Saturday, 19 February 2011

Our first NBA match - live!


$30 for a ticket, $25 for round-trip transport and a T-shirt. So it was $110 for both of us for a night out! A little on the ouch side but well, it turned out fun!

We were one of the first to get to the carpark because we thought we could get to the stadium earlier if we were on the first bus - we wanted to take a photo with the Michael Jordan statue! But we thought wrong. The driver was lost! We got off the bus opposite the stadium when she couldn't find the drop-off point, and walked across.

We got free brollies..

and contest cards when we went through the gates.

But they made me empty our water bottle =(

We got some chips aka french fries and a drink, and found our seats at one end of the court all the way to the top as you could see from the previous photo.

Before the actual match, Kellogg beat Booth in a short game - yeah! :p

While the two teams warmed up, a bull flew around!

Then they played a video discouraging "disruptive behaviour" - quite funny..

A mascot was walking around in the court, and just before the beginning of the game, I saw him mop a part of the court!! Poor mascot, got to do everything! Btw, he's called Benny the Bull..

The lights dimmed and the national anthem was sung..

And then the game was in full swing!

I'd only caught glimpses of the game on TV. I thought the game looked faster on TV. But it sped up after the first quarter.

During time-outs and in between quarters, we were very entertained.. There were cute bulls:

Cheerleaders called the Luvabulls!

The BullKidz..

And a human flag at half-time!

There were also, um, races.. First, we saw some trucks on the screen, racing. Then we realised it was part of the contest cards! The truck that won wasn't the truck on our contest cards, oh well.. But we won the next race!

We also made noise as each quarter started - 7.8, presumably out of 10, at this point:

And there were various distractions. Some guys went around rousing the crowds, and THROWING BURGERS into the most excited crowds! Think they're called the Incredibulls, and their jerseys had the golden arch on them :p Later there was even a machine shooting burgers while T-shirts parachuted down from above!

The game concluded with the audience winning free Big Macs cos the Bulls won with more than 100 points - yeah! :)

And my conclusion? Bball is definitely a lot more fun to watch than soccer! It's faster with lots of entertainment. Even though we were so far up, we could see the players pretty clearly. Or at least we could tell them apart by their number. Or we could just look at the screens. I still remember watching soccer twice in the UK and once in Spain - I couldn't see anything!! And bball is indoors! We're happy :)

Oh, and today, we're going to Macs for lunch :p

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