Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The absolute cuteness of the last baby

Yu doesn't sleep well. (What's new?) I usually hold him in my arms until he sleeps. Then I'll carry him over to my bed and lower him down, still snug in my arms. When both of us hit the bed, we'll be lying next to each other, my right arm under his neck. His head is resting on his left on my arm, and his left cheek will be fatter and rounder than his right. When I'm not too tired, I'll not remove my arm immediately. I'll watch him :)

He is so cute :)

He's cute when he's smiling

He's cute when he's crying/whining

He's cute when he's expressionless

He's cute when he's playing

He's cute when he's eating

He's cute even when he's pooping! (Sorry no picture :p)

But of course, he's cutest when he's sleeping :p

My kids make me speechless or lol

Both Kai and Yang say the most amazing things. Amazing not just they're my sons ok :p

Mama: I have four favourite boys in the work - Papa, Kai, Yang and Yu:)
Kai: *pause* Is papa your son?
Mama: Um, no... But he's still my favourite boy...

Kai: Can we go out?
Mama: I think we can!
Kai: Say "we can"! Don't say "I think"!

I was trying to revise his Chinese enrichment class...
Mama: 你会不会跑步?
Yang: I can only walk!
And one time, Kai chimed in absentmindedly when he was busy nearby: He can but he don't [sic] want to...

Kai needed to pee so I looked into the accessible toilet to see if it had a child seat. No. But I didn't look closely enough coz Kai spotted a kiddy toilet bowl right across from the main one.
Kai: oh I can use this one. I think this is a good idea *nod nod*

Kai: I didn't have a good weekend..
Mama: Huh? But you had candy, lollipop, ice cream and yummy cake!
Kai: ... but no chocolate...

Seriously, no good weekend?!

Oops, looks like it's mostly Kai now. But I'm sure Yang's turn will come :)

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Babyled weaning?

I thought of this before but didn't act on it coz he seemed to be eating ok in school, and babyled weaning is quite a bit of work, what with thinking of the food and the cleaning up. Though I must say cleaning up won't be done by me :p

But the past week reminded me of babyled weaning again. He kept rejecting his dinner so when Kai rejected his dinner (what's new?!), I gave some of his plain rice to Yu and he lapped it up!

Stuffing his face silly

I put some fish into his cereals earlier and was rejected. When I tried to sneak some of his fish into the rice, he could tell and stopped eating it *.* I think I would need to reintroduce fish to him...

Threw him a slice of wholemeal bread one morning and he ate about half of it

Checked back old photos - Kai could eat a cheese sandwich on his own by about one. Hope Yu can too - three more months!

Yu also had strawberry after rejecting yet another dinner, courtesy of Yang who rejected his strawberries. Just what's wrong with the kids in this house, all rejecting some food?! Argh!

"A little sour but I like it!"

Yesterday and today, Yu had quite a bit of cereals though. But I hope to give more "real" food than cereals - both Kai and Yang had quite a bit of those, especially Kai coz there was no cooked dinner for him on weekdays until he was 15 months old!

So maybe I shouldn't be lazy and should start thinking of some kiddy food for the babe... Jia you, mf!

The hair, dim sum and couple time weekend

This has been such a good weekend on so many counts.

First of all, Yang finally got a haircut!

He resisted a haircut for the longest time. His hair was so long that it was hard to wash his hair, especially when he doesn't like water in his eyes! I thought he and Kai look more alike with short hair right after the haircut. Last night, when Yang walked into our room, I thought it was Kai but the height alerted me that it was Yang. I really should go dig out photos of them at the same age for comparison!

Second happy thing - my polo char siew buns kena stunned by Kai and Yang! Gosh, I've been waiting for them to like dim sum so I didn't mind! Still some way to go for the other items though... Both boys ate quite a bit yesterday - fish porridge, char siew noodles without char siew, the bun.

Kai gave up his bun after Sito had a bite, something about saliva *.*

Yang had half of that

Kai said something funny when the porridge arrived. I asked Sito to remove the coriander coz the kids wouldn't eat it...

mf: 把那些菜拿走吧
Kai: That's not vegetable. It's only grass.

Hohoho!! He has said some funny things lately but I'll save them for another day..

Third - we had a very nice break today though Sito had to work. Very nice coz Yu was asleep most of the time so we didn't have to cut short our break to walk him :) And even though he had to work, it wasn't so intense that we couldn't talk.

Hello, Dear :)

Me and the sleeping boy, hidden

But my back still hurts now *.* I don't know if it's age or the darn carrier which is really old and worn now... I carried Kai for a long time, Yang less, and now Yu isn't even one yet!

Fourth - today at Mum's place, Yang ate lunch and dinner all by himself! He can do that for a long time but usually he wants someone to feed him. I really hope he can consistently feed himself so that we can soon go out on our own without having to bring N. Yesterday, N was only helping to feed Yang, coz Sito was cutting the noodles for both boys at the same time. Imagine, if both could feed themselves, Sito can easily take them both and have his own food while I take Yu and have mine! Looking forward to spending time as a little family on a regular basis, like we did every Saturday before Yu :)

On a related note, Yang finished his last can of formula this week! I didn't replenish even though he had asked for nai nai here and there. I just stopped it abruptly though I had given him verbal warnings for some time. I think Kai didn't even notice it when he finished his last can, coz he wasn't having it consistently in school or at home by then. But so far so good - no crying. Yang is really no longer a baby :(((

No more nai nai :(

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Kai's birthday weekend

Kai has been harping on his present since we bought it, all the way through Yang's birthday - may I open my present now? May I open my present on Yang's birthday? Can Yang open his present on my birthday?!


But finally, it was Kai's turn to open his present! I promised him that he could have it the Saturday before his birthday. He eyed it in the morning, he eyed it during lunch, he eyed it before his nap. And then he had a nap and woke with his present in mind!

Opening it with Papa

Waiting patiently at the end of a long wait..?

Starting to play already!

He wanted to go to Earle Swensen's at Vivocity, the exact same place where we celebrated Yang's birthday. But we wanted to go to a regular Swensen's since we didn't want the salad buffet. We managed to convinced him about Swensen's at Clementi Mall :p

The kids had some fun at the little playground while I did a quick grocery run at NTUC downstairs. And then it was time for dinner! Service at this Swensen's is usually slow. So it was good that we started early. Kai didn't want the ice cream cake but a candle wouldn't stand in the sundae so we went without a candle. The result was that the boys tucked into the ice cream before we could take a proper picture.

The only decent one where most of us are looking at the camera and I wasn't blocking Yu!

Kai fed me a tiny bite of his sundae and finished the rest of it. Yang didn't finish his Milo dirt pot so Sito and I had quite a bit.

Coz we left the house pretty soon after opening his present on Saturday, Sunday morning was the time when he had more time to play with it. He didn't want to share much with Yang though, so there was quite some whining....

So pleased with his toy!

But he couldn't stop Yu, haha!

Due to Chengzhu, we didn't get his cake. Mum ordered a rainbow cake instead and everyone loved it! In fact, Kai chipped off a corner before we even sang for him... Yang just woke and was quite grouchy so I carried this 14kg boy through the singing...

Perfect moment just before the candles were out!

Source: Ah Yee

I must admit I almost cried towards the end of the singing - couldn't believe he was turning five!!

This morning, however, Kai seemed to have forgotten it was his birthday. I wished him happy birthday in the morning and he went, oh! *.*

After sending them to school, I came home to play with Lego... Trying to make something to put on the cake coz he didn't want Trolls, bleah! In the end, it was just too hard! I'm so not creative ok... So I took his helicopter, which he built on his own from only a mental blueprint, and changed the bricks a bit to make the colours more uniform. I also gathered a few policemen along with Spiderman and the Green Goblin :p Oh, and a few "fires" to place next to the bad guy whose hand welds what could only be a torch, hence the fire :p

Happy birthday, Kai! :)

Hugs :)

With his K1 friends

Singing birthday song with the whole kindy group

He served the cake to his friends and teachers after I cut it - got order one, ok...

And then we walked home in the slight drizzle

I had wanted to bring him to the playground but since it was wet, we stayed in to do some activity books. Then we went to walk around the Lego shop downstairs before heading for lunch at Sushi Tei coz he wanted to try sushi. Well, I should have known better coz he had tried it that day we went to the dinosaur exhibition. Basically, he didn't see any sushi he liked *.* But he enjoyed his soup udon and katsu with sweet sauce!

Plenty of poses though

Yes, you! :p

With that, my boy is five. May you grow healthy and happy as you discover more and more about the world :) Love you lots!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Happy 9th month to Yu!

Now Yu has spent about as much time outside and inside of his mama! And how he has grown!

At one week past eight months, I discovered that Yu could clap on demand! He started out trying to get from a crawl position to a sitting position. When he succeeded, he gave himself a few claps! So the next time when he did something, I asked him to clap and he did! It depends on his mood though...

Kai doing a demo on clapping after Yu applauded himself for sitting up

Playing with blocks - he loved knocking them together

Oops, distracted by KaKa

He can reach for the tissue box now!

I tried to stop him but this boy really can demonstrate 不屈不挠的精神!The past weekend, we did the same dance over and over again - he stood, I pulled him down, he stood again, I pulled him down again. And of course he won. I ended up with sore arms and tissue bits all over.

He likes to kneel to do things

Sometimes he tries to hide...

I think Yu's motor skills are very good. Like Yang, he was able to move his training toothbrush from one hand to the other at changing time - need him to use other hand while I take one hand out of his shirt! But of the three, he must be the one who went from sitting to crawling in no time! The other evening when I tried to settle all three in the kids room (unsuccessfully but that's not the point), Yu crawled from one end to the other while I was busy reading to his brothers.

As the third kid, well, he didn't get many videos taken - I think he was crawling for two weeks before I got a video. He's still crawling with his belly on the floor mostly. Can't wait to see him crawl on his knees :) That was written one week too early - by 1 July, he could crawl on his knees!

Not the best shot but it's the first!

And this boy is already raring to stand and walk! I was surprised to see him pull himself up from sitting to standing at Mum's place but Sito said he saw that back home. Gosh. Really can't take my eyes off him for a minute!

My standing baby

One more week and he became more steady!

Taking a few assisted steps towards Papa

He gets better all the time!

But his other skills aren't too good. He still wakes for milk very often. Or he just wakes and scares everyone by threatening to roll off the bed. So I nicknamed him Silent Crawler - self-explanatory. And most mornings, he'll crawl all over me from 5 plus until it's finally time to get up. Very tiring.

And two mornings before he turned nine months, he crawled off the bed while I was sleeping - I woke to his cries :( So poor thing... That very night, I put him on his mattress next to me. I tried that the previous Saturday but he kept waking. Now I have to preserver and get him used to it!

Finally succeeded in putting him down for a nap at Mum's place, gosh!

He's also not eating consistently. Made vegetable stock for the first time for him - so sweet with just a piece of white fish and he took all of two spoons. Sometimes I even leaked milk coz he wasn't drinking enough! But somehow, he's still chubby, phew!

Chubbs crying

That was taken at a school check-in. Yu has more unhappy shots compared to his brothers. I also received complaints about him on a almost daily basis - fussy, rejects milk, rejects porridge, rejects sleep, impatient for cereals, needs constant carrying, needs to go out. His other nickname is Mr Eh Eh - from the sounds he makes hoho!

He also makes sounds we understand ok.. It's getting quite clear he's calling me when he says "mama". Oh my sweetie pie! :)

Yu knows when he's being scolded. When he refused to stay still enough for his diaper, I called his name loudly, he pouted and cried. When he stopped and turned somemore, I did it again and he turned to me, almost going to cry. I quickly got it done and took him in my arms. Thing is, after a few times, he was no longer scared and/or sad when I scolded him, so the flipping went on!

Today, we recalled what his brothers grabbed on their first birthday and wondered what he would grab. Can't wait to fast forward to his first birthday already :)

Friday, 7 July 2017

Potty stuff

I remember Kai had super explosive poop. For quite a while, he pooped up his back at nursing time every morning. He also had a couple of funny projectile poop and pee episodes - stories he love to hear!

Yang didn't have as many explosive poops, but gosh, his poop was really smelly even when he was drinking only breastmilk! And his poop story was when he was two, I think - he refused to go to the toilet and pooped in the shower floor *.*

Today, both kids want to fart into my face *.*

And now this baby Yu is just like Kai, daily explosive poop when he was younger. I still get that once in a while but thankfully, it's a long while in between. He has also given me a few projectile episodes. Just on Monday, Yu gave me a projectile poop during a diaper change. I just wiped poop off and it happened! I congratulate myself on my reflexes as I managed to siam to the side in time so I didn't get any on me, phew!

On retrospect, that was a prelude to his diarrhoea episodes. On Wednesday morning, N found him sitting in a pool of pee and poop - the diaper leaked! I carried him by the armpits so she could strip him, and washed him down in the shower - that was the first time he stood in the shower!

Later that afternoon, he had diarrhoea in school. I was having lunch downstairs - was working from home - when the school called so I had to skip a forum to bring him home. But he didn't poop until after his evening nursing. The diaper leaked just after I pulled up his pyjamas. Gosh, it was really watery and it was so much! N verified that his poop in the morning looked like that. Yikes.

Found him asleep when I got to the centr so I waited a little for him to clock at least 30 min; but I never had to wake him coz he must have smelled me - he woke.

But he wasn't having a fever, nor did he have any other symptom. And Mama needed to work. So off to the child care centre he went on Thursday. But I got a call again at lunch. I said he had no other symptoms so the school said they would monitor. An hour later, I got a call saying that he also puked after a feed, and up came a lot of phlegm. He also puked up milk and phlegm on Monday. But I had a meeting so I told the school I would be there 90 minutes later, about 3.30 pm. The meeting turned into a long three-part story so I left office after 4 pm! My poor baby...

Today, I sent Yu in again. This time, he's fine. Just now, he was standing around when he turned still and a smell came out of his diaper... The poop was all soft but less watery than before... He has tuina tomrrow morning ; shall see how....

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Yu cuts his first tooth!

Yes, my baby who drinks way less milk and eats less well than his brothers at this age has cut his first tooth - bottom left incisor - way ahead of his brothers!

I wonder if it was the calcium pills I took during pregnancy coz I never took those with Kai and Yang under another doctor...

Or perhaps it is nature's way to help Yu eat more??

I had thought Yu would start teething at one, just like Kai and Yang. Never imagined he might be so early, before nine months! No wonder he was biting me again suddenly the past few days, and the bite felt a little different - less strength but sharp, probably accidental.

Anyway, I was so sure he would get his teeth late that it didn't occur to me to check when Ah Yee mentioned white bits on Sunday. In fact, I wouldn't have known today if Mum didn't see it. I made him laugh and confirmed the diagnosis - a jagged little tooth!

You can't see my little tooth yet, but you will!

Yang's last four molars made it just in time before he turned three, appearing only in the past couple of months, I think. Similarly for Kai, I think. Now we shall see when Yu will get his full 20! Eat on, baby!

Monday, 3 July 2017

Passport photos galore

I still remember the days when I had to go to a nearby studio, sit on a stool in front of daunting but strangely exciting equipment, stare at the photographer, wait for a click, pay $6-$12 (?), and wait three more days to go back to collect passport photos.

Some people may find the following images disturbing - they show me either ageing or photoshopped :p

Use this for an Oxford ID - not the matriculation one coz my 1999 hair was not rebonded like this! 

Took this at ICA for emergency passport renewal in 2008 

Took this in office for my PS card in 2009; somehow they used back this photo when I made a new one lately

I much prefer the PS card I lost, with this super touched-up photo taken in 2010 :p

Took this at a photo printing shop in 2013 for India visa

Took this for an official passport in 2014 that has not been used and probably never will

There are more - my horrid first IC photo with short hair, my horrid photo with short hair (is there a theme here?) for my first passport, a nice photo for Oxford with relaxed hair (pre-rebonding!) and a pink polo dress, my first PS card photo. I have some in hardcopy. Perhaps one day, I'll scan them and... not post them; too scary hoho!

The next time I need to update my passport, I'll be sure to take a super nice one!

Theoretically, it's not too difficult to take good passport photos these days. (1) Find a white background. (2) Doll up on a bright day. (3) Stand where sunlight comes through the window - really! - against the background. (4) Smile a little and take the photo, which can even be a selfie.

Unless, of course, the subject is a kid.

Kai's passport is expiring. Yang no longer looks like his passport photo. Yu needs a passport. So I decided to apply for all three together - sync them for ease of collection!

Last Saturday, I put Yu down on the bed and distracted/attracted him with a spare phone to take his photo.

Take #9 of 9

The challenge turned out to be with his brothers. Kai couldn't keep still. His look went from grouchy to unnatural smile. Nothing in between. Yang had to be coerced into the room where the light and background were. And he was too cute when he gave a smiling-not-coz-I'm-happy smile.

Take #3 of 16

Take #9 of 12

Now, something fun - can you guess which is Kai and which is Yang?? :p

Not too difficult, right? :)
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