Saturday, 8 October 2016

One day more....

Final updates before monkey arrives...

Yesterday started with a shock in the toilet - think I lost a bloody mucous plug... But everything else was normal so I went to work. Had a few more things to do, and there was a fund-raising event I was involved in. Settled everything at work by 6.15 pm and called a cab home.

Sito and I had our last data night in a while - Indian food!

And then I had trouble in bed - my pelvic area, especially the pubic bone, was killing me!!! I fell asleep sitting up instead, though I eventually managed to slide into a sleeping position. For some reason, ZY came in to find me just before dawn - he hadn't done that for a while. I offered my bed but he decided to go back to his.

I was still in pain when I got out of bed but I managed to drive the kids to school, do a grocery run, pack hospital bag, do some admin like writing instructions for N before a pedicure and eyebrow threading :p Instead of napping with the kids, I did more admin stuff on the laptop and prepared pump and bottles.

Then it was time to send ZK to the dentist - he was quite good with it, thankfully - and give my hair a quick trim before meeting Mother they all for dinner to celebrate her 70th birthday. This ZY was so shy at the dinner until it was time for the cake.

Why so shy??

We split after dinner - Sito took ZK to Mum's place while I took ZY home. Sito said he felt sad leaving ZK at Mum's place. I felt sad too when saying bye bye to ZK earlier! It's like, when we next meet, we will be quite a different family...

Me and my baby while waiting at the dentist's

Hope to get a photo with ZY tmr morning before we set off for the hospital.. Love my boys :)

Update 17 Oct 2016

With my second baby :)

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