Monday, 15 July 2013

Bye bye, milk milk factory...

I was very sad this morning.

ZK woke at 5.30 am and nursed for a short while in his bed. We rolled around in his room for a while before we went out to the living room. And he got very unhappy and whiny until I gave him a small bottle. After all, he had some milk from me already. But he was still not satisfied and moped around unhappily.

Poor boy, he must have not drunk much from me. So I carried him to the sofa and offered my milk again. And I came to a decision - that that was the last time he was breastfed.

I was very sad when I told him that. I didn't know if he understood. Then I realised I was on the sofa where I used to nurse him a lot in the early days. I became even more sad.

I took a couple of photos of him - he's now too big too fit into the picture frame from that short distance - and settled into simply watching him enjoy his food. He seemed so satisfied there. And calm. I was very content and happy watching him, but very sad that it would be the last time we were this close.

Every day, he got further and further from me. First, he was in my belly and connected to me via his umbilical cord. Then, he came out and depended on me for food and comfort. From tomorrow, he will depend on me for only things that he can eventually do for himself.

Yet another reminder to myself - that we brought him to the world only for him to leave us, and it's the natural thing to happen.

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  1. i feel sad reading this too......but its true, bring them to the world and only to leave us.....sad but true.....

    the nursing part makes me tear too, oh well, i m getting more emo lately


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