Sunday, 27 April 2008

Having babies

(Warning: Gross story ahead..)

SF gave birth only six weeks ago and she looked like she never did. On the other hand, Mother once commented that 19-year-old mf looked pregnant *.*

Anyway, the ladies met for lunch recently. With a new mother among us and four experienced mothers (and three of them pregnant) around the table, there could only be one main topic - childbirth and etc.

I must admit I was quite interested! All the talk about epidural, watching the doctor do a caesarean on your through a mirror (!), breastfeeding, types of breast pumps etc. I must say it was very enlightening and fun when they were recalling their experiences.

BUT someone mentioned cutting, sewing, tearing for not caesarean but natural birth...

My burning question: what and where do they cut? And why?!

Of course I have a rough idea given the context but when LY explained, I was like o_O (not going to go into details here but you may like to google for episiotomy if you feel up to it..)

(My next burning question: can you still have good sex after that?! TO said it would depend on the birth itself, if it was well sewn up and healed, confounded by the possibility of incontinence etc..)

I couldn't help it and did some googling just now, stopping short at actual photos and videos. I don't think I have the stomach for those after reading about the process. It is true that many women have gone through it. And, our mothers' generation didn't even have epidural! But SF is right - it would have to be caesarean comes my turn! Now I shall reconsider my ideal of having four children :p

On a lighter less scary note, I had something funny (and gross) the other day - I called it "poop of my dream" :p

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Escape from Blue Isle

It was a gloomy day. Two strangers sat down at a roadside tavern and helped themselves to some morsels of food. Sebotino was heavy-built and moved about steadily, carrying with him an aura of seriousness. Baloda, on the other hand, appeared nervous and restless, and kept looking around him for unseen danger.

Sebotino had walked a long way and yearned for companionship. He didn't think Baloda would be a likely friend - they seemed too different. "Well, at least he looks like an unlikely foe," he though wryly to himself, recalling the nightmare that he had just escaped from.


Startled from his thoughts, Sebotino looked up and found himself staring into a pair of shifty eyes. It was Baloda.

"You, you are not from around here," Baloda said cautiously.

Sebotino nodded wearily, "That's right. I just came from the Blue Isle."

"The Blue Isle? My people have lived here in the Marble Plains for more than a hundred generations but I have never heard of the Blue Isle."

"Oh, it was a wonderful place, bright and sunny in the day, and quiet and peaceful at night. There was no need for my people to venture here. We had a good life there, we did..."

A couple just arrived and sat near the unlikely friends. Sebotino noticed their shifty eyes and figured that he was in a strange land of strange suspicious people.

"But you are here," Baloda was now looking more curious than uneasy, if that was actually possible.

Sebotino leaned forward a little and paused. He was not sure if he could confide in this stranger but he decided that the truth must be told.

"Disaster struck the Blue Isle yesterday. I believe I am the only survivor of my kind. There was no sight of my people after the disaster."

Baloda turned pale. The big guy didn't look like he was lying.

"What could it be that wiped out an entire population?"

"It was a monster! An atrocious witch she was! If I hadn't hid under a drain, she would have found me and killed me like she did the rest! I saw her do it - with poison! So many of them, all dead on the streets!" The terror of the recollection was showing in Sebotino's eyes and reflected in Baloda's.

"I was trying to run home to safety and just as I was reaching, I saw her killing more of my people right outside my door. I had to wait until nightfall before I could reach home. But the door was locked and I couldn't pry it open. No one came to my help - I supposed they were all dead."

Baloda gave Sebotino a shaky pat. "You are a very lucky man to have escaped alive," he said, and after a pause, "If you do not mind, I can introduce you to my people, find you a home."

Sebotino was surprised at this offer. He did not expect this kindness coming from a shifty little fellow. As he stretched out his hands to thank Baloda, he saw Baloda's eyes widening in fear. Suddenly, a great shadow fell over them.

"The, the witch..?" Baloda could barely whisper now. Sebotino turned around...


His scream trailed off as the witch flattened him with a piece of tissue paper. Baloda and the couple, always on their feet, had taken the chance to run away.

The legend of the witch would continue among the people of the Marble Plains...

PS: Yesterday, I found ants crawling in and out of a hole in the bathroom wall, and Baygon-ed them all. This morning, I sealed the damn hole. Stupid ants were still crawling about the sealed hole looking for a way in after that. I picked them up and flushed them away. I hope all these ants have vacated the Blue Isle. My Blue Isle :p

Monday, 7 April 2008


Haven't felt like this for a long time.. This morning, I woke up fresh, and stayed fresh the whole day!

It must be the long hours of sleep last weekend, and what a leisurely weekend it was! Made spaghetti bolognese for three although there were only two of us :p We ate the whole lot *very proud of ourselves* and threw in dessert, which was Japanese pancake topped with flakes of Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough - flaky cos it was too darn frozen to scoop *.*

A very simple and stress free weekend, I like and so, I am happy :)
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