Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Art and craft

I took photos of all of their works, never mind if I couldn't tell what they were! Sometimes, they were able to tell me. Sometimes, I found out from the school's Facebook page. After the photos, well, I threw most of the stuff away and keep only the nicer or more meaningful ones.

Recently, there was an auction in school for the President's Challenge. We couldn't be bothered to go to the auction so we just bought their stuff. Turned out that they did sell individual works. They only auctioned the bigger group works.

ZK's batik - very nicely done!

ZY's rice basket

His expression and his age told me that he had a lot of help hoho!

More of ZK's works:

"What is this?" "Snake!" "Oh..."


ZY had fun with it :)

A mask - regretted throwing this now that I realised Halloween is pretty near!

First item in his book of adventures!

And I was wondering what the figure with his face was all about...

Time to showcase ZY's works:

"What is this?" "Fu fu fu... Flower!"

He couldn't say this so I said it to him and he made me repeat many times

"Yummy food!"

Oh, ZY likes eggs - we have omelette almost every day. Since a couple of months back, I found that he likes hardboiled eggs too. He had his first 卤蛋 on 2 Sep!

The kids bring home a lot of work but I seldom have time or energy to document them. I have an overflowing box of some of their stuff. Hope to find better storage for them when we move house...

And before I end off - don't think I posted this here but ZK found my old index cards at Mother's place one day and decided to draw us...

I love this series!

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