Thursday, 6 October 2016

Staycation booked!

Yup, we're heading for my staycation with monkey on Sunday, woohoo!

We started this morning with a bit of bloody mucous. Oh well, I was going to see my doc in the afternoon so off to the office I went - damn long meeting it was but I was happy with the outcome.

Nurse called to say that the doc had an op so my appointment was postponed by an hour. Just as well coz I would have been late. I had a tiny bowl of laksa at Tangs coz I wasn't too hungry but it wasn't too nice so I had to wash it down with toriyaki :p

Did some work while waiting for the doc. So I weighed in at 78.5 kg despite all that food. I didn't hit 80 kg after all, yeah!!!

Doc: So, any pain?
mf: Nope!
Doc: Ok, let's check if you're dilated...
mf: Ok... Oh, I had some bloody mucous this morning..
Doc: Thanks for the information ah *.*

He's quite funny la...

The cervical examination was expectedly uncomfortable. So I was already 3-4 cm dilated! But doc said it could be monkey or it could be due to my past two deliveries. So CTG next, after a quick look at monkey who weighed in at about 3.6 kg - I was so excited I forgot the weight :p

Was strapped to the machine for some 20 min. Tracked monkey's heartbeat and contractions. No contractions at all - so the doc said I didn't have to go in tonight or even tomorrow. He gave us a choice to wait it out or choose a date to induce so I wouldn't risk it, given how fast I dilated with ZK and ZY.

I said I liked odd numbers *.* I must be so bimbo to him coz last time I even asked him about pedicures! Anyway, I was thinking of Sunday so I asked if that was alright. He said up to me - and monkey!

Sito never replied to my many text messages while I was strapped to the CTG. But he eventually called me when I asked him to. Apparently he's been going around telling his colleagues hoho! My husband is so cute :)

So we discussed and decided on Sunday - it would give us some time to tie up loose ends at work and at home. Also discussed Sunday arrangements with Mum over the kids' dinner. And I just listed down the last things to do over the next two days. I think we're almost set to welcome monkey!

Spent some time kissing my ZK at bedtime and hugging ZY when he woke just now. My last couple of days with just the two of them... Time really flies!

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