Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Happy pictures

I was uploading photos and found some random ones which made me happy:

1) Sito and I had a very sumptuous and healthy supper while watching a movie :)

2) The principal at ZK's IFC left, and she prepared parting gifts for everyone. This is was ZK's - so cute I claimed it for myself wahahaha!

3) At my last trip to TCM, I suddenly realised that that block was right across from my school! I had lunch at the coffee shop there before! I could only peer in through the gates - the assembly ground had become a basketball court, which could still be used for assembly I suppose.. Well, things do change.. And I can't say I enjoyed secondary school very much, although the Guides' Den held wonderful memories.. Still, I was quite happy at discovering my school albeit only from the outside.

4) Two weekends ago, I thought the hills looked alive! So green and clear! This picture does them no justice at all..

5) We were waiting for the lift when I bent over to interact with ZK, and I happened to turn and saw this. Wow, my little one sees beautiful things.. Again, picture quality sucks. Nonetheless, for him when he's older, in case he isn't aware now..

Update the next day...

Same spot, but from my height :)

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