Monday, 16 September 2019

Writing on a weeknight!

Came back to work today with over 400 new emails. I made good progress with just over a 100 left to go, considering that I had three meetings today.

I am feeling a little better than before Legoland. Perhaps coz I thought of a way to do this -  CARE LESS, i.e. if I can't finish, it's just too bad!

Is anyone going to die if I don't do more tonight? Um, no!

That is why I'm writing now, on a weeknight. My work laptop was running low on battery so instead of pulling out the charger, I hibernated the thing and stuffed it into my backpack.

My next step is to stop bringing the laptop home. I think my backpack is wrecking my back coz I carry it at least one hour a day - 15 min on the MRT to work after dropping off Kai and 45 min taking the MRT home.

So I bought a hanging weighing machine - whatever it's called - to weigh my work backpack. On a typical day, I carry a laptop and a glass lunchbox. On days when I go to HQ, I carry those plus a water bottle, an empty hot flask for coffee and my laptop charger too. The whole thing weighs 6 kg! No wonder I found myself walking lopsided sometimes, and a petite girl overtook me the other day...!

Unable to take that humiliation, i.e. being overtaken by a petite girl, I started carrying a separate tote bag for foodstuff. Recently, I started dumping the charger with my lunchbox to further reduce the burden on my back. But that doesn't solve the lopsided walk coz I carried the tote bag on one side and the weight still slows me down.

So yes, I need to work towards not bringing the laptop home. No issue with work coz I already spend so much time in office - 7.45 am to 5.30 pm, with breakfast in front of work and no lunch break.

Wait - is someone going to die if I don't work at night? No!

I've feeling super depressed at 9 pm for way too long. And from about a month ago, this depressed mode starts in darkness as I wait for Yang and Yu to go drowsy before I turn on the light in the study area. This has gotta to stop, or at least be way less regular.

With no work at night, I hope to start exercising instead. The nearby gym has classes after 9 pm which is great timing for me. Exercise produces endorphins right? Maybe it will help me feel more able to catch all the flying shit in office with a potty than with my face.

All this coz I do like this job, just not the load and the flying shit.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Legoland again woohoo!

Nowadays, we can go to Legoland only during school holidays. I tried to check against Malaysian and Johor public and school holidays, but this round, we bumped into Mid Autumn Festival unknowingly! Not sure if that was the reason but Legoland was more crowded this time, even on Saturday without school groups.

Wednesday, 11 Sep

Kai and Yang woke before 6 am! Kai was understandably anxious about whether he could go to Legoland. The previous night, he disobeyed me multiple times and despite warnings. So I told him I would have to discuss with Papa whether he should be allowed to go to Legoland. He was rather upset and started tearing. He said Papa would always say no. Well, we discussed and decided that we would let him go but if he didn’t cherish this last chance, we would come back and delete his Candy Crush - he would have to restart his levels wahahaha!

Anyway, I still had to pack the last minute stuff. When I was done, I checked my phone and found that we went to Legoland exactly a year ago! That trip, we didn’t bring Yu coz he was in the stroller most of the time anyway. But we started bringing him again in June and he was running around happily. This time, he was a lot more manageable :)

"Don't stand there; it might fall on you!"

Us with Kai holding our hands :)

We started with the VR. Yu could only follow and wait - VR, small roller coaster, big roller coaster, pull-up ride. We did the observation tower and the city playground together. Finally, when we were at Ninjago, I decided to split the group and bring Yu to the aeroplane.

Drama baby at the big roller coaster

The dizzifying Merlin train

Yu kept talking about a merry-go-round. The Merlin train ride was the closest to one but he was too small for it. I showed him pictures of the one at Universal Studios and he confirmed that he wanted that. Wrong theme park, my baby!

Poser Kai in front of Yang and some spinning game which we didn't p(l)ay of course!

We did the pull-up ride. Sito went with Kai and I went with Yang, coz I definitely could not pull Kai up. It was a parent-torture disguised as a kiddy ride. When I ran out of strength, Yang said I was lazy, sobs!

My hands were all red pulling this ungrateful chap up!

Kai pondering big questions of life on the observation tower??

4D show on police chase was fun!

Yu didn't want to watch any show as usual. So he was hanging out with N outside. When we came out, he said he was hungry. Poor boy!

But must play first

The brothers got cozy

Papa found this first!

Yu and his lunch next to the volcano ride as usual - this is his put-together smile :)

Love that smile!

Kai looks so baby-ish at times :)

Photo with Master Wu before we left Kai and Yang for another dizzifying ride

How could he do this three or four times so soon after lunch?!!

Gummy bear in mouth - thanks ah...

Naughty face, this one!

So glad this boy will now pose for the camera :)

Managed to coax Yu onto the train after the aeroplane - he was a little sleepy but didn't sleep. When we came out, Papa and the brothers came over, and so we took the train again, this time with gummy bears. Gummy bears are now associated with the big train.

Boat ride time!

Only Yang drove this time

By then, Kai was tired. We went to the shop and got a box of Lego for Yu as his birthday is coming! Then they decided to go for VR again...

Dizzy game - lucky it wasn't me! :p

My hub and pup :)

Think it was around this time when Yu fell and scraped his elbow. Poor boy. I cleaned it with a wet wipe and covered it with a plaster.

Went for ice cream after that. The plan was for them to go to Sea Life while I prepared the apartment. But I barely unpacked their PJs when they came up - Kai was too tired.

The Star Wars apartment at Afiniti

One of the Light Sabres worked!

Sofa beds in the living room, on top of two double beds and two mattresses in the two bedrooms

Not white linen hoho!

Showered the kids and rested a little with PS4 and phone games

Sito got dinner from the Chicken Rice shop for them all. After they were quite well settled, we said bye bye and went for our dinner :)

We reached Tian Lai when it was still daylight!

This time, we left Legoland early plus they had dinner back in the apartment, which meant a lot less fuss too coz they were not tired little souls confined to a small dining table. We could repeat this. And coz they all did not nap, Yu dozed off on the sofa before 8 pm. The older boys took a while more to fall asleep...

So we had black pepper crab for dinner :) And Sito had the bright idea of packing for lunch the next day! We did not do this last time but that was our first time in a serviced apartment instead of Legoland hotel. It turned out to be such a good choice!

We got to AEON early enough to walk about buy some instant coffee and beer at AEON haha! And grab bubble tea before going for foot massage.

Two of my favourite things together!

Alas, that was at another outlet... We had a good time though - 90 minutes of bliss! And it was still early enough to not be too tired. But I still felt sleepy while sipping Black Ball drink while Sito was showering...

Thursday, 12 Sep

Water Park, yeah! This time, Yu dared to take the slides on his own. And he did that many many times. But he also fell once on the shallow, rough pool and cut his palm. I brought him to the first aid room and got him a little plaster.

Brave little Yu

Yang also did the red slide more times than usual - I find it very fast at my weight haha!

Papa did a belly bubble - the boys had fun "bursting" it hoho!

Kai relaxing! (I don't know what was in the way of the camera!)

Big boys hanging out

Yu was an  unwilling passenger - I made him go twice :p

Yang hid a water fountain under his shirt!

Racing time!

He was rather fierce when pushing off his boat

Yang cheated by starting his boat halfway!

There was an irritating girl at the racing area. She kept holding on to the lever. Other kids came and waited for their turn, only to be shouted at by the girl - just let go! A boy really just let go and the girl pushed the lever to release his boat.

My little Yu waited at the side as other kids came and go without a chance at the lever. That was already his last race as we were leaving. So I asked the girl to let him have his turn. She released the level after a second but when Yu placed his boat on the line and put his little hand on the lever, she grabbed it over his hand and pushed it. I was so pissed that I broke a rule of mine - should have told her parents - and told the girl off for stealing his turn. Then we left.

Lunch was fried rice, fried bee hoon and sweet and sour pork from Tian Lai! It was a popular option :) And then we all went for a nap...

This time, we didn't oversleep! My alarm sounded when we were in the car to Paradigm where we shopped and played and had dinner. But Yang was angry with me the whole ride coz we did not go back to the theme park. All that anger disappeared when he saw a bouncy castle in the mall! A kind stranger gave us tickets so we just needed socks.

While getting socks for Kai and Yang

Photo by N coz I was busy shopping haha!

I picked out PJs and t-shirts for the boys. Got Sito to pick out a shirt too coz two for RM69 yeah!

Poser Yu!

Clan Sito on holiday!

Found a off-work train while we were looking for BK...

They were pleased :)

BK was closed so we had Macs! So much for bringing the kids out for dinner! But at least it was a relatively easy meal. Plus, there was ice cream! Oh, Kai had two burgers coz Yu didn't want his!!

Only boys had ice cream

First to finish

I helped by licking off some!

Then we found an arcade when they had some fun while I grabbed some bread for the next day

We packed a prata pancake thing and bubble tea from the basement before going home. While waiting for the car, I forgot to let them play with their lanterns! :( But Kai taught me a funny game and I took a video of it - he stood a distance away while I "held" him with my fingers; then he stooped and stood as I moved my fingers closer or further!! It was hilarious!

It was 1o pm before I said goodnight to the kids. They guai guai went to bed...

mf had beer while Sito worked at night

And that was a good end to the day!

Friday, 13 Sep

Last full day at Legoland!

Yang was happy to be back!

Only he would pose with the Lego characters

This time, we went the other way coz the VR route was closed. Too early, perhaps. But we still split at Ninjago. Sito and I arranged to meet up at noon outside the theatre to catch the show where a spider dropped out and scared Yang into tears a couple of years back. But along the way, I realised that was a 4D show, not a theatre show. Oh well!

Boat ride again - this time with excitement...

Sito alerted me that his boat was tilted to one side!

The excitement was - Yu and Mama overtook Papa and Yang!

When we reviewed this photo, Yu said, "I do this.." and showed me how he pointed in the above picture.

Mini flying fox time!

The most manageable weight

This one is hard!

Strong Papa!

Boys just played

Found a kitten in the middle of the ride!

A round of aeroplane for all

Hello from the other side!

Before I knew it, Yu went up the ride with his brothers! Kai was comforting his scared baby brother, awww...

Ninjago June and September!

Kai and Yang wanted to go for the VR so we split from Ninjago. I brought Yu to the observation tower.

First in line!

What's with the face, baby?

Coz there wasn't much time left, we hurried to the theatre. But Papa they all were nowhere to be seen. We rested outside the nearby restaurant for a while. When a big school group gathered outside the restaurant, I decided it was time to eat. So I got lunch for Yu and N, and continued to look out for them.

Finally, I saw them walking away from the theatre. So it turned out that they went in to watch the show! Anyway, Kai and Yang wanted to go for the VR coz they didn't get to do it due to the queue. So off they went again...

Yu dozed off after a light lunch

When they finally came back and had lunch, Yu also woke, and one of the best rides after lunch was the big train!


Then it was time for some aircon - Sea Life! We like this place. The kids like it too though their goal was not the fish but colouring fish...

Only Yu had a go at the starfish - and he was so cute!

Who is taller??

Trying to open a box which was for show only

Yup, their fave, which now comes with little stools

Ice cream again!

Hilarious shot of Yang!

This time, Kai insisted on me accompanying them for VR. So Papa took Yu to the observation tower... I did not realise then that that was a treacherous route...

The VR took about 30 minutes. I thought gosh, Papa they all had been waiting for so long so we'd better go quickly. But we must go watch the Star Wars show. Only Yang was keen but he wouldn't budge so Kai gave in.

We barely made it in so there weren't enough seats left. I asked a European-sounding boy to shift a little for Yang but he told me in halting English that there was no seat. But a boy a couple of seats down heard me and shifted for Yang - so nice, I thanked him and so did his mum :)

There was a crying episode coz Kai pressed a green button on one of the stuctures before Yang could do it. Deep breaths, Mama... And when we got out, we must go past the small roller coaster - and take it; we must go past the big roller coaster - and take it; we must go for the horse ride too!

Us at the big roller coaster

This was over by the time we got there!

Called Sito and learnt that he was at the aeroplane. But I had to put Kai and Yang in the small train before we could leave so lost more time...

Papa was working on his nth ride with Yu!

We went one last round and that was it! Sito had taken the aeroplane for like 10 times by then!

The ship playground was a good end to the day for the kids. Like before, we went back to the apartment for their dinner - BK finally!

And Sito and I went for Korean food! It was Singapore prices but it was good value for money! And we were seated upstairs on floors but with our legs dangling below - adds to the flavour? :p We would come back!

Us on what would have been our regular date night

The spread before the meat came, with Sito working or playing games...

Forgot to take pictures of the galbi but this is the 梅花肉

Headed back to AEON and shopped at DAISO! :p Then we grabbed a drink and went for our foot massage - made the appointment on Wednesday coz this was a Friday...

Hazy full moon on Mid Autumn's night

I didn't nap during the foot massage. Watched the big TV though and found a couple of shows thatI might watch later.. But I dozed off while Sito was in the shower... And I didn't wake until 5 plus when Yu came in.

Saturday, 14 Sep

We checked out and headed to Legoland hotel. Thought we would play there before the theme parked opened but a guard was at the door chasing people away! We only got in coz I got a coffee at the cafe.

Yu made little structures

The bigger boys made bigger structures

And then we went to the theme park! It was drizzling so the boys put on their raincoat and we headed to the aeroplane indoor ride. And then while Kai and Yang went for Ninjago, Yu went for the boat ride - no more rain but crowded!

Yu was quite patient :)

Then we went to the city area - playground and at least three trips on the observation tower!

Wheeee down the slides!

He spotted the roller coasters, volcano ride and water park

And he kept asking about age. How old for big roller coaster? Six - and he held out one hand and a thumb, so cute :)

Sayang the poor triceratops

Then we bumped into the rest near the train station - nice timing! Time for lunch at the same place eating about the same thing haha!

Then we took the train. When we alighted, Yu dashed out of sight! N spotted him near the playground - he was walking back from the playground and crying! Oh poor baby!

Yang pointed to bamboo, "Food for the polar bear!" Wrong bear!

Papa comforting the lost boy

Yang took Yu by the hand after that, so protective! :)

Yu peek-a-boo while waiting for our ride home

Quite pissed coz they changed our ride but did not inform us. I didn't know until I messaged the driver at the appointed time. Sito asked the guy waiting outside for the last 20-30 minutes and found our ride. He couldn't contact my number somehow. It was a cheaper ride this trip but not organised :(

Yu dozed off very early in the ride

Yang was next - all curled up

And finally Kai

I thought that meant no cranky kids later but Yu was quite cranky. He was loitering outside my bathroom when he was done showering. I came out to find him sobbing. Kept him close for a while. Maybe the boy was thinking about his lost boy minute. Maybe he needed more sleep coz the ride via Tuas took only about an hour.

That night, we slept rather soundly :)

And we have now confirmed the dates for our next trip - yeah!!
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