Sunday, 14 March 2010

Home alone this week

I really shouldn't be blogging but I'm pretty sick of reading notes *.*

And it's been some Sunday today...

First, we woke at 6.30 am. When the alarm rang, I wasn't sure why it did..

Took the Skytrain from T3 to T1 but found it under renovation - no Macs :( Had BK at T2 instead. Always nice to have breakfast at the airport before a trip. Unfortunately, I was not part of the trip =/

This is the first time we're apart since our wedding. In fact, since we were legally wed! :p After Sito went in, I went home by train. With a little excursion along the way..

Oh, first, I had to drop my Pinky II on the ground as I exited the station.. !@#$%^&*()!!!

It was about 9.45 am so I thought I would take a trip to Ghim Moh to explore the market and maybe get some groceries there. So I followed the map in the MRT station and found the bustling market.

It was a really warm day! And I - specifically my feet - was feeling tired so I decided to look foot reflexology heh heh :p I walked around the shops next to the market and hawker centre - round and round and round, until I emerged one block away from where I started. Then I decided it was too heavy for me to carry groceries all the way home so I set off for the NTUC near our place...

But.. How to go home?! After a minute of walking, I realised that that wasn't the reverse route to the MRT.. Um, I was lost *.* Asked an auntie who gave me very good instructions :)

Then I thought I would check out the market near us so I did. But I made a rather hasty exit after (a) seeing an uncle chop a huge piece of meat, (b) having a stall owner shouting if I needed some vegetables, and (c) feeling like it was GSS and everyone wanted their hands on everything!

It was surreal *.*

Straight to NTUC next. Enough stopovers for the day! So I got back safe and sound, with a bag of groceries cos Yan was coming for lunch at 1.00 pm!! :)

Had some time before I needed to start cooking so I resisted PS3 and started my Sunday cleaning... Later when I was almost done, Yan told me she would be late.. Oh well, PS3 then :)

We got FF XIII and GT5 one after the other last week. I find Lightning so cool! And I'm considering her hairstyle.... But anyway, I was playing GT5 this afternoon and I was really bad at this particular track so I stopped and went to my notes, something I could actually conquer...!

It was almost three when we had lunch - curry udon and miso soup. Then we chatted while it rained heavily. Confidential, hoho :p But before we knew it, it was evening time!

After she left, I cooked dinner but left it on the table cos I wasn't hungry. Then I mopped and scrubbed and had a good sweat before calling it a day.

So here I am, pasta in my tummy, Sito on Skype, Tansformers on TV, and, oops, notes on the sofa behind me...

Saturday, 6 March 2010



*** *** ***




而我呢? 随着剧情的扭转,心情也跟着起伏。后来还一直播放原声带,反复回味。


*** *** ***


喜欢唱歌,是天生的吧,从小就爱哼哼唱唱。小时候,只唱当下流行曲。后来,偏爱某些情情爱爱的词,唱歌像演戏一样,感情丰富,对歌词仿佛感同身受!其实那时从没谈过恋爱,想起来还蛮不好意思的 :p


小学毕业,碰上小虎队解散,一首首《再见》,《放心去飞》都(和小雨一样 :p)来地正是时候。

初院毕业,碰上三个本地女歌手重唱新谣《溪水长流》。记得我把歌词写得美美的,贴在locker门上,贴了有整整一年吧?如今唱起来,还有当年的味道 :)

歌,要符合心情才会有人喜欢、有人欣赏吧⋯⋯除非是在追偶像? :p

*** *** ***

去年也不知道在忙些什么,只K了最多两次。今年难得已经K了两次 :)

And I love those MTVs!

梁静茹's MTVs almost always tell a story - I like the MTV for 没有如果 cos she was a very good SDO! :p

Ok, occupational hazards aside, I like JJ's 豆浆油条 and 被风吹过的夏天 cos he was so cute in them! I would be singing and gushing about him at the same time! But the girls didn't think he was cute leh *.*

And Jay Chou has many nice MTVs as well - not every one has a simple and clear story but it is always a joy to watch the MTV cos of the beautiful lyrics by 方文山 - I don't understand much of the lyrics just from listening :p

And when it's with CY, we must sing some exciting songs that see us jumping and screaming!! Except for that recent one, with both of us suffering from too much CNY goodies..

Looking forward to the next :)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

This feels like...

... a fag after a shag..! :p

Maybe it's a bad analogy but yes, that's roughly what I'm feeling now!

COS is finally over for me!! The next busy period should be from April onwards? Just hope the rest of March is kind... I'm hoping to catch up on some blogging, like our wedding! :)


miso: Do you smoke?
mf: No.
miso: Ok...
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