle on the bus brought him to his brother who showed him how to take the bus back. It baffled me why no one thought to call the parents!

Anyway, we got more info on Tuesday (Monday was a public holiday) when N brought him home - they took the bus that sent Kai to Woodlands! Or rather, the driver. He said Kai was crying that day! This boy told us he did not cry, and he was only a little scared when we probed. I asked him why he didn't tell us, and he was coy about it. I think he felt embarrassed. This boy ah... And it turned out that the driver was the uncle who brought Kai to his brother who drove the other bus.

His form teacher Mdm S called to speak with Kai later in the evening. Later, she emailed me that she would personally hand Kai over to N for the whole of next week. She would drill it into him that he was not to do that without an adult's knowledge!

On Wednesday, she called me again as the school counsellor would like to speak with Kai. I gave my consent. When I asked Kai about this on Thursday morning on the way to school, he told me it was a man who asked him about Friday, and "Why does everyone like to ask me about that?!"

Famous already. Or infamous??

Monday, 20 May 2019

Sleep theme

So I didn't manage to get down to writing after the zoo trip, primarily coz I was either busy working or too tired to do anything but sleep. Just this long weekend, I went straight from the kids' room to my bed and hid under the duvet two out of three times.

I had asked Sito to wake me. On Saturday, he took a video of me rejecting his attempts to wake me, coz apparently I had previously accused him of not making enough effort to wake me hoho! Ok sure, evidence. On Sunday, he didn't even try *.*

Now I'm awake! :p

Take the chance to post cute photos of my cutie pies..

Enjoying a childhood fave of mine - 80cents powder jelly!

Yang had to do two pieces of homework during zoo weekend

Kai helped so that they could start playing earlier..!

Yang was very happy to match the numbers!

He thinks he's very handsome with his hair up like this

My eldest has bad sleeping pose!

Cards from my boys!

Kai's was a eight-page booklet, in which he drew a pregnant me with him in my belly, and a gift shop where he got me a bag and a diamond ring! Super cute :)

Monkey baby with his baby monkey!! More photos in Yang's phone..

Yang decided not to keep his hair long like mine after all

And went botak!

Manager at 18 Chefs was kind to give us three cups of ice cream when we had only one kid's meal

"I couldn't tell which is Yang and which is Yu!"

The rare occasion when I went into the pool with them

Yu's new swimwear! I got new ones for them all.

My cold baby is super cute!

The heck with Mothers' Day - I cooked dinner!

Yang decided to have his good-job stamp on his forehead; the teacher had to do it instead of her

The boys took note of their helmets one day and wore it for... football?!

Many patterns of ice cream!

That evening, Kai had a tantrum coz he wasn't lucky enough to get a good city for the eating game but he didn't realise it was luck, um... *.*

Yu was rocking to the music ^.^


Both trying to give instructions to the baby

Double birthday celebration!

The red, the white, the red and white - nice combi by Mama!

Love how he just sat there

"Like bum bum!"

This morning, I brought them to Senja Park. I had Yang lead us to the park coz the school brings them there every week. But this boy almost led us back to school! Coz he remembers he has to cross the bridge - but we were already on the right side of the bridge :p

Once he got his bearings right, he and Yu led the way to a nice little play area with a big train and a mid-difficulty playground with big rocks surrounding them.

Looks fun but tiring for me!

Then we went for prata! Yu had pled and whined for prata almost every time we walked past, which is just about every day. But this morning, he refused to have more than a thread. And then he decided he wanted to pee or poo. So I sent him up, leaving the two at the cafe...

Still there when I got back, haha!

Yu sharpening colour pencils and loving it

Watching Papa play game....

Yang fell asleep when we were watching an animation on TV. I decided to settle Yu before bringing Yang in so that he could stay asleep. But Yu couldn't sleep and kept asking for Yang! Awww! I relented and asked Sito bring Yang in. Yu tried to keep his voice low, rather unsuccessfully half the time, and then we fell asleep....
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