Monday, 1 July 2013

With the husband

Sito just came home! It's considered early! Yeah! :)

With Sito usually overseas and/or working late on weekdays, we don't get a lot of time to chat. By the time I finish housework and relax in front of the laptop, and by the time Sito finishes work, I'm almost ready for bed. I get super sleepy on some days. Sometimes, I would turn in by 11 pm or even earlier. During weekends, we're usually busy with ZK. So the only time we have is at night when ZK is sleeping.

We would chat about stuff, a lot about ZK, and sometimes do funny things, like mimick ZK's cries, his blur look, his cute look, his actions etc. Somehow we love mimicking him :) Sito does a good job especially, so I get doubly cutified by both big and small boys!

Or we would plank! Sometimes, either of us would suddenly plank on our side, and the other would follow suit! But I often fall off cos I cannot balance well *.*

Ok, he's just done showering. Gonna log off to laze around with him :)

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