Tuesday, 18 October 2016

What did the kids say??

Found this in an old note in my phone:
  • Kai complained about my morning breath on 5 Oct 2015
  • Kai went from koala bear when I left the centre to "bye Mama" - without looking up from his puzzles. Should I rejoice in his independence or cry at his nonchalance?
  • Something happened between Kai and my tummy on 13 Jan 2016 - was it when he pinched the big W??
More recently, he's been saying pretty duh things as well...
  • Kai told me twice during my pregnancy that I walked like a duck - thanks...
  • Or that he likes this (points to belly) but not this (points to boobs) - so funny!
  • Can you get me Optimus Prime? I want the slooow transform, not the fast one.. Oh, someone is all grown up hur?
The other night...

Kai: I like you, Mama. But sometimes I'm happy at (sic) you; sometimes I'm mad at you.
Mama: *thinking* Oh, same here, my dear, same here...
Kai: See? I'm mad at you now.
Mama: But you're smiling!
Kai: I'm mad at you now! *makes angry face*
Mama: Hoho!

Yang becomes verbal earlier than Kai. His voice is more kiddish due to its higher pitch. And he has a habit of confirming his understanding: Like this? (action 1) Not like this? (action 2)

Other times, it was mostly following what Kai said, e.g. I want to pew you, I kill you! Gosh, why so violent! Pew is the sound of gunning someone, apparently... Ya, boys...?!

We had a whole papaya on the dining table yesterday...

Yang: What's that?
Mama: Papaya, 木瓜
Yang: 木瓜
N: Papaya
Yang: Nooooo! 木瓜!

And he likes to show off too. Also yesterday...

Mama: Kai, why aren't you feeding yourself?!
Yang: I feed myself!

My fave was this morning when he said, "I love Mama!" I love you too!! :)

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