Monday, 30 April 2007

Between grandmother and granddaughters

Yan came over last night and we had a little chat with Grams..

Grams: *to Yan* Lee di si gao yin?
Yan: Wah? Si mi gao yin?
Grams: Lee hee koh ah..
Yan: Oh, bo liao la, haha!
Grams: Bo zo peng yu liao?
Yan: Si peng yu la..
mf: *to Yan* I think her peng yu is different from our peng yu
Yan: Oh, bo zo peng yu liao..
Grams: *nod nod*
Yan: Jit eh la! *Gesturing to me* Geh leng nee!
Grams: *to mf* Leng nee ah?
mf: Mmm zai la! Mah bo ah neh gheen la!
Grams: Zah tam po hor ma!
Yan: Hah nor! Lao liao! :p
mf: *pinch Yan*
mf: Ah mah, lee di si gao yin?
Grams: 17 hur..
Yan, mf: Wa! An neh zah!
Grams: 16 hur nee buey, gao yin aw dio ge nee dio 17 hur.. … Wa ah ma (read: mother) gah wa geh chu ku, wah mah mmm zai la, si mi mah buey hiao! Gu zah gao yin gah kuah dio lang..

Ok, so I'm not a Hokkien PhD.. Neither are many of you.. Hence, translated:

Grams: *to Yan* When are you getting married?
Yan: Me? What married?
Grams: Your boy…
Yan: Oh, no more already, haha!
Grams: Not friends anymore?
Yan: Still friends but..
mf: *to Yan* I think her meaning of friends is different from ours..
Yan: Oh, then not friends anymore..
Grams: *nod nod*
Yan: This one la! *Gesturing to me* Two more years!
Grams: *to mf* Two more years ah?
mf: Don’t know la! And not this early!
Grams: Good to be earlier!
Yan: Exactly! Old already! :p
mf: *pinch Yan*
mf: Grams, when did you get married?
Grams: 17..
Yan, mf: Wa! So young!
Grams: End of 16th year, the year passed/ it was CNY soon after I wed.. … I didn’t know a thing when my mother married me off! In the past, we didn’t see each other until the wedding..

And they were married for some 60 years until my Gramps passed away a few years ago..

It was such a warm little session :)

Friday, 27 April 2007





Thursday, 26 April 2007

Wake me!

Btw, during my last days in NYC, my Pinky's speaker dropped dead, ie no more alarm clock.

I woke at 730am yesterday, 8am today.. Can I survive one more day before I can go fix my Pinky and bluetooth, and/or shop for a nice alarm clock on Sat?

Oh yes, my bluetooth died on me too - the whole thing cracked open.. Luckily it was after the event..


The ladies: Your thousand-dollar phone!!


Poor nail

The thing broke so I clipped off a bit of the nail one day..

I had it bandaged most of the time but when the bandage was off during my flight to New York, I accidentally pulled it against my bag or the blanket - it felt damn gross! Started bleeding a bit and I decided I could not be lazy..


Cut off a bit more one night..

And a bit more a few nights later..

PS: Will be back when I have more time - plenty of updates on the upgrading works and my trip to NYC..

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

THE NAIL, continued

Moral of the story: if it's a bad thing, don't say it out loud..

One summer a few years back:
mf: 有一点晕..
And I fainted...

More recently:
mf: I'm feeling faint..
And I fainted..

mf blogged about nail looking dead..
It died the next day, and CAME LOOSE!!

Hmmm.. Not too clear here but it was 80% DETACHED from the nail bed!

But the top 20% was still attached to the thumb - dare not remove.. Very scared =( Very gross! =((

Am keeping the thumb bandaged so I don’t accidentally pull off the nail *shiver*

Monday, 2 April 2007

Update on THE NAIL

If you recall my thumb accident, well, it didn't die and drop off.. But now, it sure is looking dead! The nail seems to have separated from the nail bed in 80% of the area, and yesterday, I could scratch off nail bits from the cuticle end! Yikes! I'll put up pictures should it drop off..! Hee hee..
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