Thursday, 29 December 2011

End of year musings, and food, mostly food

I thought I was 30. But no, I'm already 31, and only a few days shy of 32.

I realise that time doesn't care about anyone, much less me. I could be very busy like around 2008, and time flies. I could have done nothing like this year, and time flies too.


The only significance of what I've done can only be felt by those close to me. And I suppose that's enough - enough for me to feel happy with my n decades of life despite the indifferent passage of time...

Yada yada... So the above is the obligatory reflections for 2011.. Which I've kind of done this whole year through mf-ism right? :) I'm in a happy mood so, moving on!

Here's a recap of recent activities.. All about food :)

We had a potluck dinner on Christmas eve - a gathering of nine from five different countries!

Our dinner, sans soup and cake :) That's my baked pasta right there between the bread!

Now going about a week back.. I was craving for some Singaporean noodles right.. But we didn't have kway teow and couldn't use the Prime Taste char kway teow pack. So I made my version of mee goreng! Using egg noodles :)

Then one day, Sito was out with a friend so I had an idea to make okonomiyaki! The original recipe is a lot more complicated but well, as the name suggests, it's anything I like right? :p (Btw, this was taken on the frying pan - not fully cooked yet!)

And after a trip to the Korean supermarket, I realised that my freezer couldn't take everything... So I must get rid of a packet of noodles.. Solution? Mee rubus :) Using Prima Taste la.. And red chillis instead of green chillis :p

And on Tuesday, we decided to go to Chinatown for dim sum - it wasn't fantastic, but it was something familiar.. But the best part of the trip was getting our hands on a pack of chee cheong fun! The next day, we steamed the rolls, cut them up and tossed them in some oil, soy sauce and hoisin sauce! Sito's idea :) And we conveniently have a huge bottle of sesame seeds and frozen spring onions :) It was VERY good :)

And yesterday, I decided that I was getting dehydrated (more on that later) and so I must have porridge. But Sito doesn't like porridge so I call it "the humour-mf congee" :p It was good ok!

And tonight, we just had char kway teow :) Besides the chee cheong fun, we also found kway teow :) But it got mashed up pretty bad in the dish :p We even bought 220g of bean sprouts on the way home this afternoon - for US$1.50!!

Not sure what we're doing for new year. Maybe just nua at home. Maybe we'll hang out with friends. See how. I'm all for nua-ing though hoho! Anyway, I'm in the mood to cook so I'll probably be back with more food pictures :)

Have a good start to 2012 everyone! :)

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