Tuesday, 6 January 2015

ZY turns six months!

Actually ZY turned six month last month :p But the critical thing about turning six months is that he is starting solids! As he didn't seem as hungry as ZK did, I started him only on 1 January, when he was just past six months; ZK started a couple of weeks before he turned six months.

I dug out ZK's weaning set from two years ago, sprayed milk milk all over the dining table areas as I squeezed milk out directly into the bowl, and stirred in one little teaspoon of rice cereal. That one teaspoon took 20 minutes to go! This ZY is really not a very hungry boy. And he didn't know how to keep the cereal in his mouth and swallow too. Instead, he wanted to bite the spoon and grab the bowl. Lucky he is cute... 20 minutes leh!

Freshly squeezed from the source!

The milk milk guilt is on his lips but this is a picture of such innocence!

I forgot to inform the centre to start him on solids the next day so he didn't have any *.* And he was not happy on Saturday so he didn't have any again! He had only a little on Sunday. But today, the carers told me he did pretty well yesterday! And Mum told me that she was told that they would increase the amount tomorrow :)

He sat on a high chair outside for the first time on Saturday, at Saizeriya at Gateway Orchard. I stuffed the baby carrier behind him for support. He leaned forward and looked curiously at us. I managed to have most of my dinner before I had to carry him.

What are you having? I also want!

And talk about the carrier - I've been using it instead of the sling for some weeks now. Much easier to carry but more troublesome to breastfeed.

That day happened to be pedestrian day on Orchard Road

Back to food...

Sali was in town so I brought ZY with me to meet her and the rest on Sunday. Bought some rice crackers along the way and let him have it during our tea. And what a mess it was! Now, ZK really ate everything; there was barely any trace of it left when he was done. So I was not expecting the mess *.*

Nom nom nom... What's this?

I see me! I want me! I want baby!

Actually he can sit quite well. He likes to sit on the bed and reach for toys placed in front of him. He has even sat on ZK's chairs at home and at Mum's place!

I want to play with this, like GeGe...

I also like to lean on cushions...

I finally heard the C word used on him on New Year's eve - cranky *.* And he remained so after coming home from infant care. Luckily he got better the next day, but since then, he's not as easy as previously. He used to be able to lie down at the baby gym or the bassinet for a long time. Now? He wants to be carried or just sit or be on his belly - anything really, but on his back! But he still cannot flip! And how to learn how to flip when he now doesn't like to lie down?! Argh!

I hug my XX :)

Why? Are you swooning over my cuteness?

We let him cry these days, if he wakes before midnight. The past couple of nights, he only woke after midnight, usually around 1 am. The next time was usually 3 or 4 am. As he takes more solids, I'll let him wait longer for milk milk and hopefully, he can sleep through!

I smelled baby when I laid down next to him :)

A most therapeutic video of ZY...

Ok, I'm hearing him from next door... Perhaps it's time to cry again....

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  1. Big boy already, can sit on highchair! Love the big eyes =) Not sure if I'm looking forward to starting SH on solids too... more troublesome than just giving her the breast!


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