Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cooking.. Again..

Just watched Julie & Julia and feeling very inspired to whip up a mega storm in our little kitchen!

I mean, isn't it wonderful to be able to create beautiful and yummy dishes out of the bag of groceries from the morning? And I would LOVE to feed Mr Sito something really nice. Much nicer than what I'm currently feeding him. Maybe not every day but certainly not just once a year.

Even our little reunion dinner was very simple. It was a lot of food, yes. But it was very simple. Simple to prepare. Simple tastes.

I'm looking for something more complex. Not technically complex hopefully but the taste! I want something rich, something to crave for, something to feel guilty about but thoroughly, delightfully enjoyable!

Perhaps the closest I've come to that was the sweet and sour chicken last week. Sito paid me the highest food compliment yet - it was like zi char.

I *heart* my husband :)

Well, I don't know. Perhaps I'll try out a few recipes online and see if I feel up to the challenge of cooking gourmet food at least once a week. If it's too much of a hassle or too expensive, then I suppose perhaps we can live with my simple fare.

Oh wait! Sito prefers Chinese food. I'm thinking ang moh food. More specifically Italian, French, Mediterranean! Hmmm, I suppose I can find fit in good Chinese food too...

If it's not within the next 18 months, I'll never do it so there! Time for online recipe prowl :)

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