Friday, 30 June 2006

Cabbing back from office..

Uncle: U-turn ah?
mf: Nono, CTE pls..

10 seconds later, he steered away from the entrance to expressway.

mf: Uncle, where are you going?
Uncle: Further up..

Huh? Why was he taking the long route?!

mf: Nvm, just U-turn since we're here.. Take Braddell Road..
Uncle: Marymount hor..
mf: *?* Nono, Braddell Road, Bishan Road.. Straight down..

30 seconds later, we were IN THE MIDDLE before the lanes split..

mf: Eh uncle, Braddell Road on the left!
Uncle: *steering to the right* The sign says Tomato Town, there there, see?

And he went onto Marymount Road!


Uncle: Nvm la, I very fast one. Go Marymount, reach very fast..

But guess what, Marymount was superpacked, the construction was still there, everyone was going by Marymount!

Very unhappy as I waited in the cab for the slow traffic. So I complained and told him Braddell-Bishan should be faster, not to mention shorter!

Uncle: You should have told me..
mf: I did!
Uncle: Go by CTE also the same..
mf: You missed the entrance, ok..
Uncle: Go down a bit just now what..
mf: Uncle, PIE can lead to CTE!
Uncle: *pause* Oh, like that ah..
mf: *incredulous* Did you just start to drive?
Uncle: Ya..

Wa liao! He had been talking like he drove a cab all his life and now this!

Going to take basic theory test today. Wish me luck, lots of luck pls..

Thursday, 29 June 2006

Marriage by the numbers

Read this Newsweek article over lunch:

Click print at the bottom to bring up the full article sans pictures instead of going page by page.

My assessment? Interesting article to include in the next issue of this circular I'm in charge of compiling every three months of so. And I'm only 26 :p

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Don't compare me to a fruit

I'm not PEAR-shaped. I'm..KANGAROO-shaped!

So Kel, those legs you've been laughing at for half your life - actually, only some 10 years - are actually not (pig) trotters.. They are strong kangaroo legs!

Moment of truth was when I was sitting on my bed listening to Karen Mok's latest album last night. The mirror was right in front of me and I was sitting with half of each calf hanging off the bed.. When I looked up from the lyrics at the end of a song, what did I see but the prettiest kangaroo? :)


Monday, 26 June 2006

My old Fujitsu is dying =(

Was trying to blog yesterday but it restarted itself and everything was lost..

Anyway, just three things:

a) Very expensive beans - My fully packed Sat became loosely packed when two appointments fell apart unexpectedly. My luck to wander into the Hokkaido Fair at Isetan - bought some 500g (or less) grilled beans at $15! Made a beeline for the theatre straight after to avoid further spending..

b) Met Hup for tea and shopping after that. His horoscope said he would be spending serious money that day. And he did - on a ton of skincare products for his mum. And the shopping didn't stop there. This is what self-fulfilling prophecy is about :p

c) Next was dinner with KLK. HL was there - haven't seen her for a while! She rebonded her hair that day, so both of us had straight hair :) Kel almost forgot his credit card as we left the restaurant - if so, it would be the third thing he lost in a week! "Loser" :p We verified that Kok MUST talk! We tried to get him to stop talking so he could finish his dinner asap (he was very late from work) and we could leave for kopi - not too successful!

I have henna on my right hand now, an amateur job from a carnival yesterday where CY was selling some toys. So I'm wearing my red Punjabi suit today :)

Good luck to all for a brand new week, which also marks the end of half of 2006!

Saturday, 24 June 2006

In search of the ultimate shake

Since we live in Tomato Town, Kel and I used to hang out there with SY or WX who live nearby. We like MOS Burger cos of the milk shake. Then the machine spoilt so no milk shake for more than a year now. Then Macs re-introduced milkshake so yesterday we met at Macs.

No milkshake! *.*

Why?? The ones at J8 and TPY have milkshake! Sighs.. We went back to MOS since Macs was crowded with WC fans. The milkshake had long disappeared from the menu so it was milk tea for Kel and pink guava juice for me.

He put two pots of milk into his tea. It looked too white.. A while later, Kel raised his eyebrows at the guy sitting at the table next to us and I turned to see him emptying a pot of milk into his tea - and there were two more on his tray.

mf: *gesture an OK sign - three fingers up!*
Kel: *drop his right hand on the table, thumb hidden - four fingers showing!*
mf: *clap right hand with left, right thumb hidden, eyes wide - four?!*
Kel: *nod nod*

I was thinking "oh gross" when a girl sat down across the guy and I did a double-take. Josie?! Heh, hey girl, didn't tell you we were "talking" about your cousin and his milk tea (tea milk?) cos paiseh la :p

Kel said D had one pot of milk (coincidentally, D was having milk tea at Mos Burger in Bugis at the same moment!!), he had two, this guy had four - 1-2-4, next should be 8, then 16 blah blah! Geometric progression! Or squares!

I went geeky and asked what other number 1-2-4 could lead to.. Answer was 7: +1, +2, +3 etc.. Gee, I've left school for too long.. I used to love such questions back in sec school.. Though it wasn't too fair cos Kel did his practicum in a sec sch.. He's going to teach in a JC now, will drive by my workplace but unfortunately (for me; fortunately for him!) the timing is too darn early :p

Was looking at this Cinnamoroll diary while waiting for laptop to load. It was something Sito got from his sister in *2004*; he forgot about it until lately, and he almost forgot again cos he gave me only at the end of the Bali trip in the airport just before checking in! *2005* diary! Not much use now but it's quite cute, I realised.. Eg do you know Hello Kitty and her twin Mimi were born on 1 Nov? And Little Twin Stars are Capricorns, like me! I know, I'm 26.. Ok I shall be gone..

Friday, 23 June 2006

Meh - yes, again

I'm never sick of talking about Meh.

The other day, LH asked me about the photos in front of me at my desk.

mf: That's Meh! The love of my life! :)
LH: Why don't you get a dog or something responsive?

I have no time for a dog. In fact any interactive pet of mine will be very sad.. But Meh makes no demand on me for time and yet gives me the greatest comfort when she lies on my right shoulder at night.

The past two nights, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night, turned on my left and automatically grabbed Meh with me to hug close. I woke to find her right in front of me, head resting in my right hand. I woke up happy.

Sometimes, I wish Meh could be real so that she could hug me back when I'm scared, tired or sad. But it's weird to keep a real sheep, regardless of how sweet she is! Oh wait, my tutorial mate's sister had a calf for a pet.. Hmmm..

A long time ago, when my friend's sister's calf had become a cow and Meh was barely one, I was telling someone that - it sounds weird translated from Mandarin - "Meh is very nice/easy to sayang." He laughed and said I was projecting (part of?) my personality onto Meh..

Perhaps it's true, cos sometimes I find myself truly at ease only with her..

Maybe I'm never sick of talking about myself..

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Post-birthday cele office banter

Ros: I like the mint in the choc mint cake..
mf: I prefer the choc, but this is not rich enough..
LH: Choc fudge then! It'll be orgasmic!
Siok: Hmmm, can lose weight.. *thoughtful* (LH just gave birth..)
TO: On fudge cake?!
mf: Must have orgasm in other ways *grin*
LL: Eh eh, got guys here leh..
LH: Nvm, we consider you one of us! *wink*

And inspired by today's Urban, we're going to do manicure during lunch time tomorrow!

Update 23 Jun 2006

We called for pizza and had tons to eat before embarking on a prettifying session with equipment from stockists mf, LH and LY! Pity I forgot my camera, sighs.. But it was fun! :)

Wednesday, 21 June 2006

A pinch of happiness

I like what Siok said about small pockets of happiness. It's true, if we would just be a little bit more observant and receptive, we can spot and appreciate many little things that literally fill us with joy!

Happiness is a fascinating emotion. It's like little beams of sunshine (or candy or imagined smiley faces) piling up from my tummy, and, if it's a very very happy piece of joy, filling me up so quickly the happiness flies up to my chest until I almost couldn't breathe before it finally bursts through my face and manifests itself in a smile! That's called sharing :)

mf's random pinches of happiness:

1) Clear skies! Lovely weather! Billions of stars!
2) Catching Meh's gaze on me and I smile at her..
3) Having a good time with my buddies, definitely - time spent wasting away is not wasted
4) A good dance! Any dance!
5) Cute toddler coming round to shout "kopi!"
6) Prospects of a relaxing afternoon or holiday
7) Daydreaming - about my room, my desired weight, my prince..?
8) A smell that reminds me of a wonderful time in my childhood
9) Carrying a pretty cheery brolly on a rainy day
10) Strolling back from office - me time!
11) Sweating it out on Saturday mornings - in the park, not with some handsome stranger unfortunately, but still happy :p
12) Holding a little hand, or let the little hand grab my finger for support
13) A flashback memory of me walking down High St, Oxford, in spring when the street posts are adorned with flowers!
14) Reminiscing about the good old days, sharing an old joke..
15) A silky terrier (my fave dog!) comfortably settled in its owner's arms, eyes peeking through its beautiful fur *cute*
16) Sight of cute stuff - yes I'm a sucker for those forwarded emails of cats, dogs and babies, not nec in that order!
17) Feeling pretty in my usual frock..

The list continues but enough of me (for now)..

Monday, 19 June 2006

Botak again

Four hours and $286 later, I emerged a brand new mf. Time to keep my comb and flat iron cos I have rebonded hair now!! :)

But I'm not talking about myself today. YQ has been known as Botak since sec school cos of his hair. Yesterday, he shaved his hair - Botak once more!

Took leave today to go to Pulau Tekong for YQ's enlistment. Mother reminded me of the old TV drama about life on this island during the time when Mediacorp was SBC! But now Pulau Tekong has become basic military training ground.

We went on a short tour of the grounds before watching a clip "Sons of Singapore" in the auditorium, where the enlistees took their oath thereafter. Then we had lunch at the canteen.

I think I'm not too picky about food. MZ didn't finish her lunch; YQ said it was horrid but ate all; I was hungry so I just ate all! It wasn't gourmet but it wasn't unpalatable either. What struck me was that it was very heavy in carbs - a piece of chicken, rice, chips (or fries if you wish), baked beans, half a corn, a bun and cream of mushroom.

Luckily for YQ, he's only going to be there for a week - PES E orientation only. But Mother had already tucked his mattress away and folded up his foldable bed frame!

Quite happy, no stinky brother - yes, still stinky at age 21 - for the whole week, woohoo! *evil*

Psst: Updated episodes 3, 11 and 30 on Bali trip..

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Season in the sun!

Um, long for a 4-day trip

A few days before..

Sito: Who is going to bunk with you?
mf: Well, I'm closer to you and Hup. So two of you pls fight to bunk with LY!! :p

*** *** ***

Found the guys at the check-in row at 740am. Ahhh! We're going to Bali!

*** *** ***

Flight was smooth. I watched Failure to Launch. Don't remember anything about the leads but something the guy's mum said got stuck in my head. When the son finally moved out, leaving just her and her husband in the house..

"I'm scared, to be with him alone. I don't know if he still loves me."


Episode 1
There were doubts about the hotel cos we got it real cheap at USD25 pppn. But we were very very happy when we finally reached Aston Bali. The holiday was getting better by the minute..

Went to the beach to give our pasty skin a good tan. But the sun remained hidden behind stubborn clouds. Then it got chilly cos of the wind so we went back for a shower - Hup had a nice blue bath! - before heading to the poolside for a BBQ dinner.

It was a yummy dinner! I ate so much the guys were, well, suitably impressed :p The band came over to play for us. We asked for a latin number and they played a cha song. Nevertheless, Hup and I decided to salsa to it anyway. We're on holiday!! :)

Episode 2

While tanning, we discovered that Hup was reading The Game by Neil Strauss. Sito bought the same book some time ago. What game? The game of pickup artists, as in picking up girls! One of the things mentioned in the book involved having interesting games etc as conversation topics. So Sito decided to play a game..

Sito: Imagine a desert. There's a cube, imagine its colour, size, position in the desert.. Then there's a ladder, imagine the material, number of rungs, position.. And now a horse..
mf: Camel can?
Guys: *blink blink*
Sito: A horse! Imagine its colour, its position..

So I gave my description first. My cube was at the bottom right of the desert, if you could imagine the picture in a TV, taking up 1/9 to 1/4 of the screen. It was green, looked synthetic.. Partially submerged in the sand..

Sito: The cube represents your ego. Yours is like, quite big ah.. Partially submerged isn't too good..
Hup: Mine almost fills the desert!
Sito: And floating right?!

The ladder was supposed to represent friends, the number of rungs referring to number of close friends. I had imagined six rungs. The horse meant love life. D'oh, my horse is at the horizon far far away!!! =(

Hup: My horse is at the foreground, eating grass on its own!
mf: Um, vegetarian?! :p

Episode 3

My shoulder started acting up; the left side had been hurting for a couple of days. So we went back to shower before meeting up in one room later. When Hup and I got the other room, we found Sito doing work - disgusting!! And he continued doing that while we watched Golden Eye on TV until we got tired.. Disgusting!

*** *** ***

I played a game on Sito's phone while they watched TV (and did work). It was therapeutic for my shoulder :p And easier than yoga, which Hup demo-ed. I'm afraid I'm not too flexible..

Sito: I pity your bf..


*** *** ***

Learnt a new word: ちんちん. It means penis in Jap :p

Episode 4


*Riiiing riiiing*

A chirpy voice from Bali Adventure Tours woke us up to confirm our pm adventure with them..

Ok, a secret is about to be revealed..

Hup: Let's prank-call them?
mf: Ok!

Heh heh, so Sito and LY, the two early calls were from us, haha! :p

Episode 5
Hup: See, as your friends, we had to make sacrifices..
mf: What? I am the one making sacrifices here, to tolerate all this crap!


Episode 6
The sun was nothing short of yummy! But I still found the water too cold to step into.. Left the pool and beach to prepare for pm adventure..

A little bit of tan now.. :)

Episode 7
A poster on the 2-hour journey to Ayung River

Episode 8
Our guide Agung took a photo of us in our gear

We were all set for white water rafting!! :)

Episode 9
Besides Agung and the four of us, a 17-year old local girl Ayu sat with us. Hup and I sat in front, Sito and LY sat in the middle while Agung and Ayu took the last row.

This was the first time for the four of us and I doubt any of us knew what to expect. So we just followed Agung's instructions to FORWARD! BACKWARD! STOP! And when he went BOOM BOOM, we hung on as the avon hit a big rock! At some places, we kept turning in circles, going backwards with the river. Exciting!!

After a few rapids, they were all slightly wet..

Agung: M, you're still dry!



Episode 10
We reached a stretch of river with no rocks.

Agung: M, go down for a swim? :)
mf: Huh? I cannot!!!
Agung: Hup, you go down to swim?
Hup: Ok!

Wow, so spontaneous! So Agung pushed him off the avon!

Agung: M, go go!
mf: Huh?? Ok ok.. AHHHH!

When I surfaced, everyone was in the river!

mf: Yeeks, I swallowed some water..
Agung: No worries, I drink it all the time!

Um, ok..

Was having difficulty keeping my head up despite the life vest.. Was getting scared =(

Agung: You can stand up now..
mf: Cannot! Cannot!!!

They had to come get me, pushed my legs down to the riverbed - yes it was that shallow! - while holding my head up.. Hup helped me up the avon again.. Gee, cold!

Agung: Now everyone is wet! =D

Episode 11
Next stop was a waterfall. It was very shallow so I could step off the avon onto sand and walk to the gushing waters! Best part was that there was a pretty spectrum just beyond reach at eye level!

Perfect chance to take photo of Agung and Ayu too

*** *** ***

As we were about to leave, a group of aunties started putting their belongings on their head and waddling through the river in their panties, with their shirts pulled high to underbust! It was a sight to behold - all that cellulite, the jiggling butt cheeks..!

Agung told us they were selling drinks by the river. We were the last avon of the day so they were going home, one hour on foot!

Episode 12
We went by a number of people young and old taking their evening bath in the river..

Sito: mf, you can check out their ちんちんs..


There was, however, an ahmah who was washing her clothes as she took a bath. As we floated by, she looked up, smiled and waved at us, giving us a full view of her saggy breasts! Ewe!! I rest assured that I'll never become like that cos there isn't much breasts to begin with :p

Episode 13
Finally reached the end point after an hour plus. Again, Agung urged us to swim to shore. This time, I obliged and climbed out myself. But I hung on to the avon rope :p

Sito came to wean me off the rope and together with Hup, they brought me to my feet and walked to shore..


*** *** ***

I hugged Ayu goodbye and told her to study well. Such a sweet young thing..

Episode 14
We had to walk uphill to get to the changing rooms. For the first time in my life, I had to walk more than two minutes on land in my swimsuit, and with tens of locals following us to promote their goods!

Now we were clean, and happy with the whole rafting thing!

It wasn't as scary as I had seen on TV/ imagined, quite mild actually. But for a first-timer, fun!! :)

Episode 15
We asked the driver to drop us at Jimbaran instead. Chose a seafood restaurant for dinner..

One of them became our dinner..

The king prawns had scary looking legs that were BLUE!

Episode 16
After the yummy dinner under the starry skies, we decided that we hadn't had enough of both food and stars. Bought some snacks and sat at the poolside for a while, admiring the stars.. until it got too cold!

Thanks to Hup, I had blue bath as well :) Very nice after a tiring day of paddling and climbing stairs..

Episode 17
Put on a cream mask while Hup was showering. Sito and LY came by. Hup finished his shower. The mask felt ready to be peeled off. I went to the bathroom and.. eh? Couldn't peel!

LY: Maybe you applied too thinly?
mf: But I put it on real thick!

Sighs.. I wiped off with cotton instead..

Offered my remaining mask to the guys. Sito took it but..

Sito: Why don't you put it on for me?
mf: Kek?!
Sito: 送佛送到西,帮人帮到底

Hence I became a beautician.. Last I did something like that was when I was five - I cleaned my father's face..

Episode 18
A family with a very cute baby girl sat at the breakfast table next to us. Very cute :)

*** *** ***

Somehow we were talking about inflicting pain.. Um, I can't remember exact context but Sito offered his arm for me to pinch. I pinched and I pinched but he didn't flinch *.* At that moment, an attendant came by to refill tea. He looked at us, smiled, and did "magic" to Sito's arm. There was some pop sound..

Episode 19
Decided to save paragliding for next trip. We stayed in the sun for a very long time instead..

LY became a lobster at the end of it..

(And that wasn't the end!)

Eh? Hup looks naked!

Do we look alike? Someone thought we were siblings AGAIN! Heh, must be the cheek bones :)

Episode 20
Tried to play table tennis but Sito and I couldn't really play :p So went on to the pool table. I hit the black ball in for the first game - very early in the game :p But I won the next!!! Yeah!!

Episode 21
Went to the poolside bar for a drink and some chips.

The attendant who refilled our tea that morning walked by, recognised us and pinched his arm! So funny! I took a picture with him but I'm not posting it cos the posture made me look fat :p

But this is cute! :)

Episode 22
Somehow they convinced me to try floating.. I ended up looking like a freaking corpse!

Episode 23
Hup taught us a game. Put one foot in front of the other, the front foot of each player should be in contact. Then.. SCISSORS PAPER STONE! The winner moves front foot way behind, the loser moves back foot to touch the front foot of the winner.. After consecutive wins, it's no longer possible to for the loser to touch the winner's foot and it's a clear win! Yeah! :p

*** *** ***

We turned beached whales for a while more before packing up. Oh, salsa-ed a bit on the sand too..

Episode 24
mf: Hey, there's a flower tan on my butt cheek!!
Hup: Oh! The flower print on your bikini!
Sito: I want to see!
mf: Kek?!
Sito: Not your butt, just the flower at the top only..
mf: No way. Period.

Episode 25
Cabbed to Bali Collections at Nusa Dua. Sat at Starbucks for a while. Sito bought a Nippon jersey jacket. I was tempted by a Brasil one but it didn't fit me too well.. Saw a very nice shirt at FCUK. Hup tried it but decided not to get it. I still think it's a very nice shirt :)

Episode 26
Changed money at a shop right outside hotel. The chaps seemed crafty. They gave us small notes then took everything back to give us bigger notes. Indeed, later in the room, Hup found himself short of 200k rupiahs! But there was no way getting them to return once we left the shop..

Episode 27
Bubba Gump came to fetch us to their restaurant. We had more seafood! Like Hup said, "we're on holiday!"

Ah look, the cute drinks menu!

Hey hey! Watch it!

Episode 28
After LY sizzled and burnt the day before, we went indoors for breakfast. For the nth time, I noticed the same two very cute guys.. who were together and didn't look like brothers..

mf: What does it mean if two guys go to a beach resort together?
Hup: Well, I went to Cancun with Sito..?
mf: Kek? Um, ok..
Hup: And Santorini with Andy too..
Sito: It doesn't mean anything la..

Episode 29
More tanning.. LY stayed in the room to watch TV since he was already burnt! Sito and Hup went to play pool after a while. They then tried to get me into the water. But I refused to budge. I wanted to get brown lying there!

But we had to check out soon.. So I went to get them from the pool.

Guys: Come in!
mf: No, cold.. Better get going..
Sito: Come in first!
Hup: Ok la, we should go..

Hup walked up and as I turned to walk too, Hup pulled me back! Sito was roped in to drag me into the cold water!

mf: Hup, I thought you were my friend =(
Guys: We are! :)
Sito: Ok, now we can go, you're wet already..


Episode 30
The DOI (Declaration of Interest) happened during lunch..

Actually Sito was trying to guess which hand Hup was thinking about :p

He tried on LY and me too. Not easy.. Especially on me, cos I've always had a weak pulse.. Remember? I'm like a corpse :p

*** *** ***

Had a massage after the lunch. Not too happy with it. Felt like I paid someone to touch me.. Yeeks!

*** *** ***

Walked out of the spa. Something fell onto my left cheek as I walked under a tree! Bird shit?! AGAIN?!! It was something yellowy and powdery, none of us was sure if it was poopoo.. At least it wasn't like last time.. Still I was so disgusted! My luck, twice in a month *.*

Got to the airport early. Ate, shopped, talked..

Hup: Go Phuket in Sep..
mf: Huh? You've decided on your next holiday even before you left for Bali!

*** *** ***

Sito: There's a smell about you..
mf: o_O Perfume?
Sito: Not perfume..

Oh no, I'm so disturbed.. *.*

*** *** ***

Sito had my camera, looking at the DOI photo..
Hup: Hey, delete that photo la..
Sito: Ok ok!
mf: Nonono!
Sito: Ok, if you go mmmm.. *gross demo*
mf: No way!

The guy sitting opposite us started giggling..! I successfully fought for my camera..

*** *** ***

Watched Summer Time Machine Blues on the flight back. At one point, I laughed until Hup and Sito tried to change channels for me..

*** *** ***

So fun! I'm missing Bali already, sighs..

Saturday, 17 June 2006

mf is back!

Wow! So touched! So many people missing me while I was gone - comments, sms, emails! I need tissue..

Just got back from Bali, plane landed less than two hours ago. It's so hot in here compared to windy Bali, sighs.. Decided to have a Stella and look through the photos again.. IT WAS SO FUN!! I'll give a detailed report soon.. Check back!

Shall bottom up and sleep..

*on MZ's comp - better get going!*

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

I wonder..

Will anyone miss me if I were to disappear now?


Monday, 12 June 2006

Wa liao!!!

Just received an email. Summarised, it means: mf, redo what you did last Sat due to change in focus!

And I haven't even sent out my beautifully crafted piece! =(
* It IS beautiful. I insist.

Now must put what I've written to good use - break it up into smaller bites as inputs for other stuff! Colleague is taking some of it as well.. Slightly consoled..

Should have hecked my work and gone to Ikea.. Lesson learnt: procrastination may not be a bad thing sometimes..

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Just typing

Sometimes I wish this blog were anonymous. No pictures of mf and her friends, no mention of even names. Then this can be a real bitching corner.. I mean, sometimes I would really really like to scold people! Oh wait, think I do scold some friends here, when they deserve it :p But I mean viciously scold people who step on me, you know.. *evil* Or I could talk about more private things.. Like the dead body under my floorboard, my current crush(es).. But I believe that what you don't want (some) people to know, you don't put it down in black and white, anonymous or not.. Google, Technorati, whatever search engines, I have no doubt of their capabilities :p

* My very concerned friends need not call me at midnight to asked about the fictitious crush(es)! (And SPF won't find any floorboard in the house either!)

This morning, Mrs Yeo called me to ask for YX's number. Chatted a bit.. Even she was concerned about me..

Mrs Yeo: I heard you are fussy..

Gaaar!!! Shut up, Sito! (See? I scold someone :p)

And I have Kel and Moh at my back too.. I shall not elaborate on their imagination.. (And I scold people again..)

This is one lazy weekend. And rainy.. And it's red letter weekend for some reasons.. My freshly painted nails in bright bold red to go with my white sandals, my nose after a bad nose day on Fri, my period that was earlier than expected (better than late! :p), two scratched pimples that bled, CCP's wedding today..

Oh, something funny albeit a bit ahem.. The other day, colleague was trying to borrow a tampon. I didn't have any with me but another colleague lent her a pad. She came back from the bathroom and went, "can barely walk in it!" I couldn't agree more!! Ever since I made the switch, I've never turned back. I just can't freaking walk with some cotton between my legs, no matter how ultra slim it is!

Yesterday, I knew I had to stay in to do some work. So I decided to use my night pads during the day. Result? I couldn't walk and was forced to sit there whole day, hence finishing my work! Smart strategy right? :p

Finally got into bed at 11pm, put on this Cantonese CD by Cass Phang which I love.. There's this song I was really into back in 1999 just before I left for Oxford. The lyrics are beautiful and the tune just brings them to life..


曲:劉諾生 詞:周耀輝 編:梁基爵







So I fell asleep listening to this soothing CD. If every period is like this one.. no, I don't think I'll have it every day, haha!

I'll go have some blueberry yoghurt now - actually my fave berries are strawberries but somehow the blue stuff tastes yummier in yoghurt..

I know, I'm getting fat.. HW said I looked fleshier in the last photo I posted here. Although just now at CCP's wedding, Whitedragon (can't get over the name!) said I lost weight.. But guess what, I put more trust in the girl's opinion! :p

Oh, I said I was going to eat yoghurt.. *scrambles away*

Thursday, 8 June 2006


It was so windy when I got off the bus just now. The sky was completely overcast and it was starting to drizzle. Took the lift from basement instead of walking up the slope. Lucky, cos when I got out of the lift, it was pouring. Walked into my 15th floor office and saw the scene outside the window - frightening sight of dark clouds hanging over the entire region though bright morning sun peeked out from the horizon far away..

More talk about wind (and mf)

Have a stupid ulcer that is causing me much anguish. Don't make me talk unnecessarily. In fact, don't make me talk unnecessarily any day..

CY was looking for interviewees. If you are taking leave to watch World Cup, pls get in contact.. And speaking of that, Jens was funny: we Germans are not that fast in answering mails and getting things organised as you hardworking people in Asia, and now with the Soccer World Cup starting it may delay things as well :p

Oh, the big walk on Monday did break my toes after all.. Somewhat.. Found blood yesterday. Apparently, a nail cut into its neighbour toe =(

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

mf's big walk

You know how when you plan to do something, some last minute stuff will crop up and spoil your plans but when you are most unprepared, an opportunity suddenly avails itself?

Had wanted to try walking back from office for so long but every time I turned up in comfortable trousers and flat shoes, I was caught up with work. That pair of flats had since died on me *.* Was in a dress and kitten heels yesterday when I managed to clear the day's work by 650pm - amazing! Despite wearing the wrong shoes, I decided to walk!

Went at a brisk pace. Last I walked so fast I was in Oxford trotting between 177A Iffley Road and 1 South Parks Road. It took me 15min to get to Braddell MRT, another 5min to SPH.. And suddenly I didn't know how to continue! I knew Bishan Road was just behind SPH, but I wasn't sure if I should round to the left or the right.. Vaguely remembered it was likely left, so I went that way ie back the way I came from - must discount 5min from total time..

Cut through the JTC factory and found Bishan Road right in front! Very happy. I carried on and reached J8 by 720pm. Spent 20min roaming NTUC buying foodstuff - so auntie! :p - before continuing my walk. This part of the journey was a lot more familiar. I got back at 8pm. Discounting 25min, the walk from office took only 45min, shorter than my estimation of about an hour!

Very happy I finally did it!! :) And I didn't break my toes either!

Monday, 5 June 2006

More randoms!

First of all..


Last night Sito was doing this fengshui test on compatibility. We put in birthdays of some mutual friends for each of us and found many to be very ill matched :p So we went on to random numbers. I like the number 9. And someone born on 9 Sep 1980 is my prince ok..

Anyway, took some pictures over the past week..

Met Tok for dinner on Tues and I got a stalk of five lilies! They were happy for about four days before the first sign of unhappiness showed. They're fast approaching sadness as I type..

Prawns are only happy when they are grey. So these weren't too happy that Mother was preparing them for laksa..

They are the exact same model but the pair on the left is obviously well worn.. Can't decide which is happier; to be (relatively) new or to be worn by mf! :p

Sunday, 4 June 2006

Other random bits

1) Colleague tattooed her eyebrows on Thurs. I don't need that cos mine are thick and dark enough. But I realised that I haven't gone for a professional trim in ages. So I took a pair of scissors to my brows this am. Neater :) And saved $15 :p

2) Was changing in the room just now, in front of a full length mirror. I turned around, looked at my tummy, sucked it in, and did this:

Source: Frankie Rongo

Gave myself a good laugh :p

3) Lately, for the lack of things to do, I revert to the mf in her early teens. Not in mentality - goodness, no.. Instead of listening to the radio and copying down lyrics of songs I like, I googled for a number of lyrics. I posted "I'm So Ronery" yesterday. Today, it's the Canto song by Twins, very very nice!


站在大丸前细心看看我的路 再下个车站到天后当然最好
但华丽的星途途中一旦畏高 背后会否还有他拥抱

在百德新街的爱侶 面上有种顾昐自豪
在台上任我唱未必风光更好 人气不过肥皂泡

即使有天开个唱谁又要唱 他不可到现场
仍然仿似白活一场 不恋爱教我怎样唱
几多爱歌给我唱还是勉强 台前如何发亮
难及给最爱在耳边 低声温柔地唱

白日梦飞翔永不太远太抽象 最后变天后变新娘都是理想
在时代的广场谁都总会有奖 我没有歌迷有他景仰

在百德新街的爱侣 面上有种顾昐自豪
在台上任我唱未必风光更好 人气不过肥皂泡 Ha...

即使有天开个唱谁又要唱 他不可到现场
仍然仿似白活一场 不恋爱教我怎样唱
几多爱歌给我唱还是勉强 台前如何发亮
难及给最爱在耳边 低声温柔地唱

几多爱歌给我唱还是勉强 台前如何发亮
难及给最爱在耳边 低声温柔地唱
其实心里最大理想 跟他归家为他唱

Actually the Mandarin version is also very nice..


冬天的离别在莫斯科的深夜 一列列军队在街上戒备森严
这裏没人察觉谁又爱上了谁 因为苦难不许人崩溃

感情上若习惯防备 寂寞就多一道墙围
爱情隐隐约约提醒我这一回 再不拥抱就是罪

莫斯科没有眼泪大雪纷飞 你冷的好憔悴
单身的我原本以为 可以一辈子不跟谁
莫斯科没有眼泪我却流泪 不住哭的赞美

莫斯科没有眼泪我却流泪 不住哭的赞美
爱在最古老的国界 再不求能全身而退

An entry of unabashed conceitedness

After a super long event log last weekend, I sum up this week's with "went to MoS with an unlikely group last night." :p Cos today I want to write my random mf-ism..

Kel reminded me that I forgot to list this nickname - Perfection, thanks to Moh..

Come to think of it, I'm really quite perfect, and I'll tell you why, starting from the superficial..

1) Looks: I'm nothing like Ashley Judd (I think she's gorgeous!) but hey, I'm far from ugly duckling too ok! A little bit of flesh on me makes me huggable - unless you think a bag of bones is more comfortable..
Why that is perfect: Like the eHarmony thing said, to take pride in my looks but not be defined by them.

2) Intellect vs. fluff: I don't claim myself to be intelligent - some of you did - but I've claimed stupidity before. Still, I think I have sufficiently high brain activity, that is, when it's actually activated. So yes, I'm quite balanced, intellect and fluff, and I think I can hold a decent conversation (if I feel like it and you deserve it :p)
Why that is perfect: You mean you like someone who spews nothing but Newton, state of democracy in wherever, Socrates or Hammer vs. Thunder all the time? ALL the time, are you sure? I say a little fluff amid the gravity of living makes living easier.

3) Interests and activities: Wide range I guess. Key interest is in languages. I really want to speak Jap well and then I'll go on to Spanish. Not sure about French but that's a possibility. Also have a blossoming interest in history.. And it's not difficult to interest me in new things. Eg I'm quite tempted to try this new cable skiing or wakeboarding thing - $20 per hour or two.. Any takers? :) Also a sucker for thrill rides but no heart stopping things like bungee or skidiving for me!
Why that is perfect: Sedentary and active - well balanced! :)

4) General abilities and attributes: Illustrate with examples.. I am independent, adaptable, resourceful, tolerant, and kind when you deserve it; I don't talk down to you (unless you deserve such condescendence), I don't give up easily on important stuff (ie I may give up going shopping on a rainy day :p); and I can do miscellaneous stuff like cooking, ironing, cleaning etc. Oh, and I can read (clear) maps too, important cos soon I can drive too :p
Why is that perfect: Why is that not?

This one is more of an isolated opinion than a reason for perfection but nonetheless..
5) Going on dates: I'll always offer to split the bill. But if the guy offers to treat me, I'm totally comfortable with that as well. Of course I can always make it up with post-dinner drinks.
Why that is perfect: When the girl keep quiet about the bill, the guy will feel paiseh to ask her to split and may also think her too assuming to think that he's treating her. On the other hand, if the girl insists on paying, she's not giving enough face to the frail man's ego! Perfect solution is to be active but go with the flow. Am I smart or what.. :p

Goodness, perfection I am! It's simply nothing less than wonderful to be mf! Though on the flip side, perfection may also happen to be a giant flaw to the less perfect/assured.. Well, I remain the lovely mf with her lovely Meh (also Perfection).

Saturday, 3 June 2006

Final figure

Eight. That's all I had for this dumpling festival.

Anyway, inspired by a chat with Z to put up this song I like from Team America World Police - damn funny :p

I'm So Ronery by Trey Parker

I'm So Ronery
I'm so ronery
So ronery
So ronery and sadry arone

There's no one
Just me onry
Sitting on my rittle throne
I work very hard and make up great prans
But nobody ristens, no one understands
Seems that no one takes me serirousry

And so I'm ronery
A little ronery
Poor rittre me

There's nobody
I can rerate to
Feer rike a bird in a cage
It's kinda sihry
But not rearry
Because it's fihring my body with rage

I work rearry hard and I'm physicarry fit
But nobody here seems to rearize that
When I rure the world maybe they'rr notice me
But untir then I'rr just be ronery
Rittre ronery, poor rittre me
I'm so ronery
I'm so ronery

Punctuality is a virtue, not habit

From as early as I could remember, I have been waiting for people; waiting for people to get ready so we could go to Sunday class in temple; waiting for friends to arrive at the meeting place, to go shopping, to show up at dinner; waiting for my prince.. Alright, erase that last bit :p

I don't like to be late so generally I try to be punctual or even early to avoid being late. Often, I end up waiting past the actual time. What's the point of me making the time when others don't?!

10min is very late in a shopping centre or somewhere with entertainment AND aircon. 5min is very very late under the sun! And I hate to wait especially when I'm alone; I'll usually lose all the excitement of meeting up.

What I don't understand is that, how can some people be perpetually late?? Are they late for work as well? Are they late when meeting other people? Punctuality is not a habit obviously, people don't pick it up even after 10 years of going to school on time!

Cooling down.. To be fair, I'm no saint and there were times when I was late. And I hated it, cos I don't like to make people wait for me. But most of the time when I was late, I found that I was still (among) the earliest or someone else was (ridiculously) later.

This trait runs in Mother's line. I remember how she would always wake us up early on important days such as CNY to go to Grams' place and found that no one got there yet. Or we would arrange to meet this aunt at the bus stop to go together but we were FOREVER early, even after calling to say "see you in ten minutes".

I find myself taking my time whenever we have to meet the aunt at the bus stop. Even for my friends, I'm walking slower these days, fully expecting others to be delayed somehow as well. With the weather turning real hot, no point sweating it out. In fact, no point getting pissed; I'll just take my time getting to meeting point from now on. I won't even bother with a cab!

Friday, 2 June 2006

Sharing some readings

Today is painfully slow - email as well as content of work!

1) Something is wrong with my laptop - pages do not refresh automatically. I didn't realise that until I kept seeing the same thing on Omni's. Hit F5 and true enough, there was a
new entry!

I might have encountered a couple of her examples - luckily mf is smart enough to siam in time :p But Cat 1 reminded me of a case I heard of recently.

This girl keeps herself in the house all day long with the occasional trip to get food. She has only two friends, one of which is a close friend of mine. She must be suffering from some serious inferior complexity and/or depression. She isn't stupid for sure - my friend knew her from university when she had friends. But after graduation, she closed up so completely my friend hadn't seen her for more than three years cos she never wanted to meet up despite endless sms from her two friends!

Think she's harmless, but it's heartbreaking to see someone so young - she's 27 - wasting away in self condemnation..

2) Another article to read
here. Very amusing :p And a related one here - read the last line!

Was cleaning up my laptop when I came upon this list in a folder named "random". Office used that for some fortune cookie thing last year. There was a line that went: a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle :p

Thursday, 1 June 2006

More childhood stuff

Does anyone remember those flat biscuits that come in pink, green, white, yellow, orange and - if I remember correctly - blue?? I went out for lunch today, dropped into a little provision shop on the way back and saw a whole pack of them hanging happily on a rack!

They're called "Kuih Piring"..

Ingredients that I don't understand:
Bahan-bahan, Tepung ubi, Gula, Garam, Air (I heard this means water in Malay :p), Santan, Telur (egg, right?)

Something is wrong with the maths:
Servings per packet: 2
Serving size: 30g
Weight (of whole packet): 40g

I bought a packet, shared half with my colleagues (many away from office) and swiftly finished the thing. There were green, yellow and pink - my fave is the pink one! Sweet :)
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