Saturday, 30 September 2017

Everything is awesome!!

Yes, we went to Legoland!

*repeat EVERYTHING IS AWESOME 10,000 times coz that's probably how many times we heard the song*

Thursday, 21 Sep

Sent the kids to school coz it was photo-taking day. I also needed to pack in the last of our stuff. Travelling with kids make packing more difficult and wasteful - rather overpack than underpack. Picked them up after their lunch and shower (only Kai had time to shower but Yang still smelled great!) and waited for our ride to arrive.

Yang and Kai KO-ed even before we reached the checkpoints

But their brother was crying and begging to be out of the carseat which cost $10 one way!

This greeted us as we entered the hotel lobby!

So many pieces of Lego!

Which was great coz we were waiting to meet CW and family to exchange our annual passes together - bought 3-for-price-of-2 passes so we gotta share out. The boys were not bored at all. The parents could deal with boredom coz we had wifi :p

Had Yang count the number of tongues on this dragon :p

Kai built a sword from Duplo blocks - so I told him about King Arthur

And we heng heng got to meet a Lego chef!

Love the toilet signs - smelly smelly, normal, mama I'm urgent!

When the two families met to get our passes, something awesome happened...

mf: Do you remember your friend?
Kai: *almost rolling eyes* Of course. She's V.
mf: How about her sister?
Kai: I know her name.. *thinking* S

The two mothers were super impressed! They last met months ago and I probably mentioned once to Kai two months ago that we were going to Legoland with them.

Anyway, after getting our passes, the two families split up. We went to Thomas Town! It was 85RM per pax - very ex considering that Sito had one train ride and N didn't want to do anything.

They were thrilled by this drop ride!

I took it again with Kai and found it quite scary! But I must admit it was fun :)

Yang and Sito went for the Barney show but Kai didn't want to go. So we continued to explore Thomas Town - took a train ride, found the playground. Somehow we decided to go find Yang. Turned out that he didn't watch the show at all but went straight into one of the play areas downstairs. So we came up to ride the train again.

Kai in the engine room!

Now with Yang in the engine room too!

And then we had the playground incident... I told the boys to go into the playground on their own, find the entrance to James etc. I just stood outside, waiting for them to reappear somewhere. After a while, Kai reappeared at the entrance to the playground - without Yang! I was worried that Yang would be scared so I emptied my pockets into Sito's hands and off into the labyrinth I went!

I called out for Yang and heard a familiar "Mama!" Soon, my baby appeared! He didn't look scared. In fact, he looked as if he just turned away and back again. "Come, come, I show you something!" *.* I followed him coz I had nowhere else to go!

So thanks to my kids, I squeezed between giant rollers both vertically and horizontally, pulled myself through a square hole the size of one of my floor tiles, crawled on all fours on ketupat bridges and slid down - thankfully - the shortest tunnel slides of them all. And we still didn't find the entrance to James!

In the meantime...

Just kidding - photo was taken before Yang went AWOL :p Yu was very cute sleeping on Papa :)

Kai found a games arcade downstairs!

The pupil trying to learn

Yu had some fun when he woke!

He fearlessly tried to move through the balls

And he could stand!

"Hello, Papa!" :)

We had dinner at Kenny Rogers further down the mall. It was weird when you don't get corn muffins at Kenny Rogers. Instead, we got a vanilla muffin and two chocolate muffins, after swopping out a banana muffin...

Back at the hotel, I left everyone in the lobby while I dashed to our room to prepare for bedtime. Took pictures while waiting for our luggage to arrive. But I also did more useful stuff, like preparing their toothbrushes and... I think that was it until the luggage arrived :p

Kai was tasked to find this room

Kai and Yang took the bunk bed after changing their minds about sleeping with us - kids love bunk beds!

Papa and Mama had plenty of space here, even with Yu sleeping in all directions

Our room is right behind the hotel porch!

With Kai and Yang having had an early and short nap, and Yu not napping much, we managed to settle them quickly to sneak out! Kai and Yang were awake but in bed when we left - good boys :)

Being a bit gan cheong, I decided we shouldn't go far. There's a mall nearby - Medini Mall - so we went there. There wasn't much but we realised that was our first date night since Yu was born!!!

Our snack - more chicken!

The curved part of the hand is on top? (Btw, we had ice cream :p)

We checked out the buffet dinner at the hotel and started to hatch a plan for Friday... But the plan went way better than expected...

Friday, 22 Sep

Should I be surprised that the boys woke before 6 am?! I couldn't get anyone to go back to sleep so up we were! Lucky Papa slept until 7 am while N and I occupied the boys as best as could be while sorting out morning stuff like washing up, packing away dirty clothes from the day before and packing our day bags.

Yu bouncing on the top bunk

The two brothers enjoying their bed

Kai writing down a code for the treasure box

We got the code wrong coz we missed out two items on the carpet design which were under the pull-out bed! Sito had to call reception to find out. We only found out about the carpet design that evening when we returned to a made-up room.

New toys from the treasure box!

I helped Yang with his Legoman while Kai almost singlehandedly completed his box!

So cute, my boy! It doesn't matter that it's a girl's box; you did well!

Yu got sleepy so I packed him in so that Sito could do the rides with the two big ones

Decked out so coolly while waiting for our friends!

Pirate! Help!

Our first stop was the Junior Driving School. We had to queue a little and talked about being safe.

mf: Later, you'll go slow and safe ok...
Boys: I want fast!!
mf: Do you want to be fast and dangerous, or slow and safe?
Kai: Fast and safe!
Yang: .... Fast! I want fast!!

But the cars can only go slow, haha!

On the train ride suitable for all ages - Yu was on Papa!

There he goes! And CW's family!

Where's he looking when the little fireman is hosing water??1

Yu didn't get any rides after the train ride but he was quite happy!

Yang couldn't make the height requirement and stuck to me so I couldn't help poor Papa; the operator helped to push though :p

It's very siong! But they put out the fire!

Let's be pilots instead - easier!

My other boys on the opposite side from us

And then Yang couldn't take it - that's for waking at 5.30 am!

Mama and babe while waiting for Papa and Kai to go on their next ride

Yu plays blocks while Mama poses :p

There they go!!


And that was the only picture of the friends together! These two later went for the roller coaster ride. V came out trembling while Kai exclaimed his win for not screaming - but he had his head on me. Poor boy trying to be strong. He wanted to go on the roller coaster very much coz his K2 friend went. I had to say he was 6yo and he heard me. I so regretted it. Had to put myself in the naughty corner and seek Papa's permission to come out :(

Sito's lunch - very cute :)

We spent some time in the shop and bought two Lego toys for the boys. Yang chose a little train and Kai chose a house. Later in the hotel, Yang put the train together with my help. Later at home, Kai practically put the whole house together by himself! So proud of them both :)

Then we spent some time in the playground area until they were tired. Then they had a good time at the junior driving school again coz it was deserted. In fact, the crowd from the morning was gone!

And then we had ice cream - messy Yang!

We packed food for the kids and N, and went back to the hotel, coz we had plans, heh :p Kai was quite cranky coz he also woke at 5.30 am AND he did not nap like Yang did. He kept blaming people for his shield falling apart - it was an amazing shield but the blocks weren't tight la. And they had an early dinner out of Yu's bowl and the takeaway box.

That's our hotel from Legoland entrance

The brothers playing with blocks - there was a whole box in the room

Kai's shield version 1 - later versions got bigger

Yu fell asleep soon enough, having napped little and yes, he woke at 5.30 am too! Kai was out at about the same time. Yang was still energetic when we were on our way out but we were assured - he said he would watch TV a little bit :)

This was our plan - pigging out at Tian Lai!

Let me introduce - from the top, we had char bee hoon (crispy outside, soft inside, somewhat), green dragon shoots, furong egg, prawn roll, prawns with garlic, sweet and sour pork. And that's not all!

Black pepper crabs!

We had one each!

First time in my life I had a crab like this t myself :p And Sito had to tell me the base of the sauce was butter... I ate it all up anyway! All the food plus two drinks came up to RM221 - so happy :) Packed back a little beehoon but didn't eat in the end.

And since we were out, we decided to go all out! It was another 15 min to AEON but we took the journey anyway to find ourselves some foot massage! RM45 for one hour across from AEON :) Then we packed Black Ball but I couldn't eat anymore.

This greeted me when we came back

My lovely babies were thankfully all sound asleep. Standard for Yu to wake at least once but it certainly looked like we could be on the way to resuming date nights back in Singapore!

Saturday, 23 Sep

The day that Kai had been waiting for - waterplay!

First, the boss must have breakfast

Seeing a baby running about always reminds me of free range chicken!

It started to rain after breakfast but thankfully, it cleared up by 10 am or so. Unfortunately, Yu had fallen asleep so we left him in the hotel with N, and headed out!

Kai with his water gun in the waddling pool

And then Kai and Papa were lost in the maze behind me

I stayed in the waddling pool with Yang, who is fierce!

Yaaaaaa! War cry haha!

I took the mini slides with Yang. We both enjoyed the blue ones! But the red one ended in a big splash and yang never wanted to go on that again. Yet, just yesterday, he was telling me that he went with me to the red slide :)

I brought Yang to the maze area to find Kai and Sito. We saw them or at least I did. But they didn't see us. And when Yang saw the big bucket rain down, he said, "I don't want to go here, I don't want to go here!" And we made our way back to the waddling pool :p

Kai came back after a while. He had such great fun! But think Sito was tired haha! They went back again towards the end and then we decided to go coz it was getting hot. We didn't stay more than two hours there, I think.

The boys napped and then we went to AEON together. Found Poney and they were having some children's activities so they kids had fun while I spend less than $100 on six items - we are set for LNY! :p

Kai with his hand painting - both so cute :)

Yang had one too - both so cute too!

After a la mian dinner, we parked the two older boys with Llao Llao at a bench and went shopping for milk formula and diapers!

So happy!

But he started to cry when Sito was in the queue. We split to queue and shop coz the lines were long. It really took lots of patience to shop there - the cashier was leisurely counting money, no sense of urgency! But things were cheap. We bought three boxes of formula, four packs of diapers and some small food stuff for kids. Oh and instant noodles too haha!

I took over the queueing and free Sito and Yu to go buy N's dinner - she didn't want to eat early - and our supper :p Then while we were waiting for our Uber ride, Sito packed more Black Ball. We settled the kids and started to eat haha! Parents wanted to have a holiday too :) But Mama also had to pack, bah...

Sunday, 24 Sep

My boys are so big now. Kai could go get his cereals by himself already. He could even get milk. Yesterday, he took plenty of chocolate milk. Today, he took normal milk but coz he couldn't read, he took soy milk instead. He finished it but said yucks *.*

Yang followed his elder brother to get cereals by himself. I watched him go and continued eating. Then Kai came back without Yang. I couldn't see Yang despite having a clear line of sight to the cereals! I quickly walked over and found Yang on the other side getting other types of cereals! Phew!

We didn't have much time so we decided to just go to the hotel pool. Sito took the two to the pool first while I packed a little. But Yu fell asleep! No waterplay for him this trip!

I went to the pool to find them playing water guns in the baby pool. They were waiting for their floats. And then Kai went with Sito to the big pool.

Learning to kick - with a naughty face, no less!

Yang wanted to kick too - in the baby pool!

He ended up gathering blocks and throwing them over the infinity part!

There was a cute part when he scooped water with the block and emptied it suddenly - we had great fun watching the video of him doing that the past few nights :)

And I turned around to find that Kai had finally let go of Sito!

He said he could swim. Um, boy, wait until you lose your float... We intend to get him proper coaching next year. All my boys must learn how to swim, unlike their mama...

Naughty face with water gun - had to coax him out of the water

It was a lot of washing up and packing back in the room. But finally we managed to stuff everything in! I brought gummy bears and with them as a bribe, Yang stayed off the stroller so that we could use it as a trolley to bring our shopping down :p

The room card before I dumped it into the express check-out box

Our ride came slightly earlier than expected but we were already downstairs so might as well. The roads were thankfully clear and we got home very quickly.

Yu stayed in the car seat the whole journey this time

Like a boss, of course

Yang fell asleep in the car and amazingly stayed asleep for two hours on the sofa! Sito went to pack lunch for everyone while we got washed up etc. Finally time for a nap for everyone. So tired...


So glad we got the annual pass. It was risky getting it without experiencing it first but Legoland leh, kids must love it right? Right :) Kai and Yang both want to go back, so we will :)
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