Sunday, 16 July 2017

The hair, dim sum and couple time weekend

This has been such a good weekend on so many counts.

First of all, Yang finally got a haircut!

He resisted a haircut for the longest time. His hair was so long that it was hard to wash his hair, especially when he doesn't like water in his eyes! I thought he and Kai look more alike with short hair right after the haircut. Last night, when Yang walked into our room, I thought it was Kai but the height alerted me that it was Yang. I really should go dig out photos of them at the same age for comparison!

Second happy thing - my polo char siew buns kena stunned by Kai and Yang! Gosh, I've been waiting for them to like dim sum so I didn't mind! Still some way to go for the other items though... Both boys ate quite a bit yesterday - fish porridge, char siew noodles without char siew, the bun.

Kai gave up his bun after Sito had a bite, something about saliva *.*

Yang had half of that

Kai said something funny when the porridge arrived. I asked Sito to remove the coriander coz the kids wouldn't eat it...

mf: 把那些菜拿走吧
Kai: That's not vegetable. It's only grass.

Hohoho!! He has said some funny things lately but I'll save them for another day..

Third - we had a very nice break today though Sito had to work. Very nice coz Yu was asleep most of the time so we didn't have to cut short our break to walk him :) And even though he had to work, it wasn't so intense that we couldn't talk.

Hello, Dear :)

Me and the sleeping boy, hidden

But my back still hurts now *.* I don't know if it's age or the darn carrier which is really old and worn now... I carried Kai for a long time, Yang less, and now Yu isn't even one yet!

Fourth - today at Mum's place, Yang ate lunch and dinner all by himself! He can do that for a long time but usually he wants someone to feed him. I really hope he can consistently feed himself so that we can soon go out on our own without having to bring N. Yesterday, N was only helping to feed Yang, coz Sito was cutting the noodles for both boys at the same time. Imagine, if both could feed themselves, Sito can easily take them both and have his own food while I take Yu and have mine! Looking forward to spending time as a little family on a regular basis, like we did every Saturday before Yu :)

On a related note, Yang finished his last can of formula this week! I didn't replenish even though he had asked for nai nai here and there. I just stopped it abruptly though I had given him verbal warnings for some time. I think Kai didn't even notice it when he finished his last can, coz he wasn't having it consistently in school or at home by then. But so far so good - no crying. Yang is really no longer a baby :(((

No more nai nai :(

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