Friday, 12 July 2013

Happy birthday, our dear ZK! :)

ZK turns one today! :)

And it's also been 365 days since I've had a long continuous sleep! :p

We celebrated his birthday today. Nothing major, just a cosy family gathering with lots of fun and laughter. I took half day off as I wanted to bring him to Happy Willow but he woke from his afternoon nap at almost 4 pm and we had to be at Mum's place at 5 plus so we just played at home. He is so happy when he is well rested :) We had a fun time at home today before we set off for his birthday do.

BiaoJiu KS and BiaoJiu SH were already at Mum's place by the time we got there. ZK kept staring at SH - who's this person I've never met? :p But not for long cos he had a lot of things to occupy him..

Present from GuGu - toy car that talks and teaches shapes and numbers.

Present from YeePo - wooden blocks of various shapes and sizes, and even sounds!

He ended up trying to put the wooden blocks into the car cavity *.*

And Papa left work very early to make it for this segment of ZK's birthday celebration. He handed him his birthday angbao on which I wrote 震铠一岁了!爸妈爱爱你哟!

And besides money, there's a library card with his name!

Angbao from the grandparents:

Next up - first shoes by GuGu! Traditions dictate that the gugu must put on his first shoes for him on his first birthday. Or something like that. And the shoes must go on the wrong side first before being corrected! This is GuGu putting on the shoes wrongly.

And when the shoes were put right, ZK didn't seem very impressed *.*

"I'm grunting!"

Then, Mum lined up some items for him to pick from - an indication of what he'll be! ZK crawled forward tentatively...

Pulled the drumstick out and escaped the crime scene!!

Wa liao, this boy really likes to eat AND can recognise food lor! *.*

We had him do it again, and he went for the Chinese seal - eh, 你要学爸妈一样当官啊?:p

Dinner was at Canton Paradise at Star Vista. ZK had some carrot cake, steamed chicken, steamed fish, tofu and even broccoli and yee fu noodles, interspersed with Gerber puffs when he refused our food. After the dessert, I went to collect his birthday cake - mango froyo cake! :)

We stooped a bit to be nearer to the cake.

Then Mum helped us hold the cake up instead. And this is the only cake shot with ZK looking into the camera!

After 生日快乐歌,we blew out the candle for him! Note the different ways Sito and I blew out the candle? :p

ZK making the first cut :)

The boys are having fun while the women toiled, sighs... :p

He had his cake and ate it too! Yum yum!

Oh yes, the mange slice on top was all frozen. It's now back in our freezer. Maybe tomorrow? :p

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