Monday, 8 July 2013

Emo and conflicted

I wanted to write this last week but I was too tired...

Yes, I was feeling quite emo and conflicted.

Emo cos I realised Formalin-kun was removed from me while I was unconscious. I didn't deliver it. I didn't even see it. There seemed to be no closure.

Conflicted cos after feeling emo, I looked at ZK and was glad that he could have our 100% attention for a while longer.

I asked Sito, if we'd had Angel Baby back in 2011, would we have ZK? I already knew the answer to be no.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself, that I have to look at what we have and be grateful. And I must also remember, all three babies are ours - two are not ours to raise and hold but they are still ours, and we are fortunate to have crossed paths in our life.

"袖ふり合うも、他生の縁" - Even a chance acquaintance is preordained.

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