Monday, 3 July 2017

Passport photos galore

I still remember the days when I had to go to a nearby studio, sit on a stool in front of daunting but strangely exciting equipment, stare at the photographer, wait for a click, pay $6-$12 (?), and wait three more days to go back to collect passport photos.

Some people may find the following images disturbing - they show me either ageing or photoshopped :p

Use this for an Oxford ID - not the matriculation one coz my 1999 hair was not rebonded like this! 

Took this at ICA for emergency passport renewal in 2008 

Took this in office for my PS card in 2009; somehow they used back this photo when I made a new one lately

I much prefer the PS card I lost, with this super touched-up photo taken in 2010 :p

Took this at a photo printing shop in 2013 for India visa

Took this for an official passport in 2014 that has not been used and probably never will

There are more - my horrid first IC photo with short hair, my horrid photo with short hair (is there a theme here?) for my first passport, a nice photo for Oxford with relaxed hair (pre-rebonding!) and a pink polo dress, my first PS card photo. I have some in hardcopy. Perhaps one day, I'll scan them and... not post them; too scary hoho!

The next time I need to update my passport, I'll be sure to take a super nice one!

Theoretically, it's not too difficult to take good passport photos these days. (1) Find a white background. (2) Doll up on a bright day. (3) Stand where sunlight comes through the window - really! - against the background. (4) Smile a little and take the photo, which can even be a selfie.

Unless, of course, the subject is a kid.

Kai's passport is expiring. Yang no longer looks like his passport photo. Yu needs a passport. So I decided to apply for all three together - sync them for ease of collection!

Last Saturday, I put Yu down on the bed and distracted/attracted him with a spare phone to take his photo.

Take #9 of 9

The challenge turned out to be with his brothers. Kai couldn't keep still. His look went from grouchy to unnatural smile. Nothing in between. Yang had to be coerced into the room where the light and background were. And he was too cute when he gave a smiling-not-coz-I'm-happy smile.

Take #3 of 16

Take #9 of 12

Now, something fun - can you guess which is Kai and which is Yang?? :p

Not too difficult, right? :)

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