Monday, 27 November 2017

Kai was grounded

Friday was centre closure day. In the two bus stops from AMK interchange, Kai got himself grounded.

Kai and N boarded the bus first and walked in to two seats at the bench area while Yang who got in with me climbed onto the adult+child seat right behind the door. I had Yu in a stroller so I must get to the stroller area, so I asked N to go get Yang.

Yu was looking nonchalant the whole time in the stroller

I parked the stroller, and Kai started crying. Something about wanting to sit with N. I turned around and saw N sitting with Yang. Ok, so my instructions were not clear - I had wanted N to get Yang down so she could be with both kids. I guess I didn't expect she would leave either alone??!

But it was too late - for Yang to be willing to get off his seat and for Kai to stop crying. He stood crying next to me and even told a passenger off for looking at him! I told Kai to stop crying if he didn't want people to look at him but he kept going on and on. I said he couldn't go out the next day if he kept crying. He kept crying so yup, he got grounded.

Of course he asked what being grounded meant. Of course he wanted to go out. So there was a second bout of crying. Later, he pled to go out without crying, and of course I didn't - couldn't - give in. But by the next morning, he got it. He woke earlier than me and told N that he couldn't go out for dinner that day, that he would stay at home with N. And by evening, he got all tough - he would stay at home, hmph!

So for the first time, Sito and I brought only Yang and Yu out. Usually, Kai has very strong preferences, be in it food or toys, and though they like different things, Yang may follow his GeGe sometimes. On Saturday, however, it was purely Yang's preference - yummy chicken pork and brown noodles!

The former refers to sweet and sour pork in the Clan Sito lexicon. We had introduced all kinds of meat as "chicken" at first. When we introduced pork, it unfortunately got preceded by a "chicken"! The latter took some sleuthing - turned out that he wanted yee mee like what he had last week at Sito's birthday dinner. So off to Canton Paradise we went. The parents would love some dim sum! :)

Happy with his chicken pork!

Monopolising Papa in this golden opportunity!

It turned out to be quite a quiet and pleasant dinner. Yang is very loud when he talks. But very often at this dinner, he was just looking around, observing things. We realised that Kai is really the noisy one! And group dynamics probably play a part in noise level too when both Kai and Yang are together. Now, Yang was sitting quietly most of the time. He didn't get off his chair at all! Even Yu was spared an overly affectionate brother's rough handling.

Yu was enjoying himself too!

The difference was quite stark at the barber too. Sito was having a haircut. Yang was sitting or standing around mostly. And in the supermarket, he was happy to look at stuff without running around.

The Christmas display wasn't too interesting. Yang was playing with a xylophone thingy but the sounds were terribly nice.

But he looked like he was having fun!

I was happy that we managed to put our attention on only Yang, even if it was just this once. Even Yu was heard when he saw the bears in Cold Storage and went "bear" - Sito was so pleased :)

But I felt guilty enjoying myself without Kai :( If Kai could be less rowdy! Our every Saturday dinner would be peaceful! How to psycho him....

When we got home, Kai said he was glad to be grounded coz he caught Battle Disc Go Fire on TV! But he was still concerned with whether we had dessert - we didn't, but if we had, he would deem it unfair!!! Fairness, to this boy, is about fairness TO HIM *.* How to teach him...

Earlier in the day, he refused to do the activities I prepared for him on the unused sides of his activity book from school. Only Yang traced his name on his book before we went out. But at night, he decided to do them.

Spelling the numbers 1 to 10

His completed work

Glad to have ended the day on a good note. Hopefully, he will remember this incident and learn to control his emotions.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Happy birthday to my laogong :)

Sito turned 37! And we're in the time of the year when we're both the same age hoho!

We started celebrations one whole week ahead when we utilised his Jumbo voucher on date night for crab, lobster and prawns! Went to the one at Dempsey and lost our third and last Cold Storage umbrella on the way back somehow. We suspected we left it at NTUC...

Round 2 was also thanks to Jumbo voucher, at J Pot! Think we overdid this one - so full! And by the time we were done, much of Vivocity was closed. Ah well...

My laogong, the fish noodle expert?

Sito's birthday fell on a Saturday this year. At first, I thought it was great to celebrate for him on the actual day! But it turned out to be such a busy day I felt sorry for rushing the birthday boy about so much!

First, I had to bring Yu to the PD for a review for his cough - second time he needed to be nebulised. Managed to come back in time to go to school with Sito for Yang's PTC. Then I went to a birthday party with Yang while he went for a foot massage! Then it was time to get the kids home for lunch and nap.

While Sito napped with Kai and Yang, I headed to the CC with Yu for a PA event on embracing parenthood. Rushed back so that we could dash off to our next destination - child care centre open house! And so coincidentally, the contractor called me to tell me that the defects were corrected and that he could meet me that day. So we took the LRT to our new place - and discovered that this route doesn't run during weekday peak hours, i.e. no LRT for child care, oh well! - and did a quick round.

Finally, we sat down for a ramen dinner. Sito likes ramen. The kids liked this ramen too, phew! But we didn't manage to have cake. So we packed three single servings and went home to sing birthday song!

Celebrating at home :)

On Sunday, we celebrated at Mum's place with a bigger cake! But the boys weren't cooperating... Though I must say they were better than usual at dinner. The two older boys could go look at fish easily. Yu sat through most of the time. Everyone ate something. In fact, the adults ate a lot!

Happy birthday, Papa!

Source: Ah Yee 

Giant prawn at dinner!

Happy baby on Papa :)

Baby Yu was most enthusiastic about birthdays. He can't talk or sing yet but he clapped when he heard happy birthday :) Compared to his older brothers who didn't even say happy birthday to Papa, Yu is a gem!

Oh, this year, I managed to get a present for my dear! Got him a belt, and gave it to him a couple of weeks ago coz his belt was seriously giving way!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Happy wedding and birthday weekends!

Two weekends ago, 28 October, YQ got married!

We dropped the kids in school and hurried to the tea ceremony. Turned out that the troop was late! When they showed up, we realised why - 16 brothers and sisters in all! Lucky they could walk across from the my SIL's place hoho!

Tea ceremony was quite chop chop. Then Sito and I left to check on defects - no other time to do! But we got back in time for him to poop (:p) and for me to do my hair at a neighbourhood salon. And then we went to school for the kids - changed them there and off we went!

But it took us some time to find the carpark entrance to the Marriott. By then, no time for the boys to jump his hotel bed. Next time at his place la...

My handsome boys!

The mini handsome and me!

This was the fifth time in my life that I did a hair-up. Some Japanese makeover tie-up with skincare products, ROM, wedding photoshoot, wedding and then now! Quite fun and pretty but the undoing and washing!!

Now, the two boys were supposed to be flower boys. But there were only two baskets so they shared one while SIL's niece took one. And, no rehearsal. What happened was 惨不忍睹 - within seconds of the door opening, Yang dashed to Kai and whacked the basket! Kai who was nicely throwing petals at first thus joined in and threw all the petals and ran down the aisle with his brother!!!!!

Let's just show this nice photo of them waiting outside...

And then Kai fell asleep

And crawled onto Papa

And Papa carried him

Ok, waking up!

Yang was not sleeping; he was running all over the place

A photo with Mother! Been a long time!

When the two boys were playing at the stage, they pushed each other around and Yang fell off! My heart dropped! I saw him fall but I didn't see how he hit the ground. But there was a red patch on his cheek - poor boy! He cried and fell asleep. And we left.

Family shot with a sleeping Yang

And last weekend, we went to Genting for Popo's 90th birthday celebration!

Yang let his new baby sleep while we queued to check in

Kai loved his butter on hotcakes

Yang loved his butter on hotcakes

So did Yu!

Strangely, neither Kai nor Yang took the syrup...

The happy meal toy is a magic box. Press a button and you pull out a different interior!

Kai with his magic box

Yu's first flight!

We arrived at KL, took a shuttle to Mitsui Outlet Park to meet the troop from Malacca and boarded a bus for lunch near Genting. It was past 2 pm when we had lunch. By the time we got to Genting, there wasn't much to do before dinner time.

We stayed at the Theme Park Hotel. The interior is quite cool. A huge platform bed setup and some black lines on the wall. Done.

Wardrobe - drawn plus knobs for hangers and clothes!

Yu struggled off Ah Zo!

Kai was quite shy with his cousins...

Yu stayed a long time in his seat for once!

We had too much to eat. It was Thai Chinese food. I had three desserts - the green bean, fried durian (yums!) and cake, burp... So we didn't have supper, just guilinggao :p We went out for a short while when Yang and Yu went down; Kai had been outsourced to Mum :p We had to wait some 40 minutes for foot reflexology so we had the guilinggao and walked around a bit. By 11 pm, we needed both foot reflexology and a nap! I slept through most of my session, zzzz...

Yang slept well on his own in the big bed. He didn't come over to my bed but I went over for a short while in the early morning after settling Yu. He's always so warm :)

Yu having his morning milk - must distract him so he would drink!

Breakfast at the shopping area which we were too tired to check out the night before

Next, play time! Can't believe we eventually spent more than 100RM on arcade games and rides!!!

Yu had fun!

The boys loved this

Kiddy rides were fast becoming boring for Kai

Yang still loving it!

Yu was flirting with fellow diners during lunch at DTF

The Hotel First World area is very happening now. I think we stayed there 10 years ago, also for Popo's birthday, and it was old and rundown. Now it's a swanky mall!

Ice cream after lunch!

The same thing had different outcomes due to different eaters...

Sito and I shared a Gong Cha and a Llao Llao. Quite full... Would have been great if we could sleep on the way down but we had Yu with us... Kai and Yang were already outsourced to Mum and N respectively. They of course fell asleep nicely. Yu did too, but in my arms. Mama is resigned to being sleep deprived!

The airport was better than the last time I was there, in 2010! But no time to shop...

Oops, I let them do this...

Kai likes to pose sometimes :)

Empty plane! Yang and I were the first onboard, thanks to kiddy priority

Yu playing with Yang

Towards the end of the flight, Kai came crying coz his right ear hurt. We swopped him and Yang so that we could monitor him. But think he needed more sayang than anything else. And Sito's phone. Well... I would say he is fine now!!

Coming home, Kai kept saying he wanted to go back to Genting. But Legoland is better coz we stay more nights there *.* Yup, my boy loves sleeping in hotels!
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