Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Happy birthday to my laogong :)

Sito turned 37! And we're in the time of the year when we're both the same age hoho!

We started celebrations one whole week ahead when we utilised his Jumbo voucher on date night for crab, lobster and prawns! Went to the one at Dempsey and lost our third and last Cold Storage umbrella on the way back somehow. We suspected we left it at NTUC...

Round 2 was also thanks to Jumbo voucher, at J Pot! Think we overdid this one - so full! And by the time we were done, much of Vivocity was closed. Ah well...

My laogong, the fish noodle expert?

Sito's birthday fell on a Saturday this year. At first, I thought it was great to celebrate for him on the actual day! But it turned out to be such a busy day I felt sorry for rushing the birthday boy about so much!

First, I had to bring Yu to the PD for a review for his cough - second time he needed to be nebulised. Managed to come back in time to go to school with Sito for Yang's PTC. Then I went to a birthday party with Yang while he went for a foot massage! Then it was time to get the kids home for lunch and nap.

While Sito napped with Kai and Yang, I headed to the CC with Yu for a PA event on embracing parenthood. Rushed back so that we could dash off to our next destination - child care centre open house! And so coincidentally, the contractor called me to tell me that the defects were corrected and that he could meet me that day. So we took the LRT to our new place - and discovered that this route doesn't run during weekday peak hours, i.e. no LRT for child care, oh well! - and did a quick round.

Finally, we sat down for a ramen dinner. Sito likes ramen. The kids liked this ramen too, phew! But we didn't manage to have cake. So we packed three single servings and went home to sing birthday song!

Celebrating at home :)

On Sunday, we celebrated at Mum's place with a bigger cake! But the boys weren't cooperating... Though I must say they were better than usual at dinner. The two older boys could go look at fish easily. Yu sat through most of the time. Everyone ate something. In fact, the adults ate a lot!

Happy birthday, Papa!

Source: Ah Yee 

Giant prawn at dinner!

Happy baby on Papa :)

Baby Yu was most enthusiastic about birthdays. He can't talk or sing yet but he clapped when he heard happy birthday :) Compared to his older brothers who didn't even say happy birthday to Papa, Yu is a gem!

Oh, this year, I managed to get a present for my dear! Got him a belt, and gave it to him a couple of weeks ago coz his belt was seriously giving way!

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