Saturday, 1 October 2016

Children's Day update on monkey

I haven't been sleeping well in the past week, feeling sore and mang zang and hot/cold, until last night - we did foot reflexology at a relatively new place downstairs and it was really good! This was our second time there and we tried three therapists in total - all good. And best of all, the lady dared to really massage me despite my pregnancy, unlike our regular place where the lady ended up just rubbing my skin *.*

So, Thursday at 36w5d, I still weighed in at 77.8 kg but monkey had grown to about 3.3 kg, yeah! His hands were hiding his face from view, so no photo today.

Doc asked if we wanted more. I told him I wouldn't survive another pregnancy!! So he explained postpartum ligation on the second day under light GA, and hormonal IUD a few months later. Upon discussion with Sito, well, let's not put anything in or take anything out la!

Went for Pilates after that and kind of overstretched my legs. But an abdominal exercise made my belly point forward - quite fun to watch. Even the instructor was like, oooh, you're working hard! I have a last class today - thought I'd better finish the package in case I pop next week! Coz:

1) Doc said he would check my cervix next week. He was very candid and said that he was very scared of me! Coz my initial dilation was painless and I dilated fully in three hours for both ZK and ZY. So I suspect if I had dilated next week, he'd make me go straight in.

2) Friend whose EDD was a week before me just popped yesterday!! I'm very motivated to finish packing the rest of our baby stuff today - after writing this.

Something funny happened on Thursday night. Sito was out for dinner with his friends and saw a missed call from Mum at close to 9 pm. His first thought was, mf giving birth?! :p Good to see my better half getting nervous too, heh!

Anyway, happy Children's Day! I think it's always going to be 1 October for me :) We're planning a pizza night for the boys tonight :)

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