Sunday, 2 July 2017

What do we do without economical beehoon and rice??

I was having economic beehoon 经济米粉 for breakfast on Saturday morning and this question came to me.

As a kid, it was only 米粉 to me. Mother would buy beehoon kosong for breakfast some days, and I picked away at the beansprouts sometimes coz I was so used to eating beansprouts without the long roots. It was much later, in adulthood that I realised I could add stuff to the beehoon! The dish is generally affordable - hence the name - though it can go to $5 if I greedily add too much stuff...

For some reason, economical beehoon was all I wanted when I was pregnant with Yang and Yu in the first few months. (I wanted all sorts of Singaporean food when I was pregnant with Kai in the first few months but remember where I was?) Once, when I was having morning sickness with Yu, I braved a 15-min walk to Ananas at Redhill MRT station to get lunch, and had to take a $4 cab back to office!

Now, there are still days when I want nothing more than economical beehoon with an egg and that addictive fish fillet, which is apparently squid, not fish *.*

Seriously, what do we do without economical beehoon?!

Or, for that matter, economical rice??! $3-$3.50 for rice, one meat and two vegetables - where to find?!

Random thought - I realised I know economical rice as 菜饭 rather than 经济饭 :p

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