Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Snowy CNY!

Well, I missed having a white Christmas. But look what I have instead:

A snowy CNY!

A snow storm came our way yesterday afternoon, shortly after I grabbed some groceries - phew! The wind was howling madly and the snow was whipping and flying everywhere! Suddenly remember 西门吹雪 aka Simon the Snow Blower!! :p In fact, the weather this morning gave this:


Was glad the dumpling event organised by the Chinese Business Club yesterday was held just downstairs - no need to wrap up! In fact, got myself so warmed up over a game of table tennis - love a little fun exercise :)

So last night we went to bed with the wind in our ears. We couldn't see anything outside but judging from the movement in front of a light on the building across the road, it certainly looked like the skies were dumping snow!

And when I was out this morning to collect WSJ (but of course there was none), I was delighted to see the pile of snow above!

The next two were right outside the front door. The wind sent the snow onto the window sills and aircon units on this side of the building. My aircon was snow free.

There was no snow on these branches cos the wind was too strong.

Yesterday morning, there wasn't much snow on the ground but the branches were full of gentle snow. See the difference!!

I barely returned to our apartment when it started to snow heavily again. At one point, I couldn't see the building across the road! When it stopped some two or three hours later, I found a palm's width of snow on my aircon unit!

Some time in the afternoon, I went out to get milk. And look at what was outside!

* Compare this to this

I stepped into a thick pile of snow up there :p

This is the road outside McManus. After a few steps, I bent slightly to grab some snow and was surprised to find it rather light. It was like styrofoam but cold, very cold in my bare hands.

Then I decided it was easier to walk on the road cos it had less snow. I just had to plough through the snow banks to get there!!

And I love this - never saw such pretty rubbish bins :p

And we had our own reunion dinner just now! Today was declared a snow day so there was no class, but I would have skipped class for CNY anyway :p

Cooked extra rice and chicken – 年年有余! This is the first reunion dinner with just the two of us - a little odd for a reunion dinner but quite sweet too, little home :)

Happy CNY to everyone! :)

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