Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Updates while the baby is sleeping

I realise there are so many fun photos but so little time to post them all! Work has been better these days but some nights, I was so tired that I just dozed off with the boys and couldn't do anything after that, not even leisure stuff.. Hope to be able to post about the boys more regularly!

Yu napping in a weird position on my Ah Yee's bed on Sunday

Kai sleepy on me; we were both on the floor

But eventually, he went to nap on my Ah Yee's bed while Yang napped on another bed in the other room, which wasn't being rented out at the moment. When these two were awake, they jumped on all the beds, and I realised that my poor Ah Yee has suffered two generations of kids jumping on her bed!!

Standard sight at TPY, though considerably fewer than last time

Half-watching a magic show at Sito's colleagues' kids' birthday party at Cool De Sac on Sunday

Thought Kai would enjoy the magic show like he did in school before but he was restless. Lesson: No need to plan birthday parties :p They enjoyed the playground more. At two points, this Yang disappeared on us! He had dashed off to the play area on his own, argh!

Yu had fun too, fearlessly crawling towards his targets in the baby area


Makan time! All junk food for the kids hoho!

Playing with their balloon bow and arrow while waiting for Papa

My super big baby, you're too big for the baby chair! (That was his hardboiled egg breakfast)

Staring at the carpark cat

Had fun styling Kai's hair last night - "I look good!" "This is even better!" :p

And Yu pretended to drive this morning

"Where's the ignition...?" 

"Alright, here we go! Hold tight!"

Let Yu had Kai's leftover rice and soy sauce-free omelette

While Kai had his first whole apple!

And Yang too!

And then, every boy went to sleep

And they are still all sound asleep, even the baby! I'm happy :)

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