Saturday, 22 May 2010




Saturday, 8 May 2010

Will there be a day when hawker centres are no more?

We thought of going to Ghim Moh for breakfast today but we only woke when Mother called at 12.30 pm :p

We had bak chor mee and 烧腊饭 to relieve our basic needs, and fried carrot cake to fill our tummy :)

We were seated in front of a char kway teow stall run by an old couple, and we thought of the char kway teow we used to have as kid - his in Lakeview and mine in Braddell - and how the uncle would crack the eggs with one hand and throw the shells over this 凸-shaped thing in front of his wok!

Actually very few youngsters run hawker stalls these days.. We wondered if hawker centres would die off one day.. Or be run by foreign workers!

Hawker stalls can earn quite a bit - just look at the long queues in Amoy! Many stalls start early and end by 3 pm.. But it's tough work, no doubt.. And not glamorous! Guess these don't really attract young people..

The same goes for many other jobs as well, I guess. That's why we have so many foreigners, in F&B, shopping malls, spas.. The alternative is we have less food options, slower service, and *nightmare* no spas! Or, we pay a lot more for having Singaporeans do all these... Give me a foreigner, I don't mind!

But I notice there are varying qualities... Last week, when I was shopping for a swimming cap*, I was served by this girl who was obviously PRC going by her accent but she was using English confidently when talking about the various caps she showed me. I was happy with my purchase :)

* Yes! I went swimming with Sito last Sunday! Shall do again tomorrow if it doesn't rain..

Then just now, the PRC girl selling bubble tea with a local aunty was less impressive.. She was on the phone the whole time and was really loud! But at least she got our orders correct cos the aunty forgot *.* Actually, we were happy with our buys too :p

Anyway, I digress...

On Skype with Na now, a bit distracted so have been typing this for an hour! Even the rain has abated.. It was really scary just now, with the lightning and thunder.. Luckily, Sito is here with me so I don't feel like hiding in bed! Ya, I'm a wuss...
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