Wednesday, 9 November 2016


We celebrated Yu's full month on Sunday :) Went to Peach Garden at Metropolis, same as for Yang; we went to the one at OCBC for Kai :p And Yu slept through most of his lunch, stirring here and there for milk.

Parents are outnumbered!

Went to Mum's place after lunch and look at what we found there!

1) The same setup as for Yang on the sofa

2) The same bouncer used by his brothers

We reminded Yang that he once leaked poop while on the bouncer - he laughed :p Kai also loves stories of how he used to poop and pee anyhow - boys *.* Yang also immediately identified the toy as a giraffe - honestly, I'd always thought it was a horse, oops...

So Yu became ever more alert in the past couple of weeks. In fact, he seems to be as needy as Kai was - have to carry him and hard to put him down to sleep. I foresee hours and hours of baby slinging on the way!

One morning when Yang wiggled until he was right next to Papa

Since Tuesday, I've been trying to put Yu to sleep on Kai's bed in the evening. The idea is to switch him and Yang over when it is time for Yang to go to bed so that Yu can sleep through the whole shower din in our room. But he kept waking up during dinner time anyway with all the talking and shuffling of chairs and throwing of toys... Then he will take another two hours at least, before he can be settled in bed, which means sore arms for both parents or sore nipples for me, or more likely, both...

Since Yu is so good at 玩-ing his parents with his non-sleeping antics, we must also 玩 him!

Reenacting one of our fave poses - on the sofa corner!

Floating baby?

Papa-induced smile!

More fun going forward! Oh, I had my last tingkat lunch today. Time to head out! More fun indeed, yeah! :)

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