Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A less busy day, finally

Sighs, work got heavy in the past week, after my last post. And after my last post, ZK's fever came back! Left work after lunch on Thursday to fetch him. He was grumpy but still playing on Friday morning but after a nap, his fever shot past 39 deg and he was super lethargic and still - unlike him. We gave him some ibuprofen and dashed to NUH where we spent the next six hours - six! ZK took two naps and two meals there *.*

Friday morning, playing with one of his fave things in the house:

Spent the next few nights working after ZK went to bed. Some sadistic statistics la, very mentally exhausting...

But at least ZK recovered gradually. He was still a little cranky here and there, but he was playing!

With my PS card while sitting in a poopy diaper *.* He just woke from an afternoon nap and found me hitting at my keyboard next to him. I managed to flip the screen shut but didn't manage to stop him from pulling out the card.

With food *.* His first time in a shopping trolley! He still wasn't well so we didn't go out - just took a trip to Cold Storage.

Today, I'm finally home at night relaxing in front of my Mac instead of my work laptop. What a relief! But I need to finish up the employer orientation programme after writing this - need that to get a work permit for full-time help.

So, more on ZK. He walked four steps on Sunday! He woke and went to play at the socket corner near the wall decal. Then he turned, smiled and walked! Fell into my arms but still very smiley :)

That evening, I also found the tip of his second tooth piercing through. My baby will have pearly whites very soon!

He has been sleeping a lot. The past three nights, he slept through between nine and 12 hours! Perhaps it was because he was tired having just recovered from his fever but gosh, that was some good sleep for both of us!

But he has taken to doing this:

Found him in this position twice shortly after midnight each time. Had to pick him up when he landed on the floor instead of the mat or blanket.

Now, Sito. We exchanged a few SMS on my way home.

mf: Random - I'm going home with Mr Muscle - hope he can remove the mold on our basin and your (electric) tooth brush!
Sito: I'm jealous of Mr Muscle

Love my boys :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

ZK starts to walk!

I was told I looked ill today *.* But thankfully, I'm not. Just tired. But I want to share some photos before I go to sleep. ZK always makes me happy :)

Here's the catching game he played with Papa a few weeks ago. He knew how to escape but when he was playing with me, he ran towards me instead!

Earlier this month, he finally managed to open this cabinet. He pulled his milk powder to the floor, and dropped Papa's stash of instant noodles on the floor, oops...

One day, he refused to sit in his stroller. His teacher saw and offered him some wassant. He then quietly sat down. So easy to bribe ah?! He ate the bread on our way out of Chip Bee, and I decided that he should have bread for dinner that evening! So I rolled him to Provence and bought more wassant. He ate bread all the way home :)

His birthday celebration seemed extended, with two more lunches and a dinner that weekend as our cousins were in Singapore. He had a lot of fun at Pu Tien, especially when I put him on Sito's shoulders!

Pose! But why was only Mama looking at the camera?!

Bah bah bah!

Papa, you're my drum tonight!! (Check out Papa's expression!)

Spent some time checking out massage chairs after that dinner at Vivocity. He looks so tiny on one of them!

There are nights when he doesn't roll off to sleep after his evening milk. This is one of the things he does when he rolls around the room - playing with the sockets in the corner and flipping the curtains! And this day, he didn't even finish his milk!

Just last week, I let him hold his PB, Nutella and cheese sandwich on his own for the first time - the whole sandwich!

It quickly became quite a mess... And what's with the pinky, big baby??

I was having fruits and he wanted my apple so I gave him half a slice. He couldn't bite through but he was gnawing on it quite happily. But he didn't forget his sandwich!

How do I eat both at the same time...??

Last Friday, I put him in one of his new PJs and suddenly found myself looking at a little Bruce! Isn't this Bruce Lee-yellow?!

Check out those 剪刀脚! :p He could do quite a mean fast walk with support now. The IFC said that he has been taking two steps for a while! And we saw it last weekend - he first walked to Papa on Saturday, and then to me on Sunday! Only two steps but we were very happy! And he got more brave - on Sunday, he flung my hands away to stand on his own before taking those steps! He fell but he fell with a smile :)

He didn't try walking much when he was very ill the past two days. But just now when we got home and I put him down, he absent-mindedly tried to walk but reached his activity table instead. And when I put him down in the middle of the room, he took two more steps! So happy! :) But his fleshy rounded toe pads would soon be as flat as the rest of us..

Actually, I'm still worried about him. I usually don't think of him at work but today, I did. I wondered if he was still feeling ill. I almost wanted to call the IFC to check but I should not feed my paranoia - they would call me at the first sign of anything wrong. I was so glad to see him at the end of the working day. But the teacher told me he was quite quiet today - probably still not 100% :(

And he's been stirring for the past 30 min. Hope he can sleep better tonight and wake happy tomorrow. This morning, he woke and promptly rolled off his bed - onto me! I was sleeping on the blanket on the floor right next to his bed - no space for me last night. He pushed himself off, looked at me, as if saying, Mama? What are you doing here?! Then he sat up and started whining.

Here's a video with a part showing him sitting on his bed on a healthier morning - super cute :)

A picture for blackmailing my kid - dirty little fellow, and while we were having yummy steamboat?? :p

He was very happy that day. We went to baby spa and he played for almost 30 min. Sito and I thought the staff there liked our little boy more than some others :p

And yesterday, he was quite happy in the late afternoon. Mum took a few photos of him and showed him, asking him who that was. He started patting his chest and belly area - was he saying "me"?? Really?! So cute! :)

Finally, some follow-up on my weaning.. So I stopped breastfeeding two Mondays ago right.. Last Thursday, I thought I would test to see if the milk was gone so I squeezed - three little white dots appeared! Tested again for another two days and I got milk jets going past my arm and shoulder! I haven't done that for ages so it was quite a shock :p Then the white dots seemed thicker. I didn't test the past two days but tonight, there was only one little white dot. Guess I'm finally drying up...

Oh, and I finally got to wear my button-down PJs with the buttons secured instead of kimono style, tucked in! The latter made it easier to breastfeed. All the online advice of buying button-down PJs to facilitate nursing was right in a certain way - not to facilitate exposing just one boob but so that mummies can wear kimonos!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The longest night

ZK developed a fever on Sunday. He was still happy and it was a low-grade fever so I just did some tui na. Before he slept, Sito and I forced some paracetamol into him :(

But it didn't go away on Monday. In fact, it got worse. And he was feeling bad and had to be carried until his morning nap, which lasted all of 20 minutes! But the medicine had kicked in and he was quite happy. So I plonked him in his stroller and set off for the office - need to collect my laptop to do some work!

I was quite worried he would not be happy when we stopped moving while in the train. But he was quite happy just looking around. Or perhaps I should say nonchalant - he didn't exactly smile a lot, as usual *.*

When we got to the office, he started crying when doting aunties and uncles came around! This boy, cannot take affection! :p Just told Sito that and he said, "like me!" I think, like me too :p

We must have taken some 20 lift rides that journey! But at least our public transport system is stroller/wheelchair accessible. And the irritating beeping sound on some lifts provided good entertainment for ZK. Or at least distracted him enough.

But with so little rest in the morning, he was really tired and fell asleep on the way to lunch - for 10 min! After lunch, I gave him some ibuprofen as his fever suddenly went above 38.5 deg.

But he's such a good boy - since yesterday morning, he has been taking medicine willingly! I just shoved the syringe at him nonchalantly and let him hold it briefly before trying to reach his mouth. He would usually reject a few times. Then I let him taste a bit. He might still reject but suddenly, he would open his mouth and let me put the syringe in, or bring it towards his mouth himself! So proud of him :)

Anyway, with the ibuprofen, his fever subsided for quite a well. We had fun playing in our bedroom - we played catching! Or the baby version of catching where he would dash towards the catcher when he saw me, all the while giggling madly :)

I decided to sleep next to him last night cos he kept stirring. If I were next to him, I could immediately pat him down so that he could rest better. Well, I bit off more than I could chew.

The pre-dinner paracetamol lost its effect pretty soon - I was alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen. After cleaning up his bottles, I found him hot and started sponging him while he slept. When it was finally 9.30 pm, and he stirred, I decided to give him ibuprofen. But he didn't take to it as well as in the day in his half asleep condition. We ended up with sticky medicine all over. And I also didn't know how much got in. I guess pretty much none cos he continued to burn!

So I kept sponging him, gently so he didn't wake or push my hand or the towel away. When his arms were limb, I would grab one and start the tui na massage - supposed to do 300-500 times (!) but I didn't think I did that many before he pulled his arm away. And our contactless thermometer was activated many many times as well.

And throughout the night, whenever I managed to get down to sleep, he would suddenly wake, pull himself to a sitting position and cry. I kept waking with a start to a little figure sitting next to my head, arms hanging limb and face pulled down. Very poor thing :(

So with his high temperature and his crying, I was very tired. And more than that, I was very worried and sad. My poor baby was suffering and I couldn't do much to alleviate his pain :(

This morning, we woke to many wet patches on his bed due to his saliva and the sponging towel which I didn't manage to keep properly on its plate - I must have dozed off somehow! He still had a temperature of 38.2 deg so I gave him some paracetamol at 7.30 am. By 8.30 am, his fever was gone and did not return! Perhaps the whole night of fever killed off the infection?

Whatever it was, I was so happy! And he managed to nap for an hour before Mum arrived to help while I did some work. He was cranky here and there but nop, no fever. And after his last nap, he got up to play quietly with some stuff left on the floor besides his bed! That also made me reconsider making his bedroom sleep only.. He was generally happy after that. We even took some pictures of him being happy :)

Gave him a - hopefully - last dose of paracetamol before dinner, just to help him sleep better tonight. But he's still sleeping fitfully. He's been sleeping for the past three hours, with three waking episodes and even more instances of whining. Poor boy :(

I'll still sleep next to him tonight. Hope he gets a good rest and wakes happy to go to school. Yes, he's going back tmr, barring any fever, cos Mama needs to go back to work - "Mama must work to buy you bread", I told him today. He pretty much ignored me. But I love him anyway :)

Happy pictures

I was uploading photos and found some random ones which made me happy:

1) Sito and I had a very sumptuous and healthy supper while watching a movie :)

2) The principal at ZK's IFC left, and she prepared parting gifts for everyone. This is was ZK's - so cute I claimed it for myself wahahaha!

3) At my last trip to TCM, I suddenly realised that that block was right across from my school! I had lunch at the coffee shop there before! I could only peer in through the gates - the assembly ground had become a basketball court, which could still be used for assembly I suppose.. Well, things do change.. And I can't say I enjoyed secondary school very much, although the Guides' Den held wonderful memories.. Still, I was quite happy at discovering my school albeit only from the outside.

4) Two weekends ago, I thought the hills looked alive! So green and clear! This picture does them no justice at all..

5) We were waiting for the lift when I bent over to interact with ZK, and I happened to turn and saw this. Wow, my little one sees beautiful things.. Again, picture quality sucks. Nonetheless, for him when he's older, in case he isn't aware now..

Update the next day...

Same spot, but from my height :)

Monday, 15 July 2013

Bye bye, milk milk factory...

I was very sad this morning.

ZK woke at 5.30 am and nursed for a short while in his bed. We rolled around in his room for a while before we went out to the living room. And he got very unhappy and whiny until I gave him a small bottle. After all, he had some milk from me already. But he was still not satisfied and moped around unhappily.

Poor boy, he must have not drunk much from me. So I carried him to the sofa and offered my milk again. And I came to a decision - that that was the last time he was breastfed.

I was very sad when I told him that. I didn't know if he understood. Then I realised I was on the sofa where I used to nurse him a lot in the early days. I became even more sad.

I took a couple of photos of him - he's now too big too fit into the picture frame from that short distance - and settled into simply watching him enjoy his food. He seemed so satisfied there. And calm. I was very content and happy watching him, but very sad that it would be the last time we were this close.

Every day, he got further and further from me. First, he was in my belly and connected to me via his umbilical cord. Then, he came out and depended on me for food and comfort. From tomorrow, he will depend on me for only things that he can eventually do for himself.

Yet another reminder to myself - that we brought him to the world only for him to leave us, and it's the natural thing to happen.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Happy birthday, our dear ZK! :)

ZK turns one today! :)

And it's also been 365 days since I've had a long continuous sleep! :p

We celebrated his birthday today. Nothing major, just a cosy family gathering with lots of fun and laughter. I took half day off as I wanted to bring him to Happy Willow but he woke from his afternoon nap at almost 4 pm and we had to be at Mum's place at 5 plus so we just played at home. He is so happy when he is well rested :) We had a fun time at home today before we set off for his birthday do.

BiaoJiu KS and BiaoJiu SH were already at Mum's place by the time we got there. ZK kept staring at SH - who's this person I've never met? :p But not for long cos he had a lot of things to occupy him..

Present from GuGu - toy car that talks and teaches shapes and numbers.

Present from YeePo - wooden blocks of various shapes and sizes, and even sounds!

He ended up trying to put the wooden blocks into the car cavity *.*

And Papa left work very early to make it for this segment of ZK's birthday celebration. He handed him his birthday angbao on which I wrote 震铠一岁了!爸妈爱爱你哟!

And besides money, there's a library card with his name!

Angbao from the grandparents:

Next up - first shoes by GuGu! Traditions dictate that the gugu must put on his first shoes for him on his first birthday. Or something like that. And the shoes must go on the wrong side first before being corrected! This is GuGu putting on the shoes wrongly.

And when the shoes were put right, ZK didn't seem very impressed *.*

"I'm grunting!"

Then, Mum lined up some items for him to pick from - an indication of what he'll be! ZK crawled forward tentatively...

Pulled the drumstick out and escaped the crime scene!!

Wa liao, this boy really likes to eat AND can recognise food lor! *.*

We had him do it again, and he went for the Chinese seal - eh, 你要学爸妈一样当官啊?:p

Dinner was at Canton Paradise at Star Vista. ZK had some carrot cake, steamed chicken, steamed fish, tofu and even broccoli and yee fu noodles, interspersed with Gerber puffs when he refused our food. After the dessert, I went to collect his birthday cake - mango froyo cake! :)

We stooped a bit to be nearer to the cake.

Then Mum helped us hold the cake up instead. And this is the only cake shot with ZK looking into the camera!

After 生日快乐歌,we blew out the candle for him! Note the different ways Sito and I blew out the candle? :p

ZK making the first cut :)

The boys are having fun while the women toiled, sighs... :p

He had his cake and ate it too! Yum yum!

Oh yes, the mange slice on top was all frozen. It's now back in our freezer. Maybe tomorrow? :p

Thursday, 11 July 2013

"All I want for my birthday is a tooth.."

.. And you've got it!

Just now ZK was playing and laughing in bed so I took the chance to look into his mouth. Couldn't see. So I put a finger in and what did I feel but some jagged edges on the bottom! So happy! No wonder a couple of nights ago, he was opening and closing his jaws on his gums and I heard what sounded like teeth.

He was in a happy mood and let me touch his gums all around. But I didn't find more teeth cutting through.

So he must have been teething the past couple of weeks. Think I'll give him some teething gel if he wakes in the middle of tonight.

This almost eclipsed the other major thing today - he took a step, unsupported! I was having some fruits in the morning and he was coming at me so I put the bag on the bench. Then he decided to leave me and go for the bag. That was when he let go and took that first step without support before his little hands found the bench.

What a lovely last day of his first year of life outside my belly :)

Tomorrow, I'll be on half day leave. Be bringing him home for a nap. If there's time after that, I'll bring him to Happy Willow again. Else, we'll just hang out until 5 pm when his birthday celebration will start with a little traditional ceremony at Mum's place - more details later!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

ZK, where are your ears? :)

Just washed poop stains off his clothes. He's been having slightly watery poop lately, probably due to teething since he's otherwise fine. And all the waking up at night is probably due to teething as well. I really want his teeth to come out now!!

But this boy sure can bite with his power gums. Yesterday, I gave him a peanut butter-nutella-cheese sandwich for dinner. I started out by pinching small pieces off for him. Then I put the sandwich in front of his mouth and he just leaned forward and bit off pieces by himself! And sometimes, he bit off quite large pieces and he would chew and chew and chew - all with his gums! He had three quarters of the sandwich, i.e. a slice and a half of bread! *proud mama*

And just now, he even fed himself! Smoother than yesterday already but still messy..

Today, he was standing near the colourful balls when I arrived at the IFC, with his back to the door. I said hello. No response. I called his name. He turned slowly, showing his blur and slightly bewildered face, which quickly broke into a smile when he saw me :) Then I went forward and he came to the gate, wanting to be carried. Love it when he's happy at seeing me :)

We watched his Chinese flashcard DVD. He was able to stick out his tongue when "tongue" came on screen! That's an improvement over yesterday and this morning - he could only stick out his tongue when he saw me do the same. The one thing that he could identify clearly was his ear - yes, just one ear, although he kind of alternates between the two sides :p

Yesterday, after watching the DVD, he almost took a step towards me - unsupported! But he fell. But I was very happy already! Can't wait to spend more time with him this weekend. Perhaps he would walk! *hopeful*

It's now one month to National Day. I got him a little flag yesterday and gave it to him this morning. He waved it and held it all the way to IFC. But he never smiled; I think Mama was happier than him *.*

But he was super happy a couple of days ago la! He started hiccuping. I haven't heard him hiccup for a long time already. Perhaps that was why he laughed every time he hiccuped, until he couldn't stop laughing even when he wasn't hiccuping! He only stopped when I stuffed his bottle into his mouth :)

Now he's all quiet. Hope he can sleep well.. I've been dozing off as I wrote this. Better go sleep too..

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Expensive day

The net worth of my teeth just grew by $600 at 3.40 pm today.

I had a series of ulcers while I was still pregnant. I thought they were due to hormones but they remained. I thought I had HFMD but nothing on my hands and feet. Then I read horrible things about oral cancers and decided to get things checked out.

Doc said my white lines were unusual but not the usual suspicious types. He said only a biopsy would give a 100% answer but I didn't need to do that. He also wouldn't recommend a swab so it was as good as not doing. He suspected the white lines were due to my teeth and gave me a mini lecture on keratin on our skin and parts of our mouth. So I got myself fitted with a splint which cost a whooping $600!! Will be collecting it some days later..

But near where an ulcer just healed, he saw a red and white spot that was odd cos it wasn't caused by a wisdom tooth. Had an x-ray for that cos I forgot where my remaining wisdom tooth was - I took out three of my four so I have a odd number of teeth :p Anyway, will see if that disappears..

But generally, he gave me what I wanted to hear - that I'm fine. Phew!

Oh, btw, I've never had so many photos of my mouth taken - with my cheeks pulled wide open, with my tongue sticking out to the left and to the right, with another person's fingers pulling my cheeks *.* And at the end, the doc asked to capture my nose too - I learnt today that I have a cleft nose, like how some people have/crave a cleft chin.

I first noticed that some 10 years ago. Doc said it's easy to smooth out but it's harder to create it. Well, no need to smooth mine la - I like it, heh :p

I've really spent a lot on my teeth. My braces cost some $6,000. Some years ago, I did a veneer on my born-yellow tooth. Now this. Sighs... Well, if it helps, I'll pay!

Anyway, my next appointment was with my gynae. Did a scan to make sure everything is fine. Everything is fine. And I have a 13 mm follicle ready to pop this weekend - apparently, it grows 1.5 mm every day and pops at about 19 mm!

Doc was free so we chatted a bit about TCM and confinement. He said he's open to TCM but he doesn't believe in confinement. In the past, he said, women tore and were not stitched cos, well, they didn't stitch! So they were literally confined in order to heal on their own. And he reasoned that they were given all the red date tea to constipate them so they didn't pang sai haha!! And all the innards were probably because people were poor and that was the only meat they could have, wa liao... To hell with confinement for my next one, yeah!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Emo and conflicted

I wanted to write this last week but I was too tired...

Yes, I was feeling quite emo and conflicted.

Emo cos I realised Formalin-kun was removed from me while I was unconscious. I didn't deliver it. I didn't even see it. There seemed to be no closure.

Conflicted cos after feeling emo, I looked at ZK and was glad that he could have our 100% attention for a while longer.

I asked Sito, if we'd had Angel Baby back in 2011, would we have ZK? I already knew the answer to be no.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself, that I have to look at what we have and be grateful. And I must also remember, all three babies are ours - two are not ours to raise and hold but they are still ours, and we are fortunate to have crossed paths in our life.

"袖ふり合うも、他生の縁" - Even a chance acquaintance is preordained.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Happy weekend!

ZK had his last pneumococcal booster yesterday. He was so brave, crying for only a few seconds after the needles entered his left chubby thigh, and it was really expensive at $192.60! It took more time to pay than to wait for our turn with the PD. Think I must have spoken with at least two mummies during the wait, and stalked a couple with twins! Kaypoh about other babies :p

Anyway, ZK is now 9.5 kg and 75 cm :) Happy at his growth but the walk to lunch was some workout man! Should have had Sito carry him instead!

Finally had lunch at Bari Uma - the ramen was good and the egg came uncut! Imagine biting into the softness, yummy... ZK finished his pot of sweet corn porridge, save a teaspoon. Mama was very happy - 没有白煮!

Went shopping for pants for Sito and were a bit late in coming home - ZK dozed off on the way home, woke shortly and refused to sleep for two hours! :( When he finally went down, it was only for a short while, sighs..

We were all quite tired by then so dinner was a quick affair downstairs at Brecko. We had Asahi! :) ZK wanted some too *.*

But he had only bread and some spaghetti followed by lots of Gerber puffs for which I managed to make him do the hand sign of "more" for each puff :)

He slept way better today, napping almost four hours in two naps. Sito was still asleep during his morning nap so I put ZK on our bed and got in with them! But I couldn't go down in the afternoon anymore so it was just the two boys napping.

He's so fun when he's got enough rest. This afternoon, he managed to put the cap on its bottle, all by himself. We saw but didn't say much so guess what? He drew our attention to his 壮举 by raising his arm and going ah! He did that two or three times and stopped when I got my video ready - decided to find me / iPhone instead *.*

Went shopping for a candle for his upcoming birthday after his afternoon nap. Also got him a pair of shoes! I measured his foot against my palm while nursing on Friday - seemed quite big for his three pairs of shoes... And today, I tried them on and his foot couldn't even go in! So sad :( So he got his fourth pair of shoes - one that he can wear.. Very cute some more! To be revealed...

Left him tearing paper on the floor while I got things ready for his shower. Returned to find his face all red - finally! Two days of poop! Then he happily went back to playing. 小臭臭 :p

He is also a 小脏脏 now - yesterday marked the first time we saw him dig his nose, after weeks of digging ours! Actually, it's more like sticking a finger in, no digging :p At one point, he had his index finger in a nostril and his thumb in his mouth *.*

Now he's sleeping in a nice position in his bed. Hope he stays still for the next eight hours!!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Zombified, clumsified, pestified

I fell asleep last night before 10 pm. I was so tired I didn't even hear Sito coming back. When ZK woke me near midnight, it turned out that I just had my longest stretch of sleep last night - he kept stirring and waking every hour or so after that :( I would be lying next to him for up to an hour and five minutes after I got back to my bed, he woke again!! Sighs, I should be thankful he promptly keeled over and slept every time.. It's been almost a week of hellish nights. Hope this phase passes quickly...

Poor ZK is sporting a bruise on his forehead now, the result of CRAWLING INTO A WALL at IFC yesterday. Apparently, he was crawling very fast without looking where he was going! I could just imagine it - he's always pushing his head somewhere, including against his bedroom wall *.*

But I shouldn't be too surprised. Today, I was walking upstairs when I missed my footing and fell. Yes, while walking UPstairs and at the second step *.*

Clumsiness, it cannot be cured! :p

I kind of just woke after dozing off while writing the above *.* So tired.. And there's a small puddle of water on the bay window that is begging me to wipe it up - I left ZK's highchair to dry on the bay window after washing it in the bathroom just now. Why? Cos I found a lizard partying in the highchair!!

It dashed about crazily when I lifted the tray, and finally disappeared behind the highchair. Thankfully, ZK happened to be having bread for dinner tonight - teacher bribed him with a bit of wassant cos he refused to get into his stroller so I took him to Provence for more wassant - so I just plonked him on the floor to finish up. Time to get the ultrasonic electro-magnetic pest control thing - has anyone tried?

Anyway, I'm trying to ignore the puddle of water. Should really sleep now... Goodness knows when ZK will stir again!!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Last days of being a baby

I wanted to write this last night but I was soooo tired I dozed off at 10 plus. Today, I'm less sleepy but my legs are in pain from walking in kitten heels for half the day, argh! But it was an interesting day - tried combat ration (glutinous rice - like bah zang!) and had a go at a SAR 21!

I passed the shooting, ok.. *smug* But I had a hard time aiming cos my master eye is the left one while my master arm is the right one. I had to force my left eye shut to see the crosshair. Told Sito this just now and he said ZK had better not be like me or he would be a "bobo shooter"! :(

Anyway, that's too far away for us to worry. We should be more concerned over his sleep, or lack of sleep!

ZK hasn't been sleeping very well lately. He keeps stirring and waking up. And if he wakes up, he could be sitting up by the time I get to his room, or he could have crawled to the door already.

Two nights ago, I picked him up at the door, put his head on my left shoulder and patted his little back. Suddenly, I felt his little hand patting my left shoulder! So completely melted! :) Nvm that I had to sleep half on his bed and half on his floor for at least two hours every night! And last night, he refused to go down without a fight. At one point, he decided to say "ah" and hit his mouth with his hand - you know what I mean? Quite funny but I was so tired!

Yesterday, I had my back to the road as I held his hand to play with him while waiting for the traffic lights across from Cold Storage. Then he let out a "ehhh!" with his hand stretching outwards. I turned around and found that it was time to cross - did my kid just alert me to the traffic lights?!

And just now on the way home, he clapped his hands when I started singing "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!" I'm very happy too! :)

Anyway, it's ZK's birthday next week. So fast! He's becoming a toddler, baby no more!

Monday, 1 July 2013

With the husband

Sito just came home! It's considered early! Yeah! :)

With Sito usually overseas and/or working late on weekdays, we don't get a lot of time to chat. By the time I finish housework and relax in front of the laptop, and by the time Sito finishes work, I'm almost ready for bed. I get super sleepy on some days. Sometimes, I would turn in by 11 pm or even earlier. During weekends, we're usually busy with ZK. So the only time we have is at night when ZK is sleeping.

We would chat about stuff, a lot about ZK, and sometimes do funny things, like mimick ZK's cries, his blur look, his cute look, his actions etc. Somehow we love mimicking him :) Sito does a good job especially, so I get doubly cutified by both big and small boys!

Or we would plank! Sometimes, either of us would suddenly plank on our side, and the other would follow suit! But I often fall off cos I cannot balance well *.*

Ok, he's just done showering. Gonna log off to laze around with him :)
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