Friday, 27 February 2015

Sweet breastmilk

Breastmilk is sweet. I know because I've tasted it! In the past couple of weeks, I have been dabbing my lips with breastmilk that leak as I hand-express. It does wonders on my dry and chapped lips! My lips still dry out and peel off but they look so much better than before.

Back during ZK's time, I even drank my own breastmilk when ZK didn't finish - he must have been ill or something. Or I left the milk in the fridge for a little too long. I added that to Milo though, so I didn't actually taste it.

Another use I discovered this time - as a moisturiser for ZY's rashes. His eczema came back after I stopped the steroid cream. While waiting for a moisturiser to arrive from Amazon, I rubbed breastmilk on his rashes. Now coupled with the moisturiser, I thought parts of his rashes feel smoother though they still look red.

I'm still pumping twice in office and usually hand-express after ZY's night feed. But last night, he didn't have a night feed!

When he stirred, I patted him back to sleep since it wasn't his usual milk time yet. I dozed off next to him. When I woke, it was past his usual milk time! I kept patting him back to sleep whenever he stirred. He eventually had milk near 6 am :) I pumped while nursing and yielded 100 ml, woot!

My yield in office has dropped quite a bit now. Since last Monday, before LNY, I started him on formula twice a day in school. I don't have enough breastmilk to bring to school anymore.

And so it has begun, my baby's first step away from me has happened!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

LNY weekend

The LNY weekend was over in a flash. It has been fun but tiring cos it's after all, full-time child care!

For the Sitos, LNY started on the eve when we went over to Mum's place for reunion dinner, and brought along mandarin oranges too as they were off to Malacca the next morning. Mum prepared steamboat this year - we like steamboat :) But ZK was testing boundaries with his beehoon and the floor so there were tears. I was surprised that he offered a "sorry, Mama" though. We brought back a lot of food left over from dinner.

It seemed not so long ago that we had to stock up food over the LNY holidays cos the markets were closed and the shops took a break. Now that not everything is closed, we still have the habit of stocking up for at least the first couple of days - just in case! :p Mum gave us food; Mother made kuey; I bought flour in preparation for unrealised baking needs!

This year, Mother asked whether we wanted to go over for a meal too. I thought about that before but it's just too much trouble to go over for dinner on the eve of the eve, what with rushing from work and with two kids. Perhaps when the kids are bigger, or when Sito and I both decide to take leave. I should like to have those to-kill-for spring rolls one day!

Anyway, the eve ended nicely - even ZY did not cry at shower time despite having been awake for a long while, as if he knew it was LNY and time to keep awake! He woke late the next morning. I waited for him to wake before bringing out the hongbao for the kids.

I want!

What's inside?

I want to 买 biscuits!

I remember how I put ZK's first LNY hongbao under a bolster or pillow on his bed for him to find. But this ZY still cannot flip so he isn't going all over the bed yet. Oh well, I just handed the red packets to their welcoming hands.

A family shot at the level two lift landing - the boys in collared shirts while Mama wore checks like the kids

We drove to Mother's place, where ZK discovered various goodies on the coffee table. That was also where he started getting hungry all the time *.*

At Dua Gu's place, I suddenly found ZK looking around

And ZK fell asleep on the way

Eventually went over to Ah Yee's place where the steamboat was almost all set up! We started the ball rolling as ZK woke, hungry of course! Later, he also had a field day at the coffee table which was filled with LNY goodies... This year, ZK was old enough to roam around on his own and socialise with people. We didn't need to watch him much, nice :)

The cousins and the second cousins! :)

Source: Yan

We had lo hei using ham instead of yusheng! I let ZK stand on a stool at the table with a pair of chopsticks in his hands. When we started tossing, he must be feeling bewildered - what the?!!

Remembering our leftover reunion dinner food, we left shortly after the lo hei. ZK wanted to play a little at the playground downstairs so we let him. The cousins were playing there a long time ago :)

I don't want to come down and end playground time!

ZK surprisingly dozed off while watching videos on our bed, before ZY fell asleep! But we spent a horrid night cos ZY didn't sleep well. After many attempts, I decided to let him cry. But ZK woke and told us that Didi was crying.. Ah well, time to do work! :(

But we still managed to get to Vivocity early the next day! Took the express train to go along the outdoor promenade.


Curious baby :)

Is that a boat??


We went to do some grocery shopping after lunch. Both kids fell asleep on the way home! Later in the evening, Sito brought ZK down to the playground and ZK came back with a baluku *.*

Raised about 5 mm :(

Sito abandoned us to go out with his boys for dinner after helping to settle the kids' dinner. He redeemed himself by singing a song for me :) There was a video to prove it! But it was too large a file to send over so let's listen to the original:

Needless to say, I was very touched - the first song he sang for me!! That was waaaay better than peonies, Sito dear :)

We didn't do anything in particular on Saturday. By the afternoon, I was so tired I took a nap - full-time child care is tiring! We brought ZK to a playground again - the one at Paragon. It was full of monkeys!! *.* But it occupied him for while before we went to Taka to buy his expensive dried blueberries and get dinner.

Sunday was another visiting day. We went to Mum's place as usual before visiting my old boss - so many children! Think there were all 11 of them, aged seven months to 12 years. We watched ZK whine in front of an older boy, fight a littler girl and lose, approach strangers to tell them about his biscuits and told the host that his biscuit was "not for you"!

I think the whole LNY feel ended on a high note on Monday. The team at work had a big lunch at Swatow at Toa Payoh, with yusheng and so much food that it was like a wedding dinner! Then in the evening, I went to JK's wedding dinner - congrats!! - at Peony Jade at Clarke Quay, with yusheng as the started and sticky rice cake for dessert! It was also great to see the old TGPS group again :)

And now, it's 人日 - no yusheng today but I think I've had enough this year! Oh wait, I have a work event this Saturday that starts with yusheng *.* Oh well!! I'll be sure to reduce the amount of oil added!!!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Happy goat year!

On the eve of the Lunar new Year, ZK wore a shirt originally meant for Racial Harmony Day laat year - needed something for show cos he could not say 恭喜发财 yet... Or he refused to! And ZY decided to eat the Xiao Meh Meh - it's 扬扬吃羊羊过羊年 hoho!

I realised with a jolt that although I'm only 35 in the gregorian calendar, I just turned 37 in the lunar calendar - that's a tad too close to 40, hmmm... But nvm, I still feel like 25 - in mind la, cos the physical is definitely way past that.. No prize for guessing what who causes the ageing!

Parallel play time!


It's ok, I hug you...

I can't figure out ZY's expression...

Handsome boy pushing cute boy around in the bicycle

It's amazing how just two years ago, ZK could just about hold his weight on his legs. Look at him now! And it's his younger brother's turn now. For this LNY, I wish that these two little boys will grow strong and close - love them both!

Friday, 13 February 2015

My funny valentine

These days, our days are filled with joy largely because our ZY is so so cute and our ZK says and does the darnest things. But I must not forget the person who helped bring them into our life - my husband, who says and does the darnest things too..

Think we were discussing about food one night, and..

Sito: 我是 consultant,我不用看到都知道是对的!


We were washing up the kids one Sunday and for some reason, we started talking poo poo, and this came to mind:

Shit's always on your mind
From the time you wake up,
Till you close your eyes.
Shit's everywhere you go
Shit's all you know...

Sito: That's right!


And then there's the issue of the standing avocado... I left an avocado on the dining table to ripen. He came into the room and mimicked the avocado..

The avocado is standing like this...

(And I think he came in to tell me that in the midst of cooking supper - check out the instant mee block in his hand!)


So we're planning to head down to Chinatown tomorrow night.

Sito: It's LNY and Valentine's Day outing!
mf: Oh ya hor! Haha!
Sito: Instead of roses, I may get you a peony!

Huh? 哪里来的?Haha!

It's a weekend to look forward to :)

Update 15 Feb 2015

So we didn't come across any peony last night. On the way home, though...

Sito: I'll go buy rice tomorrow..
mf: ...
Sito: 金牡丹 rice!
mf: Nooooo!
Sito: *relentless* And I'll cut out the peony on the package...!

PS: We finally came across some fake peony at Chinatown Point this evening but no, thanks!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Big boy ZK

I've been busy and neglecting to tell the story of my ZK. He's still quite the handful but as he picks up more words, I think he's finding it easier to express himself and on our end, it's so amazing to be able to understand what he wants! (When he's not just whining!)

He has been watching videos of Kinder eggs being opened, and learning about eggs and colours and things being hidden in other things.

Mama, I draw egg!

When he shows some learning, I don't feel too guilty about letting him watch videos!! Example: Something happened to me - I forgot what, and...

ZK: Are you ok?
Mama: No..
ZK: You want (to) call doctor?
Mama: Yes, please..

And a little hand went to an ear in a phone gesture!

Mama: What did the doctor say?
ZK: ....

Think he found it wrong to say that the doctor said "no monkeys jumping on the bed"!!

But besides repeating sentences from songs and stories, he has shown that he can string things together. Today, he told Mum that he "forget to bring something for dog" and that he (will) "bring something for dog". What's something? Something :p

Mama draws other stuff

I was trying to teach time - days of the week so that he knows when I need to work and can't sit with him at bedtime, and critical hours of the day when he can be difficult to deal with, e.g. he tends to wake too early and sleep too late. I'm still sitting with him at bedtime *.* Late January, he suddenly wanted me to pat pat him to sleep. Thankfully he soon forgot about it :p Oh, and he finally saw the moon and stars for himself last Saturday when we got home later than usual :)

But there's some success with the hours of the day. I was hoping to match my drawings to the real clock instead of using the cardboard clock from Popular, which he broke on its first day home... But now, it is "six o'clock" all the time, I wonder why...

A father's love

So Sito went to Japan for a work trip and came back with goodies for ZK! None for ZY unfortunately cos he's too young and will get to share later anyway! :p I didn't know it when I took the photo before Sito woke up but the Eeyore is for me :)

The 400 yen rail and track set!

It's only been a week and the tracks are all broken and throw away *.* Even the train engine is falling apart *.* There's a reason for the price... See the yellow thing? It's Hiyoko-chan from the Cupnoodles Museum in Yokohama. It's more expensive than the track set and still surviving ZK's rough love.

ZK brought some school work home. There were this cup and straw set which baffled me until ZK demonstrated it - he blew the cup down with the straw!

Yesterday, we went to Polliwogs at Vivocity with Yan and family - how fun! Forgot to take pictures with Yan though, argh! Wait for LNY..

I'm in the BIG ball pit now!

Even I am in a ball pit

We went there two Decembers ago and ZK was still small and needed constant supervision. This time, we could just relax one corner while ZK jostled with the other kids! But ZK came out looking for Papa so Papa stayed with him inside while Yan and I sat outside chatting. Oh, we all tried the slides - yes, all, including the adults and I brought ZY with me on my lap! We found the slides rather fast but the kids were having fun - maybe weight lends more momentum...

Went to the Baby Spa since we were at Vivocity. And it was such a fruitful trip cos we managed to cut both kids' hair - just in time for LNY! :)

Happy while Didi swam / enjoyed jacuzzi

Big boy haircut - no longer botak!

What a success, considering that he was bawling his eyes out the past few haircuts! Actually, he said he wanted a haircut at Toys R Us cos of the fun seat but that was $24! No way! So we went to the $10 place next to Baby Spa but there was a long queue.

We thought that was it cos the Baby Spa no longer had a fun seat. But when we were about to leave, he suddenly said he wanted a haircut! So quickly, we did it. It helped that it was the lady who gave him his first full haircut more than two years ago. We thought that subconsciously, he might have remembered her.. ZY, of course, was a good boy during his haircut, whining a little only at the end.

ZK took some photos of us this morning - he's showing marked improvements! Better hand-eye coordination now!

ZY happened to be smiling too! Can you see that his hair is shorter now?

Love this shot - my ZK is a budding photographer? Hoho!

"Say 'cheeeese'!" says ZK and so we did!

Oh and potty training! ZK finally did a poo poo in the toilet on 29 January! I was squatting at the door while he did it and I watched the poo drop into the water haha! So proud of him! He did it a couple more times after that. Now we need to go for consistency...

On 30 January, after he was dry for many nights, I decided to put him in his underwear at night. At 1 plus, I heard some sounds from his room. When I went in, he wasn't really crying but he was whimpering - he said "wet" when he saw me. We were reading a short story about a monkey wetting his bed and how it was ok. So I reminded him of that and he was alright :)

But one thing I really don't like about potty training is potty training outside. Last Saturday, we were meeting YX and friends at Botanic Gardens when he needed to go. We went to the toilet for the handicapped (seriously, is there a better name?? Big toilet?? Family toilet!) where I wiped the seat like crazy before removing his pants and diaper - yes, the dude had to remove them all! And the floor was all wet! And after he was done and washed his hands, I whipped out a thick wet wipe to wipe his arms where he couldn't wash properly. Sweat!

By yesterday, however, he was happy to leave his pants at his ankles - 跟妈妈一样 :) Oh yes, I go in front of him to show him sometimes. But still gross - his pants touched the toilet seat instead! Argh, sucks either way la..

Sito was helped ZK with his pants and plonked him on the seat, holding him by his armpits so he didn't fall down into the big toilet bowl. Then the pants went up and he stepped onto the toilet seat cover to flush. Again, the wet wipe after washing hands. But he couldn't do all that on his own when ZK wanted to go again after Polliwogs and I was still removing my socks. So ZK stood to pee in the gents'! He just pressed on the area above his wee wee and no miss! Phew! If his pants got wet, he would have to go around in only diapers!

Now both kids are blissfully asleep - blissful for both them and me! Finally having some me time.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

The one who looks like me

Or I should say, I look like him? Seriously, check out these two photos:

Like ZY smiling

Like ZY expressionless

(while he looks bewildered and/or funny!)

My littler one turns seven months suddenly. He still cannot flip around but he can sit pretty well. A couple of times when he sprawled forward, he looked like he was going to crawl!

10 January - facing outwards finally

And he started eating his feet - so yummy...

Mum took out the baby chair for ZY - on the floor for now

So a whole month ago - gosh I haven't updated on ZY for a while! - I gave him food to hold and try. He had a slice of apple, the taste of which he seemed to like though of course he couldn't get a real bite out of it. And then he had some broccoli too - that didn't go down as well!

I prefer fruits to vegetables...

My baby is also a bag guardian :)

I love his red pyjamas - he looks so smart and cute plus he's extra soft and cuddly too! :) But he's going to outgrow them in no time. I had to keep some PJs and take out the bigger ones last month for this fast growing boy. It was fun doing that too, cos I piled the clothes on the bed in front of him!

Clothes pool is fun!

How do I look in this hat?

I bought and kept an avocado for a week plus before it ripened. Had I known it would take this long to ripen, I would have waited for the following week when I had time to go to the NTUC near my workplace to buy instead of getting it at Cold Storage downstairs - the price difference was staggering! So sad the NTUC near home doesn't have as much varieties of fruits and vegetables. The worst part? He didn't show much love for it *.*

It's pretty ... meh?

But I look cute enough to eat!

Mama loves the way my hair stands out in all directions

ZY's hair reminds me of pictures of little boys in my childhood - can't remember who drew them though, probably me? - who all had hair poking out of their head :p

ZY has a 可怜 face, awww...

The day Sito started on his new job started in cute way :)

And then he was off to Japan for a week and missed out on so much cuteness..

Tell me I'm not cute!!

And there's this brotherly love

He came back late last Friday night after ZK wetted his bed - that's a story for another day - so we were all awake for a while. Even ZY woke for milk. So there we were, eyes wide open in the kitchen at two plus in the morning. ZK wanted Sito's instant noodles so we let him try a little without the soup. It was spicy but he wanted more! I told him that he shouldn't eat so much at night or he would get nightmares.. And ZY gave me a look...

What nonsense are you talking about, Mama??

When ZY was born, he had two red lines behind his knees. But in the past few weeks, while the left side was all clear, the right side had gone from a line to a patch. There was also redness on his neck under his chin. We suspected eczema and bought some moisturising cream for him from a pharmacy. But eventually, we brought him to a dermatologist last Saturday.

Kissing my baby in the car while trying to distract him with the selfie mirror

The doctor gave him a mild steroid cream. I also bought expensive shower gel for him... A week on, the only redness left is on his neck and behind his right ear.

This week, one month after starting solids, I started him on dinner. He can eat a lot better now. He even finished up the sample bottle of carrot puree these two days! I'm looking forward to feeding him stuff beyond the usual cereals now :)

Love having an extra bowl to smear with carrot!

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