Sunday, 14 March 2010

Home alone this week

I really shouldn't be blogging but I'm pretty sick of reading notes *.*

And it's been some Sunday today...

First, we woke at 6.30 am. When the alarm rang, I wasn't sure why it did..

Took the Skytrain from T3 to T1 but found it under renovation - no Macs :( Had BK at T2 instead. Always nice to have breakfast at the airport before a trip. Unfortunately, I was not part of the trip =/

This is the first time we're apart since our wedding. In fact, since we were legally wed! :p After Sito went in, I went home by train. With a little excursion along the way..

Oh, first, I had to drop my Pinky II on the ground as I exited the station.. !@#$%^&*()!!!

It was about 9.45 am so I thought I would take a trip to Ghim Moh to explore the market and maybe get some groceries there. So I followed the map in the MRT station and found the bustling market.

It was a really warm day! And I - specifically my feet - was feeling tired so I decided to look foot reflexology heh heh :p I walked around the shops next to the market and hawker centre - round and round and round, until I emerged one block away from where I started. Then I decided it was too heavy for me to carry groceries all the way home so I set off for the NTUC near our place...

But.. How to go home?! After a minute of walking, I realised that that wasn't the reverse route to the MRT.. Um, I was lost *.* Asked an auntie who gave me very good instructions :)

Then I thought I would check out the market near us so I did. But I made a rather hasty exit after (a) seeing an uncle chop a huge piece of meat, (b) having a stall owner shouting if I needed some vegetables, and (c) feeling like it was GSS and everyone wanted their hands on everything!

It was surreal *.*

Straight to NTUC next. Enough stopovers for the day! So I got back safe and sound, with a bag of groceries cos Yan was coming for lunch at 1.00 pm!! :)

Had some time before I needed to start cooking so I resisted PS3 and started my Sunday cleaning... Later when I was almost done, Yan told me she would be late.. Oh well, PS3 then :)

We got FF XIII and GT5 one after the other last week. I find Lightning so cool! And I'm considering her hairstyle.... But anyway, I was playing GT5 this afternoon and I was really bad at this particular track so I stopped and went to my notes, something I could actually conquer...!

It was almost three when we had lunch - curry udon and miso soup. Then we chatted while it rained heavily. Confidential, hoho :p But before we knew it, it was evening time!

After she left, I cooked dinner but left it on the table cos I wasn't hungry. Then I mopped and scrubbed and had a good sweat before calling it a day.

So here I am, pasta in my tummy, Sito on Skype, Tansformers on TV, and, oops, notes on the sofa behind me...

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