about mf

As if the entire blog isn’t already about me...

I’m mf and looking forward to the big FOUR ZERO in a few years' time.

Born and bred in Singapore, I'm a small-town girl with no big dreams to yell about. But I've got enough good fortune to carry me this far.

At 19, I broke free of Mother's apron strings and left for the UK for four years, chasing long-forgotten Greek letters and some numbers. Sometimes, those years seem unreal.

At 29, I found a home finally, with a particularly charming Mr Sito. After almost two years in the US, we are super happy to be back in Singapore, setting up a little family with the addition of little Kai in July 2012 and then little Yang. and finally, little Yu.

I had a full-time job in the public sector until August 2010. That was fun and satisfying at times. It was tiring all the time. When I was doing part-time, I actually missed some aspects of my full-time job. No, certainly not the hours. Now I'm a full-time Mrs Sito and Mama working mother, albeit on maternity leave.

I'm generally a happy person. Or I choose to be happy. I can be melancholy at times. But I can choose to revert to a happier state. Quite quickly.

I love to spend time with people I love - my dear Sito, my dear babies, my dear friends. Chatting about our days and our dreams, laughing with/at each other, discussing trivials, messing around with big issues (example 1, example 2), coo-ing and moo-ing...

I love to cook and bake. Picked it up when I was in the UK. Still honing my skills. But it's just simple home-made fare so that I don't get too fat or poor.

I love to have some time to myself, to write, to read, to watch drama.

I love going on holidays. In particular, I love to go to Japan, to eat, to drink, to play, and to soak in the hotsprings, the seasonal changes and the language. It will now be some time before we can take a holiday..

And I write about anything that pops into my wee brain. Serious or silly, it's all mf-ism.

I think I need to put in a disclaimer:
My ramblings, including those written in ecstatic fervour, whiny self-pity, drunken stupor, hazy hangover or from lack of sleep, do not reflect those of my family, friends and (ex-)employers, unless I explicitly say so, of course...

And a note:
Photos are all mine unless otherwise stated or I'm forgetful :p - just remind me..

PS: I appreciate and read all comments but I may not reply.. Send any query via email instead.

Updated 16 Nov 2016
State: Still moo-ing...


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