Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A handsome young man forced kisses on my lips...

The same young man also likes to press his forehead on mine but often misses and hits my nose instead.

Among the many hazards of a parent, I'm starting to think that this one takes the cake:

ZK: I want wee wee! I want stand...

So we went to the toilet without his pants.

mf: 站好... ZK, hold your wee wee...
ZK: No! Mama hold..


Well it wasn't the first time. He first went standing on Sunday morning and I held it for him cos he wasn't sure what to do apart from standing there. But now he knows!

We have made much progress with potty training. Last Wednesday, 14 January, he went without diapers in school - so proud of him :) He's dry most nights now though when he wakes, he needs us to bring him to the potty or toilet, which is troublesome. But no luck with pooping...

His poop position - squatting and pushing against the bench!

He's also a good brother. Last Thursday, he suddenly called ZY Yangyang - so sweet! He even went to kiss his forehead when ZY was in the bassinet. I saw ZK bend near ZY's lips so he might have kissed him there afterwards *.*

He's also teaching his little brother...

Bad things!

I prefer ZK to teach ZY good things..

But for the most part, ZK is the good brother :)

Just now we were lying in bed..

mf: Knock knock! I'm the big bad wolf! Will you let me in?
ZK: Oink oink! No, no, no! Not by the hair o' my chinny chin chin! I won't let you in!
ZK: *Points upwards* This is my house...
mf: Then I'll huff and and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!
ZK: Fuuuuuu! Fuuuuu! Fuuuu! The house is broken!

I can see your chinny chin chin...

He loves taking selfies and unflattering shots of Mama

But this was a good one! Framed by Papa.

Another one of him and his papa

He's such a loving boy. He'll ask, "Are you ok?" if he hears us in pain. Usually, we say "yes" but once I said "no" laughingly and he looked like he didn't know what to say after that. Sito said, eh, he's genuinely concerned! Now when we say "no", he'll come and sayang wherever is painful, e.g. my boob when ZY bites *.*

Love his straw-drinking face :)

He had pasta, OJ, fried dory, french fries and even some calamari!

ZK can feed himself better now, less messy

But sleep is another matter altogether. We just managed to send him to bed at close to 10 pm!! He has been delaying sleep time - YouTube, storybooks, wee and poo. And a new addition of "Mama, help me! Help me!" while dangling his head or feet off our bed! "等下 drop! Help me!"

But eventually he will go to bed. Unfortunately, it's usually in our bed now..

Scrambling from his bed and going to come in...

I seriously wonder when we can chase this boy out of our room, our bed!

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