Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Babies are a blessing

This year started on a day when I got both good and bad news.

Towards the end of the work day, a colleague came by with sad news. After a difficulty start to the pregnancy, the details of which he had earlier shared with me, they had to suffer the worst news at the 20-week scan. There were multiple issues and they decided to terminate the pregnancy.

So he wanted to speak to a similarly non-religious person. He wanted to know what I thought about rites for an aborted foetus because a religious friend with a similarly sad story did that and suggested he do so too. Recalling my two angels in heaven, I told him he would have to find closure in whatever way suited him best.

I was feeling very sad until later that night when I got an email from a friend far away - she is pregnant with number three!

And last week, I was very happy to see a colleague with a baby bump. She sits at the other end of the office so I seldom meet her. But the last time we talked, I thought her face was rounder and told her so. She was surprised at the comment and said something about telling me later. I was secretly hoping for good news for her cos she lost a baby at full term two years ago. Many will be praying for her, I'm sure.

So far, I already know of seven babies this year - unplanned, accident, planned, tried like mad. Every time I see a baby bump, I would think that it's such a amazing thing, pregnancy.

Babies, 真的是可遇不可求的...

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A handsome young man forced kisses on my lips...

The same young man also likes to press his forehead on mine but often misses and hits my nose instead.

Among the many hazards of a parent, I'm starting to think that this one takes the cake:

ZK: I want wee wee! I want stand...

So we went to the toilet without his pants.

mf: 站好... ZK, hold your wee wee...
ZK: No! Mama hold..


Well it wasn't the first time. He first went standing on Sunday morning and I held it for him cos he wasn't sure what to do apart from standing there. But now he knows!

We have made much progress with potty training. Last Wednesday, 14 January, he went without diapers in school - so proud of him :) He's dry most nights now though when he wakes, he needs us to bring him to the potty or toilet, which is troublesome. But no luck with pooping...

His poop position - squatting and pushing against the bench!

He's also a good brother. Last Thursday, he suddenly called ZY Yangyang - so sweet! He even went to kiss his forehead when ZY was in the bassinet. I saw ZK bend near ZY's lips so he might have kissed him there afterwards *.*

He's also teaching his little brother...

Bad things!

I prefer ZK to teach ZY good things..

But for the most part, ZK is the good brother :)

Just now we were lying in bed..

mf: Knock knock! I'm the big bad wolf! Will you let me in?
ZK: Oink oink! No, no, no! Not by the hair o' my chinny chin chin! I won't let you in!
ZK: *Points upwards* This is my house...
mf: Then I'll huff and and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!
ZK: Fuuuuuu! Fuuuuu! Fuuuu! The house is broken!

I can see your chinny chin chin...

He loves taking selfies and unflattering shots of Mama

But this was a good one! Framed by Papa.

Another one of him and his papa

He's such a loving boy. He'll ask, "Are you ok?" if he hears us in pain. Usually, we say "yes" but once I said "no" laughingly and he looked like he didn't know what to say after that. Sito said, eh, he's genuinely concerned! Now when we say "no", he'll come and sayang wherever is painful, e.g. my boob when ZY bites *.*

Love his straw-drinking face :)

He had pasta, OJ, fried dory, french fries and even some calamari!

ZK can feed himself better now, less messy

But sleep is another matter altogether. We just managed to send him to bed at close to 10 pm!! He has been delaying sleep time - YouTube, storybooks, wee and poo. And a new addition of "Mama, help me! Help me!" while dangling his head or feet off our bed! "等下 drop! Help me!"

But eventually he will go to bed. Unfortunately, it's usually in our bed now..

Scrambling from his bed and going to come in...

I seriously wonder when we can chase this boy out of our room, our bed!

Monday, 19 January 2015

I snapped

When you read one too many mummy blogs, there always seems to be a moment of epiphany, when a mum stops doing something or changes her way of doing something after a wake-up call. Well, mine happened this morning.

ZK was at the dining table waiting for his cereals. I put his water bottle on the table and he started whining that he didn't want it. Nvm if he didn't want to drink, I told him I'd just leave it there. But his whines started to escalate. I didn't want him to wake Sito and ZY so I snapped.

Ok, ok, just shut up!

He did. But after I put the bottle on the sofa, I turned around to see him looking at me, with a look of bewilderment bordering on fear. I felt so bad. I went to sit next to him as his cereals arrived. He let a little whine escape his lips and wiped his eyes - I think some tears had built up but not enough to make a cry. I felt so bad! And I'm feeling horrid as I write this.

I think he didn't understand why he was being shouted at. He just didn't want his bottle. He didn't do anything! He didn't realise his whines. He's only a toddler barely out of babyhood. But I, I didn't understand that he didn't know he was whining, he didn't know I don't like him to whine, he didn't understand a thing about disturbing those still asleep. (Plus, so what if they woke?) And I'm his mama.

I am reminded once again that I need to be more patient with him. I need to find a chance to explain to him that he should not whine when he can speak properly. Usually, talking to him ahead of time can help avert melt-downs, which I've clearly demonstrated can happen to either mama or baby, or worse, both.

So I sat with him and had breakfast together. I sayang-ed his little head as he quietly fed himself while playing with his trucks. Then I told him I was sorry for shouting at him and scaring him. He looked at me for a second, and handed me his spoon. Sure, I'd feed you, my baby. You're after all forever my baby.

Update at 10.30 pm

Told Sito about it. He said ZK would forget. But I still remember I was so hurt when a beloved cousin scolded me one day - I must be in pre-school age then. Sito said girls remember, boys don't. "Don't worry, haha!"

Indeed, I will remember this incident even though ZK may not..

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Happy birthday to ME!

Yes, I must emphasise ME the way ZK does it :p

So, here I am, 35 years of ME! Hoho! And it's been a week-long celebration!


I had tons of chocolate! Blame the festive season..


I had tons of chocolate! Blame the festive season again...


Met CY for lunch - thanks, old friend, for the yummy treat! And then I gave myself a treat of sweet potato fries :p

In the middle of the afternoon, my colleagues surprised me with a slice of chocolate cake from Cedele!

Yes, I finished it, pretty quickly..

It was date night with Sito. We decided on The Chop House at Vivocity because we like steak and because we needed to buy diapers from Giant..!

Of all days, ZY suddenly decided to cry instead of going to sleep after his evening milk. Managed to settle him after a much longer time. But we got to Vivocity in time to get some diapers for ZY and throw them into the car before heading to the restaurant.

The food was passable but we realised we should go to a proper steak house next time if we want proper steak done the right way... So we needed a top-up - dessert at Honeymoon!

And then it was present time! Ok, I'm usually quite zen about presents but Sito really whetted my appetite this time..

Clue 1: He was on leave a couple of weeks back. When he came home, he kept his bag on and went into the bedroom. I went after him, wanting to help him put it down but I saw him pop a green-blue bag into the bedsheets cabinet! He was so dampened when he saw that I saw :p Nvm, I shall wait, I told him...

Clue 2: I was doing our accounts as usual one day after he emptied his receipts. Then I opened one up and saw the Tiffany watermark.

mf: Uh oh, I think I saw something I shouldn't!
Sito: Oh yes!

And he kept it back into his wallet...

Clue 3: I was doing our accounts again when I came across the same receipt! Only this time, I happened to see the credit card slip. Sito was so sian! He thought he might as well just give me then and there but I said I would wait :) In any case, I keyed the receipt into our accounts :p

So, what is it?!!!!!


Probably the plane for Sito and the heel for me? :)

I had kind of expected a charm bracelet :) After all, I have a lot of serious jewellery. Just nice to have something fun to add on to my jewellery box! Thank you, Dear :) I love it!


I busied myself around the house in the morning, packing outgrown clothes and arranging stuff, before pumping and leaving the house. Only had a bit of time to walk the shops at Gateway Orchard before it was time for lunch with Sito.

For the second time in 24 hours, we found ourselves in a pretty empty restaurant - Burger vs. Wings at Orchard Central. I ordered the peanut butter burger and he cajun wings. The lunch sets came with a single-serve drink and the buffet bar - soup, pasta, salad, onsen eggs, spring rolls, cakes and ice cream. Not much but for the price, it was ok. Although the food was not superb, I must say that the service was very good - I liked my burger but Sito's wings were undercooked so they offered a new portion immediately.

When Sito went back to work, I found myself at a loss. Actually, I had difficulty looking for things to do this time. It's like after not having me time for a long time, I forgot what I used to do with just myself :( With Sito's suggestions, I went to Tiffany to check out more charms for my bracelet - I thought it would be nice to get two more to represent the tot and the baby :) But the shop was too crowded so a lady gave me a number to call to ask for availability.

I was supposed to go for karaoke but I didn't call ahead of time and couldn't get a room :( So I went shopping - looked at my clothes and shoes, looked at kids' clothes and finally bought something at....Daiso! So auntie! Then it was back to the neighbourhood for foot reflexology before singing my lungs out at home right where I'm sitting now! Love YouTube :p

Then it was time to fetch the kids. ZY was kind and slept after his milk. I didn't manage to squeeze a "happy birthday" out of ZK but he did say "I le you" (I love you) :)

Sito got me a lovely chocolate cake from the cafe next to CBTL downstairs!


I had tons of chocolate again... I mean, there's just so much chocolate lying around!


A clear sign that I've officially entered auntie-hood happened in the morning... I was walking past a group of old ladies on my way to the supermarket as usual when one of them went, "Auntie, auntie! Ji zun kui diam?"

It took me more than a couple of seconds to realise that she was addressing me *.* Nvm that I was thrown off by the Hokkien, which I haven't spoken for a long time.. Yes, I'm an auntie now..

We met a friend for lunch and spent the afternoon meaningfully at Jacob Ballas - ZK had such fun at waterplay! It looked like it was going to rain when he was just warming up but thankfully, the dark clouds went away. Had dinner at a new Thai joint downstairs - we are going back for sure!


It was the family celebration! We went to Min Jiang at Rochester for lunch. ZY slept for most of lunch - very good! Except that I ate with some difficulty but at least I was eating with everyone!

The cake was actually a pancake with fruits and yogurt from Paris Baguette, courtesy of Ah Yee. It was good - the fruits weren't sour or too sweet - but ZK wouldn't have it. No need to guess - I took his portion too :p

I'm so happy to have all my boys with me :)

I was thinking this morning that it's nice to be 35 - sounds like I've reached yet another milestone in my life. Mid 30s? Addition of ZY in the past year? Addition of 4 kg?? Well, I can use my angbao money on a new weighing scales to track my weight to the 0.01 kg but heck, I'm generally healthy and happy! I just hope to grow wiser as I grow in age. Here's to a happy year ahead, as always :)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

ZY turns six months!

Actually ZY turned six month last month :p But the critical thing about turning six months is that he is starting solids! As he didn't seem as hungry as ZK did, I started him only on 1 January, when he was just past six months; ZK started a couple of weeks before he turned six months.

I dug out ZK's weaning set from two years ago, sprayed milk milk all over the dining table areas as I squeezed milk out directly into the bowl, and stirred in one little teaspoon of rice cereal. That one teaspoon took 20 minutes to go! This ZY is really not a very hungry boy. And he didn't know how to keep the cereal in his mouth and swallow too. Instead, he wanted to bite the spoon and grab the bowl. Lucky he is cute... 20 minutes leh!

Freshly squeezed from the source!

The milk milk guilt is on his lips but this is a picture of such innocence!

I forgot to inform the centre to start him on solids the next day so he didn't have any *.* And he was not happy on Saturday so he didn't have any again! He had only a little on Sunday. But today, the carers told me he did pretty well yesterday! And Mum told me that she was told that they would increase the amount tomorrow :)

He sat on a high chair outside for the first time on Saturday, at Saizeriya at Gateway Orchard. I stuffed the baby carrier behind him for support. He leaned forward and looked curiously at us. I managed to have most of my dinner before I had to carry him.

What are you having? I also want!

And talk about the carrier - I've been using it instead of the sling for some weeks now. Much easier to carry but more troublesome to breastfeed.

That day happened to be pedestrian day on Orchard Road

Back to food...

Sali was in town so I brought ZY with me to meet her and the rest on Sunday. Bought some rice crackers along the way and let him have it during our tea. And what a mess it was! Now, ZK really ate everything; there was barely any trace of it left when he was done. So I was not expecting the mess *.*

Nom nom nom... What's this?

I see me! I want me! I want baby!

Actually he can sit quite well. He likes to sit on the bed and reach for toys placed in front of him. He has even sat on ZK's chairs at home and at Mum's place!

I want to play with this, like GeGe...

I also like to lean on cushions...

I finally heard the C word used on him on New Year's eve - cranky *.* And he remained so after coming home from infant care. Luckily he got better the next day, but since then, he's not as easy as previously. He used to be able to lie down at the baby gym or the bassinet for a long time. Now? He wants to be carried or just sit or be on his belly - anything really, but on his back! But he still cannot flip! And how to learn how to flip when he now doesn't like to lie down?! Argh!

I hug my XX :)

Why? Are you swooning over my cuteness?

We let him cry these days, if he wakes before midnight. The past couple of nights, he only woke after midnight, usually around 1 am. The next time was usually 3 or 4 am. As he takes more solids, I'll let him wait longer for milk milk and hopefully, he can sleep through!

I smelled baby when I laid down next to him :)

A most therapeutic video of ZY...

Ok, I'm hearing him from next door... Perhaps it's time to cry again....
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