Thursday, 29 December 2011

End of year musings, and food, mostly food

I thought I was 30. But no, I'm already 31, and only a few days shy of 32.

I realise that time doesn't care about anyone, much less me. I could be very busy like around 2008, and time flies. I could have done nothing like this year, and time flies too.


The only significance of what I've done can only be felt by those close to me. And I suppose that's enough - enough for me to feel happy with my n decades of life despite the indifferent passage of time...

Yada yada... So the above is the obligatory reflections for 2011.. Which I've kind of done this whole year through mf-ism right? :) I'm in a happy mood so, moving on!

Here's a recap of recent activities.. All about food :)

We had a potluck dinner on Christmas eve - a gathering of nine from five different countries!

Our dinner, sans soup and cake :) That's my baked pasta right there between the bread!

Now going about a week back.. I was craving for some Singaporean noodles right.. But we didn't have kway teow and couldn't use the Prime Taste char kway teow pack. So I made my version of mee goreng! Using egg noodles :)

Then one day, Sito was out with a friend so I had an idea to make okonomiyaki! The original recipe is a lot more complicated but well, as the name suggests, it's anything I like right? :p (Btw, this was taken on the frying pan - not fully cooked yet!)

And after a trip to the Korean supermarket, I realised that my freezer couldn't take everything... So I must get rid of a packet of noodles.. Solution? Mee rubus :) Using Prima Taste la.. And red chillis instead of green chillis :p

And on Tuesday, we decided to go to Chinatown for dim sum - it wasn't fantastic, but it was something familiar.. But the best part of the trip was getting our hands on a pack of chee cheong fun! The next day, we steamed the rolls, cut them up and tossed them in some oil, soy sauce and hoisin sauce! Sito's idea :) And we conveniently have a huge bottle of sesame seeds and frozen spring onions :) It was VERY good :)

And yesterday, I decided that I was getting dehydrated (more on that later) and so I must have porridge. But Sito doesn't like porridge so I call it "the humour-mf congee" :p It was good ok!

And tonight, we just had char kway teow :) Besides the chee cheong fun, we also found kway teow :) But it got mashed up pretty bad in the dish :p We even bought 220g of bean sprouts on the way home this afternoon - for US$1.50!!

Not sure what we're doing for new year. Maybe just nua at home. Maybe we'll hang out with friends. See how. I'm all for nua-ing though hoho! Anyway, I'm in the mood to cook so I'll probably be back with more food pictures :)

Have a good start to 2012 everyone! :)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

mf's teh challenge

I lived right above a coffee shop for more than 20 years. Yet it wasn't until 2006 that I learnt about the different ways to order coffee and tea at a coffee shop. See this post and item 3 at the end of this post.

In the past two or three weeks, I was thinking about milk tea. Here are my past attempts before today..

Steep a Lipton tea bag in just-boiled water. Add sugar and milk.
Verdict: 3/10 = fail!

Teh halia 1
Boil grated ginger in a cup of water for 10 min. Steep a Lipton tea bag in the ginger water. Add sugar and milk.
Verdict: 1/10 = fail!

Teh halia 1
Steep a Lipton tea bag in just-boiled water. Add milk and instant ginger and honey mix.
Verdict: 4/10 = still fail!

I think it's because those teh's I made were all angmoh teh - I used breakfast milk instead of condensed milk! I need to get condensed milk!!

So fast forward to today... This afternoon, a few of us went to the Korean supermarket to buy food for the party this Saturday. Besides groceries, I also bought some Korean fried chicken and decided to make nasi lemak for dinner.

(Wait, I'll get to the teh..)

Very yummy - garlic chicken and sweet and spicy chicken! $18.77 for 14 pieces!

And the resulting dish :) Got little charred bits in the rice :) And got curry vege leh! Made using tikka masala paste though, haha! And wonbok instead of cabbage :p

So, it occurred to me that I should have some teh to go with the nasi lemak! *brilliant*

But! I have also brilliantly forgot to buy condensed milk!! Argh!! So I googled and found ways to make condensed milk! :) But! Most recipes require milk powder which I don't have. The one recipe that uses breakfast milk takes too long to boil it down.

But :) I also realised something - if condensed milk can be made from boiling down milk, and we add that back to a cup of teh, then I could just steep tea in milk la! *BRILLIANT!*

So I poured a cup of milk into a pot and when it got hot, I dumped the Lipton tea bag inside. I thought to steep it longer since I couldn't and shouldn't bring the milk to a rolling boil. And here's the wonderful result :)

Verdict: 8/10 = pass!! :)

Well, it's more 茶奶 than 奶茶 :p But after a while, the colour got darker and the taste got stronger. Then I realised that it wasn't teh. No, it was teh-C! :)

Ok, to be honest, I've not had teh-C at a coffee shop so I don't know if it tastes exactly like teh-C but I think it's like the Lipton tea with evaporated milk and sugar that Mother used to make every time we had fried rice! (And sidetrack - we also had fried rice and tea on National Day cos we wanted to watch the parade and the usual dinner would take too much time to prepare and clean up!)

So now I've found a teh I can make here. Will experiment and see if I can make teh halia :) But I think I'll use 2/3 milk and 1/3 water the next time - it was such a filling drink!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

I don't stress over gifts

I'm feeling slightly guilty about lying in bed on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when I'm feeling well and alive. So I decided to move away from googling Sg food to reading WSJ. And an article caught my attention - Is it irrational to give holiday gifts?

Think I wrote about giving gifts before. Anyway with Christmas coming up soon, I'm seeing a lot of sales in town and online, people carrying bags of presents, and hearing of people getting stressed over holiday gifting.

This last part, I really don't understand. Stressed over buying presents? Should giving be a joy?? This really defies the purpose of gifting. I never know what to buy so I shan't even begin to think about buying presents! Naturally I don't expect presents too.

But I must say sometimes I feel guilty for not bothering with presents. Or even cards. Like today we got a really lovely card from our friends and neighbours. It's so sweet of them! I sent them a note on Facebook to thank them and set up a date for tea.

Another thing in the mail was a parcel containing my double order of Sophie the Giraffe! (And a computer game for Sito..) I really like this baby toy and apparently babies like it too so I got them for two friends who will probably have their baby showers soon. I had earlier bought two for two other friends. I guess this is partly practical and partly paternalistic gifting? It's quite expensive in Sg so I think I'll buy more to bring back to Sg for friends who give birth in the next two years hoho! Oh, and standby one for ourselves!

Friday, 16 December 2011

I'm very free

I'm quite sick of seeing foreign newspapers calling Singapore a "tightly controlled city state".

All these years of living in Sg, I've only felt "tightly controlled" by Mother when I was younger. By country? No! I'm free to do whatever I want!

(Please don't give me nonsense like we cannot have protests or strikes etc. I appreciate a peaceful life.)

There is a concept in Montessori education - freedom within limits. Simply put, a child is free to do anything as long as he's not hurting/disrespecting/disturbing etc himself or others. It's believed that left on his own among good people and a conducive environment, a child will naturally be constructive and happy to learn and help others etc. If there's a disturbance in his environment, he can also (learn to) help himself and others.

Unfortunately, all I can see in our society, from online at least, is that people only know how to complain and point fingers instead of giving constructive feedback.

Anyway, this stems from reading various reports on the north-south line MRT breakdown on Thursday. Public transport is close to my heart cos I don't drive. It's such a terrible incident, exposing plenty of shortcomings in the system - contingency planning, communications and even basic safety. Everyone was scolding the authorities and calling for the resignation of the top guy. Woman in this case.

But the most important thing is to find out the cause and fix things to prevent future incidents instead of assigning blame! I always find it ridiculous for the top guy to quit upon disasters because hey, shouldn't he take responsibility and fix things? Letting him quit is like relieving him of the difficult job and throwing the job to the next poor guy! Sometimes, 解铃还需系铃人! Fix it, then you may quit, because Singaporeans aren't a very forgiving people.

Actually I like taking trains compared to buses, not just in Sg but everywhere, especially in unfamiliar places because train stations are usually marked so I know exactly where to alight. But it's so hard to understand what the driver is talking about. It is usually very muffled and has to fight with the din in the train. In fact sometimes at the station when there's some announcement, it also takes some effort to make out what the chap is saying.

One exception is this particular driver on the CTA red line who speaks loud AND clear. While other drivers are muffled, he knows how to speak properly into the mike. And the bonus is that he's always greeting passengers with a cheerful "good evening good evening good evening!" and once, "may the force be with you" at the final stop! For regular reminders like not leaving anything behind, he jazzes things up with examples of things passengers leve behind, like wallet, phone, burgers and children!

Anyway, specifically for the MRT, I think the ground staff are the most important people in emergencies. First of all, they need to be trained to speak properly. No need for all four official languages - just focus on good and clear English. And while they're at it, upgrade the sound system too. Training the ground staff is just one aspect. Sometimes, waiting for the central authority to tell them what's wrong takes too long. Passengers need immediate reassurance so it's really up to the staff to do something but that depends on the amount of autonomy given to them and ultimately individual initiative.

Ok, vented. Going to do some reading while waiting for Sito to return from golf. With my Jamba Juice :)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

The noodles of my childhood..

Oops, more on food...

Well, in the past few days while I was lying on the sofa unable to do much except browsing with the iPad, I have been reading a lot about food. Singapore food in particular. All because I have a copy of The End of Char Kway Teow in my hands.

The author, the blogger at, was in town in October for Sg Buzz and of course Sito and I went to support. My colleague, actually ex-colleague, asked me to pass the book to someone in Chicago but I haven't got his/her contact yet so I ended up reading the book from cover to cover. And that being not enough, I went to the blog too.

It's actually very torturous - can see, can drool, cannot eat!!

Which leaves me only one activity - write about it lor :)

As I went through the pages of the book and the blog, I couldn't help but remember a few things from my childhood. And coincidentally, they are all noodles..

1) Char kway teow

So we went to find Grams every other Sunday right. After the provision shop closed at lunch, we would go back to the flat. And sometimes the adults would give us money to go buy some afternoon snack. And this was no candy or ice cream ok. Our favourite snack was the char kway teow from the coffeeshop!

The uncle's stall was at the edge of the coffeeshop. The bunch of us kids would hang out on the sidewalk in front of his stall while waiting for the char kway teow. He had this large metal sheet in the shape of 凸 in front of his big wok. I couldn't see or remember very well now but I think he used to break his eggs into the noodles and throw the shells towards the middle of the metal sheet!

I still remember that when playing cooking as a kid, I used this tiny chair with a backing as my wok because it resembled the metal sheet haha!

Anyway, the uncle was very nice to us. I think he must have known us from the provision shop. We used to order some four packets, without clams. I remember this because once he asked us, like that how much? And of course I had to geh kiang and answered first..

mf: $6.30!
Uncle: Wrong!


The char kway teow was soooo good! Each pack was packed very flat in one of those beige wax paper, stacked on top of one another and tied together with red raffia string. I remember holding it too close to my leg and suffer a little burn!

I was still a kid when one day, we found the uncle sitting in the coffeeshop, drinking kopi and not cooking anymore. Cos his son told him to retire. Good for him, not so good for us. And after the coffeeshop underwent renovation or the precinct underwent upgrading, I didn't see him around anymore.

Until today, I still remember his char kway teow - not the exact taste of course, but that it was very very good. Cos of this particular char kway teow, I always have a soft spot for this sinful dish. But I can count on one hand the number of times I had char kway teow in the past 10 years - vain, what to do? Control la!

2) Wantan mee with tiny wantans

When I was very young, in kindergarten or early primary, my paternal grandmother used to buy this wantan mee with tiny wantans when she came to visit. I really liked that! Sticky noodles drenched in tomato sauce in a plastic bag, many mini wantans dancing in the soup in a separate container.

I forgot all about it until one day in my early 20s when I was at a friend's place in the east. We bought some Fei Fei from nearby and the familiar taste whacked me in the face. My grandmother used to stay in that area so maybe that was what I had as a kid!

Haven't had that for some 10 years now. I've been having the Hong Kong style wantan mee or Pontian type in recent years. I just like wantan mee so all these are yummy. And it's easy to make - see! But somehow, I just cannot forget the childhood taste..

3) Fishball noodles

On occasions, we would have lunch at the hawker centre near the AMK library. It must have been after a trip to the library and before we discovered Macs :p

I don't quite remember what it was but it was always mee pok for me and mee kia for the rest. I figure it should be fishball noodles! It was nothing memorable except that that was always a treat cos we didn't get to eat out a lot in those days.

In more recent years, I prefer to have yellow noodles with my fishballs. Somehow it's tastier. Especially with cut chillis!

4) Laksa

Now there was a very good laksa stall at the hawker centre near the market. It was just so good! But later they moved to the other hawker centre near the other market, I think, and I seldom had it again.

When I was in secondary, there was a period of time when I loved to have this laksa yong tau foo at the hawker centre near the library. Must have been after Japanese class or something, cos otherwise I would have had lunch at home.

I still like laksa, but I think I can also count on one hand the number of times I had laksa in the past 10 years... Sinful...

5) Kway chap

Ok, this isn't something I'm craving now. But as a kid, I used to eat a lot of the kway from the kway chap. It wasn't until my mid 20s that I realised that kway chap actually had a lot of ingredients *.* I don't like pork innards but I don't mind having the kway with the soup again :p

6) Maggi mee

Last on the list - maggi mee! We used to have that for lunch quite often. That or yucky macaroni soup. Or worse, fried mee tai mak! Hate that! Anyway, I was just telling Sito that I used to add ketchup to the soup noodles :p Sounds quite gross now but I loved it! Sometimes I added chilli sauce too :p

But I gave up maggi for Myojo after a while. Somehow I prefer Myojo. Later at work, I always had a stock of Nissin cup noodles in my drawer for emergencies. Now we have lots of Sapporo and Nong Shim!

But no more ketchup or chilli sauce in the soup please!

Good day!

I haven’t felt this good for more than a week! And it’s so good that we went out for lunch :)

Sito had a sesame chicken (ABC Chinese food!) lunch special while I had 炸酱面 with what looked like fettucini but wasn’t. His came with 酸辣汤 and I had most of it – yum! We both couldn’t finish so guess what’s for dinner tonight? :)

Just last night I was daydreaming about going to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao in Holland Village. Seriously, I can’t wait to go back to Singapore!

And yesterday evening, all I could think of was glutinous rice. You know the type sold at hawker centres? White sticky rice with steamed peanuts, mushroom bits, fried shallots, and sometimes Chinese sausage bits. I spent a long time ogling at pictures and googling for recipes, and then just now at Whole Foods, I found no glutinous rice, sighs...

But we got another cantaloupe! I just cut one up earlier this week – my very first whole cantaloupe! Like so sua ku :p – and it was so juicy and sweet! I have four pieces of that left in the fridge. Will have them after posting this. Ok, they’re gone! I hope this second one is as sweet and juicy, if not more so! *greedy*

On another note, I’m quite behind in my blogging. Too many unfinished drafts. Maybe later... In the meantime, check out the super long page on Oxford – did that up a couple of weeks ago but I totally forgot to mention it!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


This is usually my favourite month - off-peak at work, relatively quiet office, pretty Xmas lights, festive feelings!

But so far, I've only had one happy day this month - yesterday. It was a really happy afternoon! We walked in the cold for 30 min and chatted about happy things. So happy that I didn't do anything else besides feeling happy for the rest of the day =D (He had to study, bleah!)

Other than yesterday, I'm just ill, especially the weekend. Oh, the weekend was bad! And there was a terrible backache that kept me up almost the entire Saturday night!

I've been having the same lunch since Monday - chicken/pork burrito with hot sauce and vege from Chipotle. I find that it makes me feel better, combined with (forced!) feedings every three hours all the way until I go to bed.

But this evening, I felt sick again, and dozed off on the sofa until Sito came home with dinner. Poor guy, he's been cooking or eating out cos I haven't been able to cook much... And it's exams week!

Ah well, enough complaining, enough venting.. Actually I just wanted to say that we had a very happy afternoon yesterday :) I hope the rest of the month will be happy too!

PS: Give me a white Christmas!!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The rojak man

I was looking at recipes when I suddenly thought of the rojak man who used to park his motorbike right downstairs. It was no common motorbike. It had a big wooden box behind the seat, which opened up into a workspace and contained all the equipment and ingredients for the yummy dish.

It was usually evening time. There was still light but fading. We would be playing or something, and suddenly, "bibo bibo!" And off we ran to the kitchen window, looked down and there he was, the rojak man, in front of his box, ready to make rojak!

We didn't get to have it all the time but sometimes, we got money to go buy a pack or two. And it was really fun!

First, we had to queue with other kids and aunties in the neighbourhood who got there faster. Then, when it was our turn, we gave our order and - this was the fun part - stood right next to the uncle and watch him work.

I still remember his wooden bowl, then at my eye level, which was dark with the sauce from previous orders. In his wooden box were the various ingredients - tau pok, you tiao, cucumber, pineapples, peanuts, sauce, chilli, and I don't know what else!

I loved the sight of the rojak being stirred furiously. I loved hearing the sound of the metal spoon scrapping the sides of the wooden bowl.

Then very suddenly, it was done. The middle-aged uncle would pour the rojak into a plastic drawstring bag, throw in a couple of satay sticks, collect the money and turn his attention to the next customer, while we would run back, very very eager to tuck into the snack of the day!

I think I would like to have some rojak now...

Thursday, 24 November 2011


It's Thanksgiving today. I never thought much about it until the last cooking class when the lady spoke about it before she went on to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal for us. It's a time for families to get together. It's a time to give thanks, as its name suggests.

Indeed, I have much to be thankful for.

It's been a turbulent year, full of happy and joyful thoughts and hopes, full of sad and dark hours, full of friends and growing friendships, and full of uncertainties of what lies ahead. Through the good and bad, we have grown a little.

I had a good conversation with a friend today at the Thanksgiving feast in school. She said she often forgot to live in the present. She also told me that she thought I was the happy-go-lucky sort. The truth is, when I'm careless, I can fall into the dark side, and be pessimistic and generally negative about what the future holds. It's a timely reminder to not worry too much and simply 活在当下 and live every day as it is.

Because every day is a blessing.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The most boring trip ever...

We randomly picked a spot nearby for a short holiday - Milwaukee. We decided not to drive so we took the Metra to Chicago and changed to an Amtrak, which turned out to be really comfortable.

But, gee, it was really boring after the first day!! I think we could have done with one day instead of three *.*

Monday, 21 Nov 2011

We couldn't check in early so we headed to the Harley-Davidson Museum!

Entry was $16 but students get a $4 discount so Sito flashed his student card :) But we spent the $4 on an audio guide, which wasn't terribly useful.. They have free lockers so we could leave bags and coats at the lobby - convenient service.

There's an area full of bikes for visitors to sit on. It's really cool! Check out my husband on a Harley-Davidson!

I picked a 小绵羊 - MUCH easier to get on and off...

We looked through the history of the company. This shows the minutes of the first meeting of the company - got template! (Oops, occupational hazard..)

They also have some interesting advertisements. Look at this - first you date comfortably, then you have a kid and still travel comfortably! (Occupational hazard again? :p)

But the most interesting thing we found was that back then, it was a culture of "everyone has it or is doing it, so should I".

We thought the company flourished through the wars by supplying many of the vehicles. I think this particular model was never used but I thought it was cool :)

Then there were various races - curved slopes, uphill etc. And the racers had to wear shoes with iron soles because they would drag the feet as they turned.

See, Sito became a racer for 10 seconds :p

I like the gas tanks very much. So pretty :)

This customised bike is very pretty too!

Oh, there was a kids' area with leather caps and jackets. Sito couldn't fit into a jacket.

I could! But the jacket was a bit too short :p

There are a few more games and hands-on areas, like in the engine room and test lab area where we customised our own bikes and emailed the picture to ourselves :)

And we went to this restoration area. Outside the gates was this sign :p

This is totally random - one of the two water towers on the grounds was very festive :)

We finally checked into Hampton Inn and Suites. The room was spacious, and we found that they offered hot breakfast, all for $96 a night! Quite happy with this choice. If only they had a fridge in the room..

Anyway, dinner was at the Old German Beer Hall, where Sito had a beer and we shared a giant pretzel and a bratwurst platter. The burtwursts were just boiled; might have been yummier with a bit of browning on the grill...

The pretzel was amazing with cheese topping. And it was huge! I was holding one of the small holes - you know, a pretzel has two small holes and one big one right? Yep, huge pretzel.. Good ending to a good day..

Tuesday, 22 Nov 2011

No photos to show today - we were supposed to go to the Discovery World but figured that we didn't need to spend $16.95 for a science museum. Didn't help that we saw only school kids there hoho!

The Milwaukee Art Museum is just next door but we are not the artsy kind, and we could get into Chicago museums on museum free days so we decided to walk through the city instead.

The day before, we already experienced a bit of the city since our hotel was downtown in West Town. At 8 pm, we met just one single person on the streets. And he said hi and asked us for money *.* We were hoping that it might be better in the day today - more people, more 人气...

And we were sorely disappointed.

We went to the Historic Third Ward - nice buildings, nice streets, nice shops, but there was hardly anyone around. We eventually got to the Milwaukee Public Market - finally, some people! But it was not very big and we left soon...

Then it was East Town. There were more people there but not a lot of things to do. We had chilli at Real Chili - it was quite good except that I regretted going for all beans instead of a mix of beans and spaghetti..

So in lieu of any other thing to do and see, we popped into the shopping centre across from our hotel. And we bought socks for Sito :p I also got a couple of children's books for upcoming birthdays among the kids here. Then we bought a grape Icee - omg, Icee! - and went back to the hotel to watch TV *.*

Dinner was after many episodes of Friends, at the food court in the shopping centre across from us. Lazy to go any further :p Strangely, "Cajun Grill" serves Chinese food... Anyway, it wasn't too bad - we do like angmoh Chinese food haha!

We soon retreated back to the warmth of the hotel. And we decided that we would go back to Evanston the next morning instead of later as planned.

Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011

What a good feeling to be back in Chicago! The many tall buildings, the many people on the streets, the sounds of the cars. Yes, I'm a city girl :)

Sito brought me to the Chicago French Market where he went for dinner often during his internship. It was so nice and so much better than the Milwaukee Public Market! We will go there again :)

So now we're happily home in Evanston. Got ice cream on the way home from the train station. Got our mail and parcel before the lobby closed for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Really, after this trip, we truly appreciate our little town and Chicago! We'll enjoy this place before heading back to an even better city, Singapore!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Happy birthday, Sito! :)

We celebrated Sito's 31st at Morton's last night, like last year except that this year, we went on the exact day and our menu had his name instead of Mr Low!

They gave us a photo of us, and I took a photo of that:

Sito's face wasn't swollen. He just had some bread in his mouth - so cute :)

We're going to Milwaukee next Monday, be eating more!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Depriving kids of candy, among others

A while ago, this topic about how to prevent kids from eating unhealthy food like candy came up in a conversation with two other couples. I don't think Sito and I had talked about this before that but we both disagreed with totally depriving kids of such things.

When I was a kid, the only time I could have candy or sweet drinks was when my paternal grandmother bought Doraemon for me or when I was at Grams' provision shop.

And boy, when I was at the provision shop, did I eat and drink and play with abandon!! Crackers of all sorts in those metre-tall containers, chocolate, sweets, packet drinks, sodas in glass bottles, icicle pops, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic! I wouldn't miss that fortnightly treat for anything!

Then when I was finally able to go out on my own with CY, we would go to KFC after going to the library, again every fortnightly I think, and I would order a large soda on top of yummy fried chicken and fries or mashed potato. The cup looked like a freaking tub!

My bad eating habits continued to adulthood. Sometimes I simply cannot stop myself from eating chocolate or ice cream or nuts, and it can be very scary.. Yes, I'm very lacking in self-discipline in this area... I help myself by choosing dark chocolate so I consume less sugar and buying mostly raw almonds and cashews to avoid excessive oil and salt. Ice cream is trickier... I need Sito to be around to remind me to stop *.*

Sure, it is not good to indulge kids in sweets. But it's not good to deprive them totally too. Otherwise, they would be like me, no sense of self-control once no one can control them! Instead, we should help children make the right choices and eat everything in moderation.

In general, I'm against over-controlling kids. Because I was a very controlled kid. Or perhaps I was too stupid to be defiant. My later display of defiance by overeating is just detrimental to health. Man, I really hated all that controlling when I was a kid! Not just candy, but also whether I could go out, what time I must come home etc.. Yes, I hold a lot of grudges. Yet another reason to not control kids without reason!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Eat and shop and eat again!

As mentioned, our hotpot dinner :)

The potstickers saved Sito from starving as we waited for the stock to boil. After taking the photo, we had the great idea of adding crab sticks to our oden selection :p

Think two of us finished three quarters of that plate...! It was so shiok to have hotpot in this weather!

And I had an idea to start yet another blog today - a food blog!

Nah, I'm not going to start taking photos of food with a mighty DSLR camera, or become yet another food critic. I just want a place to sort out my recipes, currently in quite a mess in my Mac.. If you want to try some of my recipes, check out "mf's eats":

Anyway, the TG this week was the marketing TG.

I wasn't here last year when Sito "bought" loads of snacks, kitchen towels, wet wipes, ziplock bags and washing liquid. Sounds good right? This year, both of us had "money"! But we didn't get a huge variety of stuff. We were only interested in practical stuff like tissue and clorox wipes. So we got those. Lots of those! And toothpaste - now we have five tubes for eight months here!! Got some candies with "loose change".

And since I'm going anti-chronologically... I went for my second cooking class this morning. It was a thanksgiving menu today. Check out my roast chicken, mashed potato, sweet potatoes and apples, bread stuffing and pearl onions! Oh, and the token vege, broccoli :p

Then dessert was pumpkin pie. I was sooooo full I couldn't sit upright, jeans were in the way :p And I didn't even have seconds!

At the class, I felt really inspired to buy a roasting rack. Just found one on Amazon. Going to buy it! :)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Super Marios!

Oh, almost forgot this! Yesterday, I passed by three groups of Super Marios in Chicago. I wanted to talk to the first group but I was rushing to catch a bus. Watched the bus leave from behind in the end, darn!

Anyway, that was a promo for Nintendo's Super Mario 3D Land. "Put put!"

But... Does Super Mario have a tail??!

It snowed!

So happy to see the first snow of this winter!

It arrived earlier than last year - I left for Singapore this day last year and it hadn't started snowing yet.

I was saying that we would have a hotpot dinner on the day of the first snow but Sito just left for an event in school, so we will have our hotpot dinner tomorrow instead :)

Feeling lazy now. There are dishes to be washed but I'm ignoring them.. There is no fresh vege in the fridge but I'm not going to the supermarket when it's so cold. I think I shall go nap for a while :p

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

拈花惹草 - literally

The girls went on an excursion to the Chicago Botanic Garden!

It was a pretty nice drive. At one stretch, we saw nice houses. In fact, "nice" is an understatement. Some of them look like castles!

Lovely fall colours on the way up - preview for the botanic garden?

I have a brown thumb. I'm not a fan of plants. But I took a lot of pictures that day. Things just looked so tranquil, like what greeted us as we walked through the reception:

They even have a bonsai garden! The little sparrow posed for me :)

But the main purpose of this trip was a fibre - well, they spelt it fiber :p - art show where our cooking class teacher was exhibiting an embroidered apron. But this is my fave apron that day:

With the above detours, we missed getting seats for a fashion show showcasing handmade shawls and cardigans and aprons. So we hung around outside the auditorium waiting for the models to walk by - some of them did. But the greatest find was this cute little statue - a little mermaid!

What is the little mermaid looking at? A shell! :)

We left for the outdoors. It was a little cold - by Chicago standards; it's freaking cold by Sg standards! - but it was a beautiful day!

Somehow, I was rather taken with this scene, with bits of bright blue sky peering through the yellow leaves:

And this was fun! I took a quite shot and stepped away - brown thumb, remember? Better not get too close :p But they were trying to capture the pretty flowers for quite a few minutes!

Pretty willow tree, with the sun shining through thousands of tiny gaps:

Pretty and pink! But I had wanted to focus on the brown bit in the middle - see that? It's the underside of a spider! Yucky but I couldn't help it :p

M's sharp eyes caught sight of this - check out the "disco voodoo lily"!

Then we found gigantic pumpkins! 150-200 pounds each!

My Pinky II camera didn't do this scene justice.. It was brighter than this. The geese were taking off from the pond!

Tired and hungry, we headed for lunch at Walker Bros - look at my yummy lunch! Chicken crepe with chipotle sauce, served with potato cakes and two huge servings of applesauce and sour cream!

Four happy girls :)

It was so satisfying....

And shortly after, it was the Asian Food Festival in school. This year, the Singapore stall expanded to include Malaysia and Indonesia, and the food was good and cheap from a Malay auntie in the area! Plenty of other yummy food too but I could hardly eat :( Only pinched a little from Sito's plates.... But managed to da bao some curry puffs and agar agar :)

Then, food again! We were supposed to have dinner with some Singaporeans (and associates!) but we were late due to the school event.. Just as well since we weren't hungry anymore! They were having a BBQ - gotta wear coats to grill the stuff on the balcony! The highlight of the night, however, was me winning a board game, heh heh :p So this guy developed a board game called Dash - not on the market yet but it was quite fun!

These are the game tokens - I played the haughty 红头巾, alongside a Chinese High boy, PCK and I can't remember the other two...

And my favourite picture - guess what the thief has stolen?

Ang ku kueh!!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Ok, posting is quite late cos I just uploaded my photos :)

There was a Halloween do at McManus on Sunday, 30 October. From 6 pm, the kids went trick-or-treating in the building. I could hear giggling from outside :)

Went down at 8 pm to watch the pumpkin carving competition. Didn't stay to the end but I found these in the lounge the next day..

Franky, you look cross :p

This is my favourite!

I got to carry S for the first time! And she was in a bee costume - super cute! And soft at six weeks!

Psst: That was also a feeble attempt at dressing up - as Little Red Riding Hood!! Got "I ♥ Sg" some more *.*

And here's the reason I didn't stay to the end - went up to heat up dinner for Sito, who came home from the fateful interview that gave him a job in Sg. So handsome! So charming! Oh my husband :)

We had wanted to get costumes but he got a call for the Sunday interview so no mood for anything else already. Last year, we didn't do anything too. But we sure had fun!


Stole the head from our friends - presenting, Beauty and the Beast! With the peasants :p

And since I'm posting old photos, these are from 2004!


Ok, less scary - with Na the gypsy, XY the house pet..

.. and Sito the zombie, no less!

But we were just novices playing with makeup compared to this serpent man! Yup, he was holding a snake protruding from a strategic part of his costume!

Did it again in 2005 but I posted - my friends all came with better costumes :)
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