Monday, 16 September 2019

Writing on a weeknight!

Came back to work today with over 400 new emails. I made good progress with just over a 100 left to go, considering that I had three meetings today.

I am feeling a little better than before Legoland. Perhaps coz I thought of a way to do this -  CARE LESS, i.e. if I can't finish, it's just too bad!

Is anyone going to die if I don't do more tonight? Um, no!

That is why I'm writing now, on a weeknight. My work laptop was running low on battery so instead of pulling out the charger, I hibernated the thing and stuffed it into my backpack.

My next step is to stop bringing the laptop home. I think my backpack is wrecking my back coz I carry it at least one hour a day - 15 min on the MRT to work after dropping off Kai and 45 min taking the MRT home.

So I bought a hanging weighing machine - whatever it's called - to weigh my work backpack. On a typical day, I carry a laptop and a glass lunchbox. On days when I go to HQ, I carry those plus a water bottle, an empty hot flask for coffee and my laptop charger too. The whole thing weighs 6 kg! No wonder I found myself walking lopsided sometimes, and a petite girl overtook me the other day...!

Unable to take that humiliation, i.e. being overtaken by a petite girl, I started carrying a separate tote bag for foodstuff. Recently, I started dumping the charger with my lunchbox to further reduce the burden on my back. But that doesn't solve the lopsided walk coz I carried the tote bag on one side and the weight still slows me down.

So yes, I need to work towards not bringing the laptop home. No issue with work coz I already spend so much time in office - 7.45 am to 5.30 pm, with breakfast in front of work and no lunch break.

Wait - is someone going to die if I don't work at night? No!

I've feeling super depressed at 9 pm for way too long. And from about a month ago, this depressed mode starts in darkness as I wait for Yang and Yu to go drowsy before I turn on the light in the study area. This has gotta to stop, or at least be way less regular.

With no work at night, I hope to start exercising instead. The nearby gym has classes after 9 pm which is great timing for me. Exercise produces endorphins right? Maybe it will help me feel more able to catch all the flying shit in office with a potty than with my face.

All this coz I do like this job, just not the load and the flying shit.

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