Friday, 5 July 2013

Zombified, clumsified, pestified

I fell asleep last night before 10 pm. I was so tired I didn't even hear Sito coming back. When ZK woke me near midnight, it turned out that I just had my longest stretch of sleep last night - he kept stirring and waking every hour or so after that :( I would be lying next to him for up to an hour and five minutes after I got back to my bed, he woke again!! Sighs, I should be thankful he promptly keeled over and slept every time.. It's been almost a week of hellish nights. Hope this phase passes quickly...

Poor ZK is sporting a bruise on his forehead now, the result of CRAWLING INTO A WALL at IFC yesterday. Apparently, he was crawling very fast without looking where he was going! I could just imagine it - he's always pushing his head somewhere, including against his bedroom wall *.*

But I shouldn't be too surprised. Today, I was walking upstairs when I missed my footing and fell. Yes, while walking UPstairs and at the second step *.*

Clumsiness, it cannot be cured! :p

I kind of just woke after dozing off while writing the above *.* So tired.. And there's a small puddle of water on the bay window that is begging me to wipe it up - I left ZK's highchair to dry on the bay window after washing it in the bathroom just now. Why? Cos I found a lizard partying in the highchair!!

It dashed about crazily when I lifted the tray, and finally disappeared behind the highchair. Thankfully, ZK happened to be having bread for dinner tonight - teacher bribed him with a bit of wassant cos he refused to get into his stroller so I took him to Provence for more wassant - so I just plonked him on the floor to finish up. Time to get the ultrasonic electro-magnetic pest control thing - has anyone tried?

Anyway, I'm trying to ignore the puddle of water. Should really sleep now... Goodness knows when ZK will stir again!!

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