Sunday, 8 September 2019

Happy times amid difficult times

Was so busy I forgot to write about our happy times with the boys.

Yang had a show-and-tell on 22 August. He wanted me to go so I did. And I was glad I did! He did so well! I was wondering whether he would be soft and shy, or loud as usual, whether he would need his teachers to help him along by the side, and whether he would speak English or Mandarin.

English show-and-tell, loud and clear, no help from anyone and with a drumstick on his head!

Yu joined us too!

Yang's grape sandwich

Picture and voice message from N on the way home: Mama, nice or not??

Very nice and handsome, my dear baby!

I still don't understand why kids like to play with those standing boards things when there are slides and swings right nearby

Cute motorist riding about at home

Watching his brothers play chess with their own rules

Yu looks like such a big boy here! But I like to zoom into the mouth haha!

Yu said he drew a monster - and I could tell it was a monster!

Yu requested for Papa to lie down with him at nap time :)

Yu looked ridiculous with that big helmet!

Kai posed, hands free - and he wanted a picture

Oh, Yu fell! Looks like a 小球球 on the ground!

Boys on the roof!

Last Sunday, we did some painting at home. It was more like playing with paint!

Copying his brothers

We also did a play - three little pigs! The boys took turns playing the big bad wolf - so happy!

Cramped both my heart and my tongue in my mouth while Sito told Kai that he used to do this too!!

Hawker centre wasn't too crowded on Friday, Teachers' Day

Yup, Yu was too busy drinking his milo to look up... We took a different route to the hawker centre this time - the boys went on their scooter! I almost gave up and stopped at Bukit Panjang Plaza but Heavenly Wang was too warm so we carried on...

I had to chase after Yu for the first 30% of the way - coz after that he was too tired to continue *.* Kai stopped after 80% - coz it was a new, heavier scooter. Only Yang gamely rode the whole way, and still wanted to ride back! But no way, bus please!

Continued having fun downstairs after breakfast :)

Funny faces during a rest stop

Went to Mother's place for dinner. Took the LRT-MRT-bus route. Yu was surprisingly quiet along the way, sitting still next to me. Only his brothers were messing around the whole time.

Poker face throughout

Thumb game, with Pepsi-Cola 123

Very happy at the playground before dinner

Love seeing them like this :)

They were spinning around at the playground and said they felt like puking. But luckily, Kai ate everything, Yang ate most of his while Yu chose to eat fried wantan instead of rice!!!

Yu picked his nth fried wantan; Yang happened to be standing there :p

After our "road trip" yesterday, Yu could ride with his leg upright and turn as well!

Boys on the Papa Express, zooming through the water!

As I was picking out the kids' clothes for our upcoming Legoland trip, I realised that they haven't worn their nicer clothes for a while now that we don't go out much. Every Saturday, they wear their usual matching home gear, and after Yu's nap, we go out without changing into nicer clothes coz we're just heading downstairs... Time to dump stuff at the next stay-at-home weekend.

They must knock before AhMa can open the door

Finally got his hands on fishing after his nap!

Yu lined up the chairs and stools for a train ride!

And he put his suitcases under the seat in front of him, ok... He remembers a lot from our outings. Sometimes, he would carry the suitcase and say he's going to work. Ok, byebye, baby! :p

Lantern time!

I think Yang was most pleased with it coz he was with me when I got them from NTUC after music lesson yesterday. Yu found it fun enough. Kai didn't seem to care much about it. We'll be in Legoland on the actual day itself - will probably bring the lanterns along!

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