Monday, 3 October 2016

ZK's Chinese

30 Aug 2016 was significant. That evening, I spoke to ZK in only Mandarin. I realised I hadn't done that in ages!

That evening, ZK asked me what something was called in Chinese for the first time - ghost *.*

Then playground so that he could say 大便游乐场 and laugh *.*

And his fave Chinese phrases?
  • Can you 陪我一下? - at bedtime
  • You see my 屁股 / 屁屁!! - at shower time or just random!
  • 弟!弟! - in his big brother way when scolding the brother
Nvm, at least he has started asking what X is in Chinese. It's a good start :) He's even singing Chinese songs! And his Chinese is very cute, especially when he's singing coz it's so much Chinese at one go! And when I asked 好不好, he might even reply with a 好!

Today I received a school circular that his Chinese teacher who also teaches K1/K2 is moving on to focus on curriculum planning and K1/K2. The playgroup Chinese teacher will take N2 instead, which is fine as she's a good teacher too - I'm pretty sure she's the reason ZY is not a total angmoh kia yet!!

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