Sunday, 2 October 2016

My lovely lovely ZY :)

While sitting with ZY at bedtime, he said, "I like Mama." :)))

And then...

ZY: Mama?
mf: Yes?
ZY: Mama?
mf: I'm here..
ZY: Mama...
mf: Yes?
ZY: Mama...
mf: Mama here...


He had his little head on my leg, and turned to rub my belly and belly button.

"Baby inside!"

Indeed :)

We sang a little and he went to sleep. So sweet!!!

But then I was stuck. I anyhow waved at the camera and by a stroke of luck, Sito happened to be checking the camera so he came to my rescue, phew!

Usually, I could manage but I'm in pain right now. Already quite painful after over-stretching a little at Pilates on Thursday. I didn't go for Pilates on Saturday in the end coz it was painful. And just now, ZY was as usual kicking around while having his diaper put on and caught me on the pubic bone. Super painful...

But this boy is so cute... He did two other super cute things today.

On 21 August, he did this after watching a relay match in the morning

He also watched diving that morning so I was a little scared... But then he didn't do anything so I forgot until this morning... I was with him in the room playing when he started jumping off ZK's mattress onto a playmat and spread himself flat on the floor right in front of the cabinets.

Took me five seconds to realise he was mimicking the swimmers at the recent Olympics - dive and swim! Cute but very scary to watch! Persuaded him to "dive" onto ZK's mattress instead *.* And with more space in front, he crawled the entire length of the bed and said he was swimming!

In the afternoon, he did this

Not the first time he did the hands together and bow thing but I finally managed to video it. Super cute! And after that, ZK led in kungfu and ZY followed everything.

He's quite a good boy today, apart from the usual throwing of toys... He played quietly with toys in the morning, "helped" me with some origami and identified the number and colours correctly in both English and Chinese, napped well, and finished his dinner in record time. This naughty face is really a 宝贝 :)

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