Monday, 19 June 2006

Botak again

Four hours and $286 later, I emerged a brand new mf. Time to keep my comb and flat iron cos I have rebonded hair now!! :)

But I'm not talking about myself today. YQ has been known as Botak since sec school cos of his hair. Yesterday, he shaved his hair - Botak once more!

Took leave today to go to Pulau Tekong for YQ's enlistment. Mother reminded me of the old TV drama about life on this island during the time when Mediacorp was SBC! But now Pulau Tekong has become basic military training ground.

We went on a short tour of the grounds before watching a clip "Sons of Singapore" in the auditorium, where the enlistees took their oath thereafter. Then we had lunch at the canteen.

I think I'm not too picky about food. MZ didn't finish her lunch; YQ said it was horrid but ate all; I was hungry so I just ate all! It wasn't gourmet but it wasn't unpalatable either. What struck me was that it was very heavy in carbs - a piece of chicken, rice, chips (or fries if you wish), baked beans, half a corn, a bun and cream of mushroom.

Luckily for YQ, he's only going to be there for a week - PES E orientation only. But Mother had already tucked his mattress away and folded up his foldable bed frame!

Quite happy, no stinky brother - yes, still stinky at age 21 - for the whole week, woohoo! *evil*

Psst: Updated episodes 3, 11 and 30 on Bali trip..

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  1. I tot u not rebonding so soon? What happened to waiting until ur next trip?


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