Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Counting.. up..

I've had three dumplings thus far: one yesterday and two this pm.. Yes, Na, I ate your share for you, in addition to mine today :p

Now go read CY's entry on Dumpling Festival if you can read Chinese. Else there's always Babel Fish..?

Have a dumpling as you read, keep eating, grow fat with me..

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Guide to flirting

Sito forwarded us this article some time ago.

Who says looks aren't important?
"..statistically, relationships where one partner is much more attractive than the other tend to be less successful. Studies have shown that the more evenly matched partners are in their attractiveness, the more likely they are to stay together."


Mother! Are you done with the prep yet?? Sighs, I should have slept a bit more.. *.*

Morbid thoughts

Somehow, sometimes, I feel that my life is rather meaningless. Really, there's only one big thing keeping me alive - responsibility to an uncle and an aunt, who signed their names on the dotted line for my $300,000 bond.

If I die, everyone will be a bit sad, I suppose, but in the end, life moves on. Meh is fine, cos if I die, she'll be cremated with me. Mother is fine, cos I've got siblings I didn't ask for and a good insurance plan.

I realise I'm lacking in purpose. After I've discharged that expensive responsibility, I'll need to find a purpose to keep me going. I have no desire to jump off any building; don't want to die ugly! :p

Anyway, I'm uttering nonsense again.. On leave today to make rice dumplings. Will be giving out rice dumplings as usual - make everyone grow fat with me! *Evil* :p

Monday, 29 May 2006

Suddenly remember this picture

I was up on Jungfraujoch (Interlaken, Switzerland) in the summer of 2003 and sent a e-greeting from the highest point in Europe you could get to by train. This picture was in that e-card. It was very cold up there but I was wearing only a cardigan from Singapore as I didn't plan to go there at first.

Must go buy shoes now; strap broke =( Was just saying yesterday that I last bought shoes (excluding dance shoes) in Sep 2005!

A really long account of a strange weekend

Believe me, I've tried to shorten it..

LS and I were some 20min late for 730pm dinner - meeting, jam etc. G said she was walking from Oriental so LS and I sat down for a chat while waiting. Time flew to 830pm and we decided to order some food. Then Jon, who said he could only join us late after a movie, appeared before G did; we were so tickled that G was that late - old habits died hard man! :p The best part was when G finally arrived at 930pm (!), she was surprised we had started eating!! (Need to write about punctuality one day - remind me!)

The last time we met was last May, just before G went to Belgium. She was going back for another year. She seemed to be having a good time there - working hours that the three of us could only dream of, sighs.. Then she said she was going to try skydiving soon. So brave! I could never imagine myself doing that!

G: Why not?
Jon: Can la, what'll happen is we'll say, "mf, look at this!" *Push!*
G: There'll just be a lot of screaming, haha!

Had a lot to say about Jon and his luck with women. And girls. His movie "date" was a 12-year-old.

Jon: Come on! She just treats me like an elder brother!
mf: I believe you treat her like a sister but I don't believe she treats you like a brother lor!
LS: See? It's not just me, everyone says so!
mf: Believe us, we have been 12-year-old girls, but you haven't!

Our honorable LS told him, "Don't appear before me!" :p

You know, I didn't go to Ikea in the end..

I managed to register for basic theory - test date is 30 Jun. Took a train back to Tomato Town, and found myself some 25min early for the Ikea shuttle. So I thought I would go to Popular across the road to get the basic theory handbook.

Was happily drinking my soya bean milk when I felt something hit me quite hard on my hairline. I touched my hair and found some cold white liquid on my fingers. For a moment, I was like, did someone just throw icecream at me?? Then the truth dawned.. BIRD SHIT!

I didn't know if I should cry or laugh. I mean, I was totally disgusted and yet it was quite funny too - so "lucky" ah?! Anyway, I sped towards MOS Burger to wash my hands and inspect damage. Found two spots that bounced off my hair onto my pretty blouse. No doubt, it's freaking bird poo poo. That stupid bird had way too much to eat - that was a lot of shit for a bird!!

I had to go back to wash myself. It was just too disgusting. But I wasn't about to leave without going to Popular, the very reason why I had to cross the road in the first place, leading to the shit incident! On the way back, I saw the Ikea shuttle moving away from the pick-up point. Sighs =(

mf + bird shit = a lot of shampoo and water

That pretty much sums up the next hour..

It started to rain while I was in the shower. Decided not to catch the next Ikea shuttle. Changed into something comfortable and started reading the handbook until I felt drowsy.. Then I thought of Na, and decided to rest her way ie sleep :p

Woke in darkness. A little disoriented. Checked my phone - almost 8pm. Only YQ and gf were in, talking very loudly in the kitchen over the fish. Too loud. Wasn't pleased to be disturbed. Tried to go to the toilet but YQ was poo-ing. I'd had enough of shit that day! Went back to bed, still drowsy and lazed with Meh until the two kids left.

It was almost 9pm when I decided to watch a bit of Taiwanese variety show, laughed a bit. Then MZ came back and sat down immediately with her beloved VCDs. Then Mother came back with some food and stuff from JB. Listened to her talk about the boat trip to see fireflies. I've never seen fireflies..

Was getting drowsy at midnight when my phone rang. It was Kel who just got back from his mysterious Genting trip. His sim card seemed to have been corrupted somehow. Told him where to go to get it fixed. He also told me I could have borrowed the basic theory handbook from him. Had I known, I would not have crossed that road and got hit by bird shit! Too late.. Slept with Meh on my shoulder.

Jumped out of bed feeling hungry. Remembered that I had all of two slices of wholemeal bread with peanut butter and some soya bean milk on Sat. Went for a jog. On the way back, a huge white furry dog pounced on me playfully. A bit shocked but otherwise rather amused. Enjoyed a nice breakfast of not two but three slices of wholemeal bread with some peanut butter and some yoghurt.

Started drilling on competition routine in ballroom for quality. Very tiring! And I was hungry.. We practised for only a short while after the lesson and dashed off to Funan for a bite with the boys. I could never understand why Dan and Sito would label themselves ah gua and gay respectively! :p

For the first time (in a long time?) both CY and I were early! The girl was powerful, came from a buffet lunch and got all excited over Sizzler's salad buffet! Nvm, we all sin on weekends. We even had gelato, the process of which was mildly reminiscent of one of our conversation topics..

CY: Considering between green tea and tiramisu..
mf: I should be having hazelnut..
CY: (to the uncle) Can I have a white choc?
mf: Kek?! What happened to green tea and tiramisu??
Uncle: What about you?
mf: I don't know.. *What happened to hazelnut??* Ok ok! I'll have the hazelnut!

Heh heh, the difference between our current mentality on a certain issue *wink* Ahhh, always good to have a bare-all chat :)

CY gave me a pair of slippers she bought from Bangkok - thanks! Very pretty! :) This woman ah, is already planning for her second career following the end of her bond this year. I should think of something too, though I have a few more years to go..

Of Saturday, to be exact.

At the end of the day, I suddenly realised that it was a different Sat despite the trip to Ikea that never happened. First of all, I had a good rest with that much sleep. Then, my phone was silent, and I didn't try to contact or even think of contacting anyone. I might have mentioned this but I tend not to disturb even my closest friends for no reason. Some weird upbringing that I've failed to grow out of.

Sat just felt a bit strange but I had some enlightening thoughts in my dreams and while lazing. I'm more keen than ever to leave this place after my bond. And I wouldn't stay in one place for too long, two years max. As I related this to CY yesterday, another thought popped up and I said that by the time I finished exploring all cities of interest, I could go and die already :p Or perhaps I could have died before I covered the world. A little morbid but that's something I could do to spend my life.

Watched quite a bit of Taiwanese drama that day too. I've decided long ago that too much of this is no good. The plots are all too predictable and the endings are always good. It's the adult version of "the prince and the princess live happily ever after". Poison! Too unrealistic. Too idealistic. The more I watch, the more disillusioned I feel. It's easy to give up on romantic comedies in the movies but the freaking TV is right next to my bed! Seriously need to get away.. My room, my room, pls be done soon!

Saturday, 27 May 2006







我很肯定,她是我的最爱。我也相信,她也一样爱我。我们都好幸福噢! :)

Friday, 26 May 2006

Something seems to be wrong with mf..

Eg 1) At one meeting, I was closing the door but found it "jammed". I used my body weight to close it. Then as I walked to my seat, colleague told me about the door stop *.* Later, a latecomer tried to come in. I couldn't undo the door stop and someone had to help me - so embarassing!

Eg 2) At another meeting, I finished a presentation and thought I needed a drink. No tea came out of the pot though I DID press the open button. My kind colleagues passed me another pot. This time, I couldn't even press the button! Gave up! After a decent period of time, colleague tried to refill tea, found the pot locked, unlocked it and poured yummy tea.. o_O

But I still believe I can drive and not do stupid things like locking myself up in a car :p And I'll go register for my basic theory tomorrow! Then I'll go to Ikea for a walk, get some ideas for my little room. Finally a different kind of weekend! :)

Thursday, 25 May 2006

Salsa in the morning

Was on morning leave today but woke at the same time cos I was going for salsa! Hup was doing a salsa elective class for civics and I wanted to see RJ - perfect chance! We started with YY taking the girls while Hup and I revised the CBLT with the boys. Then, the usual two concentric circles and the practice started. Now the funny bits came in..

Boy 1: She's tall..
Boy 2: Look at the heels!
Boy 3: Stress stress...

Hup told them how our instructor could spin girls taller than him. We also did a demo at the end of the class and..

Students: You never taught us those!!

So funny I was giggling most of the time! I CANNOT BE A TEACHER AH! But think I like hanging out with young people. I mean, youngER people. Ahem, mf is still very young :p

After we shooed them off for their classes, we carried on dancing a bit before packing up. Bumped into Ms Chia at the lift - she used to teach in NJ! She wasn't my tutor but I had her for MCS once and I remember she said something like, "You have to start doing the questions!" I've been applying that to things I do ie to just do it, with some thinking of course, but without dwelling too much on it or I'll never get started and the thing won't ever be done! Also remember her for her maggi mee hair. Her hair was still long but no longer as maggi mee as - omg - ten year back.. And she didn't seem to have aged!

Chatted in the canteen for a while, discussing our Bali trip - can't wait! - and how we would like to go overseas at the end of our bond. Hup was thinking of cosmetic chemistry in US and since I so wish to go to Japan, I offered to break into the Asian market for him! Haha! And of course, London, Rome, Paris, EUROPE! And the nice things there.. Always happy to talk about such things :)

Took a bus to Thomson Rd to change bus to work but stopped by a reflexology centre for a foot massage since it was only 11am. Then I had to make a little trip to Prata House *guilty* I know, sinful!! But but but, when I was seated at my desk with the prata in my hands, the following sms exchange took place..

Hup: I think they read your blog.. They asked, is she meifoong.. So no more bad things about me or they know! :)
mf: Haha! Oops I try.. (anyway, nothing bad for me to write about la!)
Hup: Besides some students say your figure is very good :) Hope this makes you happy.
mf: Omg! I feel very good eating prata now!

Yes mf is obviously very happy! To be able to eat prata without guilt - how often does that happen? :p

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

World Cup is coming!

Just received one of those forwarded emails that I just have to share! #2 is hilarious! Right click here to save target..

Recall last World Cup - I was in Greece. Everywhere we went, Greeks would ask warmly if we were Koreans cos the Korean team knocked out the Italians :p

For the record, I'm not crazy over the game, but I've been to matches at Anfield (vs. Man City), Highbury (vs/ Aston Villa) and Nou Camp (not familar with Spanish League), and also watched a fair number of games on TV. In June, when half of Singapore walks around half awake, you can be sure I belong to the other half :p Come on, there's always ESPN online!

Oops, did I just breach a rule? :p


There is this big man who walks without control, what Shifu will term "body flight". I was walking in front of him one day as we boarded the same bus, when he practically rammed into me! From then on, I always let him go in front of me.

Today, I waited in line and boarded the bus right after him. He was paying by cash so he stood at the top of the steps for a while; I was at the bottom step, waiting.


Ahhh! I was freaking squashed and yelped a little before I managed to say "excuse me"! =( Then the kind bus driver - he's really a very kind man, once saw him help a little girl who missed her school bus, and he's always greeting and smiling at passengers - realised there was someone behind the big man; he had blocked me - plus size me! (Heh, not really :p) - from driver's sight completely! Driver kept apologising but then, it really wasn't his fault. Anyway, just a wake-up shock, no greater harm done..

When I alighted, driver waved at me. I waved back. Such a nice uncle :)

Monday, 22 May 2006

Yes I think I can dance

Took my silver medal test yesterday - highly commended. Must thank my dance partner - Sito! :) The grade was sort of expected but I thought the marks for tango would have been higher than for foxtrot; somehow we did better than expected for our weakest foxtrot, not a bad thing actually - I like foxtrot music (except for that horrible prac song)!

We were quite nervous but it was great fun! Last year I was in white; yesterday, I was in my black flowy skirt perfect for ballroom. Eh, outfits are very important ok.. If I were in a less pretty flock, I would be less inclined to flaunt myself and strut my stuff right? :p

I think we're doing quite well in the waltz now, judging from the video taken yesterday. Foxtrot has improved beyond my imagination - I can finally do proper heel turns! Tango will need a bit more tuning. And quickstep! Haven't done that for some time, I like.. Hope we get started on Viennese waltz asap. And of course, need to find time for latin. Argh! Feel like dancing right now!

No hosting space for the dance videos but some photos to share:

By chance, all the girls turned up in black!

The three couples with the examiners and our instructors

Shifu was showing a video to the examiners and invited us to join in. The video was quite old, a documentary on his family by TCS, predecessor of MediaCorp, in the 1980s or early 1990s. The family has been dancing since the first studio was set up in 1937 by Shifu's father. It's now in its fourth generation of dancers. Felt rather inspired after watching it.. Must practise harder if I want to improve!

Went by Kel's place to borrow his comp - my laptop is dying any day now, sometimes happy, sometimes "operating system not found" =( After sitting at the comp for some 30min, my left ankle decided not to hold up anymore - think I must have strained it, danced a lot since Sat, especially Sun when we started at 230pm with a meal break before the test at 730pm. As I was showering and trying to scrub my right foot, I realised I couldn't stand on my left anymore =( Rest rest rest, else Wed cannot go for class!

After the thanks, it's time for some scolding.. Sat after dinner, I was about to call some friends to say I was joining them but I couldn't find my phone! I thought I put it on the table the moment I sat down but it wasn't there, and it wasn't in my bag either.. Panicked! Asked Sito to call - but no chirpy ringtone could be heard! Asked him to call studio to check.. At that moment, well, you might have guessed, he whipped out my phone from his side of the table! Gaaar! I can't bear the thought of losing my phone! All my contacts! Another scary bit - I only learnt yesterday that he took my phone within five minutes of sitting down and I didn't realise it.. I really need to be more aware of my surroundings man..

Hilarious update
Just showed Siok the videos. She said if the dance partner was a buaya, I could name the videos "Dances with (a) Wolf"! Haha! :p

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Fortune telling

Some time ago, I gave my eight characters to Sito's sister to calculate some astrology stuff. Results: mf is a weak yang metal.

Then CY gave me some websites:

Did some tests and got this table - ok, my html sucks, can't do the table :p

Heavenly Stem Earthly Brach (mf: Huh? And, "brach"?)
5 elements Weight
Metal - 30
Water - 3
Wood - 9
Fire - 0
Soil - 18

I don't have fire!!! Since it's best to have balanced five elements, I need to find some fire..

In another test, I found the earthly equivalents of the five elements:

Metal - me
Water - kids
Wood - money
Fire - job
Soil - mom

Mom(Soil) and you (Metal) are friend. Money (Wood) and job (Fire) are foe. You and your friend fight with your foe. If you and mom win (bigger score), money works for you. If you lose, you work for money. If you win, you will make more money when you find Wood (money) or Fire (job) in the fate cycle or on certain years. If you lose, you still can earn money when you find Metal (you) or Soil (Mom) in the fate cycle or in certain years.

metal + soil = 48 > wood + fire = 9 - win! Yeah!

And guess what? When calculating my astrological weight (whatever that is), I got this: There is great potential for you to achieve abundance even though you may be lacking in family luck. As you have little affinity with your parents, it is better for you to live apart from them. Staying with an uncle or aunt may be a good idea.

Wa! I better move out asap! :p

Man, am I bored..

Friday, 19 May 2006

Not again..

Even my colleagues are harping on my status: SINGLE (and unattached)

Before you suspect this blog is turning into another Sumiko Tan column albeit younger, let me come clean first: it is! Hahaha!

Ok, may sanity prevail.. This has been a crazy week. I had a major meeting this Wed so there were a number of things to prepare - logistics, other people's papers, my papers, my presentation. But I had only half of Mon due to a lecture in the pm and a subsequent dinner with the speaker, Dr Joseph Chamie. Quite an engaging guy so dinner with him was interesting. Anyway the bosses were talking of course; I was only sitting in to listen. And the food was nice, the scenery perfect - Top of the M, revolving restaurant. Went back to watch Desperate Housewives before getting down to work - sent out the damn thing at 1am.

Only half of Tues belonged to me. Was busy in the morning with a courtesy call from Dr Chamie. Had to run off towards the end for an important meeting elsewhere. At that meeting, we finalised the papers for the Wed meeting, which meant the whole pm was spent preparing for the correct set of slides. Ended my day at 930pm without even starting on the minutes for the courtesy call! Rehearsed my slides until I fell asleep..

But I was calm during the presentation. Still went rather fast but I thought I articulated my words better than the last time eg opporTUnity :p Have a similar presentation at yet another meeting next Wed, higher level one - must be calm.. Shall pretend that I'm acting, especially since I'll have a podium for next week..

Colleague did the minutes for Wed meeting so I had Wed pm to write the minutes for the courtesy call. And I went for ballroom, yeah! Better practise hard for the medal test on Sunday.. Was Thurs crazy? I can only remember the end of the day when there was a mad rush to finish up stuff..

mf: Eh, I'll try to finish but otherwise I'll give you the paper first thing tomorrow..? I'm going out tonight leh! Argh!
Boss: Hmmm, ok, first thing tomorrow, but that's assuming you can't finish tonight..
mf: *.*

I finished at 820pm - yes! Rushed off to - guess what - buy a bag! Isetan private sale, my pretty bag had a 30% discount. I saved $87! Very satisfied :)

Fri was a little more relaxed with short periods of rush for certain things. Just back from a meeting, which leads me back to original topic.. Was with two married colleagues in their early 30s. Suddenly, somehow, they turned to me and "got boyfriend?", "don't have or fussy?", "faster find someone!", "have three kids, do your NS", "how about XX?" And I suddenly realised that when I moved to another unit in July, all my colleagues - ALL - will be married folks, who, presumably, will turn to unmarried me and start asking questions every so often..


And you know, just today during lunch, Siok had a weird thought of matching me with this director in another division. I was like, I seriously don't think so.. Uh ah, NO. Period. *.*

Of course now I must mention my KLK kakis and our usual chats. Some time ago, had a chat with Kel and Moh over their dinner and my supper. Verdict: How depressing! Looks like singlehood rates in Singapore cannot be helped! And as I see it at this point, KLK has rather high singlehood rates - 76.9%! But someone seems to be having some progress - I'm so going to squeeze the details out of him! :p

Just wondering.. Are we too focused on the wrong things? Some people want their career in place of a family. Ok, add to the stats.. Then some people expect too much of potential partners. More stats again.. And there are others who like to watch TV very very very very much - what do I say but to the stats, to the stats?!

Let's analyse mf.. I value family over career but now without a family (current one isn't too homely, hasn't been for 20years), my work is the only thing that keeps me occupied and fulfilled. Do I expect too much? Actually I don't think so but then, no one ever thinks so..

Learnt about this
website from Omni, went there and took a free personality test to determine the kind of man that would suit me - think I've defined the perfect man ie non-existent *.* Crap!

Or maybe, it's so accurate that it's simply not possible? Since this is so long already, I might as well make it longer! An extract of the very long test results, also very much an analysis of myself if you change all the he to mf:

You don't need the perfect man, but you will do best with someone who tries to be sensitive to your feelings, even if he isn't always perfectly attuned to your needs. You will be mutually supportive, but won't demand more from each other than you are willing to give.

He is probably a bit of a loner.. probably focused on his own life, and doesn't let other people's misfortunes get him down.. someone who has bigger things on his mind than helping the homeless or donating to charity. He will appreciate that you are your own person and don't expect him to solve your problems. Your relationship will be based more on mutual respect than a need for emotional support. (mf: respect is very important!)

When in a relationship, he sees himself as part of a couple, but still maintains his independence and identity.

He's self-reliant and isn't looking for emotional support.. someone who isn't looking to be rescued; he can take care of himself.

He enjoys things like literature and fine art, but generally has other priorities when it comes to entertainment. Other people see him as someone who would visit some of the world's top museums during a trip abroad but who might neglect the ones in his own home town.

He takes pride in his looks but isn't defined by them.

He is accomplished academically, but doesn't overemphasize it. During his school years, he balanced studying with things like extracurricular activities, working or spending time with friends. He wants to have an intellectual connection with his partner, but he's also able to appreciate other things about her, like kindness, character or sense of humour.

He is generally happy and hopeful about what life has to offer. There may be parts of his life he'd like to improve, but he generally has faith that he'll attain his goals.. someone who tries to focus on the positive in good times and bad.

He is looking for a woman who shares similar ideas about parenting. He likes kids and probably has clear ideas about raising them. He feels that a couple will be much better parents if they are like-minded in their approach to things like discipline and communication with children. They will also experience more harmony and unity as parents - something he values.

He has a strong moral compass, but does not necessarily believe that everything done in the name of church or country in our society is correct. He is an independent thinker. Traditional gender roles and censorship generally strike him as wrong, but so may many of the more extreme liberal attitudes exhibited in pop culture. He doesn't have wildly radical views about society or morality.

He isn't the kind of person who gets involved with a faith community.. generally only attends religious services for weddings and funerals, and even then he's uncomfortable with organised religion.

He will understand if your relationship with your family is distant, uninvolved or filled with conflict. He may not have a perfect family either, and definitely doesn't expect family life to always be wonderful.

If anyone actually reads all that, I believe he/she may have reached the same verdict as mine - such a person doesn't exist!

I've been thinking and talking about my room lately and how I want it done. Mother heard me a couple of times and said (loudly, actually more like scolding) there was no reason for me to spend on the room if I was to get married and move out in no time! I was so frustrated with that - she just couldn't understand that (a) her scenario was so not going to happen, and (b) even if it's just for a short while, it will be heavenly to finally have some privacy and comfort! I am going to stay in that little room until at least 30, cos I don't foresee myself getting hitched by then AND I'm considering going overseas at 30 to work for fun ie not the earn big bucks kind, just for the experience. And if I do that, I'll come back only when it's time for me to get that flat, with or (I hope for her) without Na. We shall see..

Saturday, 13 May 2006

mf & her many names

You know my name - mf. You know it stands for meifoong - I still prefer to be called mf, pronounced murf, like smurf without the "s".

Question: Do you know my other names? :p

I was born meifoong (see, I don't even like to capitalise my name!) but family and relatives have been calling me foong/ ah foong from day one. I hated it cos my friends had nicer names AND their parents didn't call them ah X ah Y ah Z! But well I'm used to it now, and I get everyone to call my mobile only so no one hears them calling me to the phone! :p

If you read comments, you may see CY calling me pong. Well, you see, I have this cousin one year younger, who has a slightly affected Mandarin as his mother was Taiwanese. When we were kids, he couldn't call me properly!! Pong was thus born and my cousins all like to call me pong gia!

The next name came about in secondary school. It could be Jo, I can't remember too well now, who started called me 凤姐, cos I was one of the oldest in class, January baby. Later in JC, some people also called me that, and HL, my dear 玲妹妹, called me 凤姐姐 :)

Then during the France-Italy trip, I was nicknamed 大姐. I hate that! Cos the original characters were.. Eeks! Anyway, the guys are still using it to this day lor! Especially BH who'll call me that suddenly so that I may respond involuntarily.. Boys! *Roll eyes*

Another name that came up in Oxford was 小凤妹. Maybe cos I was always hanging out with the seniors. But wait, I think it was SL who first called me that and he's one year younger than me! Anyway it didn't catch on, phew..

Oh, almost forgot - I was also Matsushima Nanako 松岛菜菜子! Haha! Those days we often watched Jap drama serials and my hair looked like hers, and I had those cheekbones as well.. Plus my ex had longish hair like Nanako's real-life husband!! Ya, stupid :p

It was also in Oxford when I firsted started using gnoofyem and later MF. mf - non-caps - came about only in recent years.

At work, some people call me meow/ meow meow/ meow foong cos I like cats :) Hence you see my other blog - sharing meow! :)

Later, when I started dancing, Shifu had problems with meifoong. So I said M, yes, just the letter M. But anyway he is used to meifoong now. Though sometimes it still sounds like mui foong.. *shudders*

Sito gave me another one too - 阿美. Never fails to remind me of that old song that goes 阿美阿美几时办嫁妆.. Well, I don't know! Heh! :p

Besides 大姐 and 小凤妹, you can call me any of the above. Oh, and I accept 美女 too - that's the favourite of people who know me by face but don't know my name!!

Childhood games

Went for a jog with CY this morning. On the way back from a healthy breakfast, we walked under the MRT tracks and chanced upon a hopscotch print - we used to play hopscotch in school so often!! But we couldn't really remember the rules anymore. We started talking about the other games we used to play.. Let me list them:

1) Zero point! Or zero thousand point..? Seems to be the all time favourite cos all we needed was space; the three hopscotch prints were very popular and all taken up by those who were released for recess earlier. But we would always have the long rope of rubber bands on us and could play any time :) I remember CY being very good at this game and I was totally jia lat cos I couldn't jump so high :p

2) Starfish! Using the same rubber rope but connected end to end. Can't remember how to play already..

3) Catching! I love it ok! Although I got caught easily cos I couldn't run very much :p Besides playing in school, I also played when visiting Grams - extended play area to the whole block, using lifts to run away from the predator. Then we also had modified catching - alright, this is a bit weird. You know the markings of a badminton court right, we could only run along those lines!

4) Five stones! I've always wanted to make my own set but never really got down to it. Hey CY, let's play some day? :)

5) Pepsi cola 123! Ya, another classic and the most recently played game - played at a beach outing some time in the past two years..

6) And this one, I just thought of it: the handkerchief game aka diao shou jin! Very fun!! Oh my, it feels so far away though..

7) Hide and seek! Classic! But hard to really hide well ah :p And the modified one, blind cat aka xia yan mao! Used to play this in the house and we would jump all over the place! I quite like being the predator here, just feeling my way around and cornering people, hiak hiak hiak! *evil*

8) Playground swing! I rem CY and another girl used to compete to see who went higher. They both went really high, really! Too scary for me..

9) Card games like Old Maid and Happy Family! Old Maid was so funny and I can still remember the Bun family, the Dose family, the Bone family - ahhh...

These old games cost very little and were great fun! Now we're all grown up and play different games which, I realise, all need money eg ktv, bowling, shopping (a game of sorts), slacking at Starbucks. We are also talking about different things. Not sure if I've said this before: last time we talked about results and puppy love, then we graduate to salaries and more serious bgr, and soon we'll be talking about mammograms! Haha!

Friday, 12 May 2006


I'm so going to die from waiting for emails to load! I didn't come back to office on yet another public holiday for all this waiting! I don't know if it's the LAN or the email system - likely the latter, a 2kb email should open IMMEDIATELY!

Anyway, it's Vesak Day today. Seems strange to say Happy Vesak Day, cos it's also my Gramps' death anniversary - he passed away this day in 2002, one week before my finals.

Passed by the Singapura Book Company on the way to Grams' place. I haven't seen it open for the longest time cos I seldom walk by in the day time. This shop is right next to my grandparents' provision shop (which has been let out) and we the cousins used to hang out with the kids there, I think.. Ah, nostalgic..

Grams and Aunt cooked a lot. Mother also made some kuey this morning. We started with burning incense sticks and after a while - there must be some trigger or something - Eldest Uncle brought the incense paper to burn in the bin downstairs.

When they came back and the red candles were almost all burnt, Grams muttered some words and dropped two coins on the floor. Uncle picked them up - negative ie we could not end the ceremony yet. This went on a few times, both Grams and Uncle dropped the coins but it was always no-go. Then at last, Grams took the coins. I heard her ask Gramps to allow them to end the ceremony, and not to be annoyed with his three other sons for their absence today. Then the coins were dropped and we had a positive! The elders were saying that Gramps preferred more people around. But well, due to work etc, three of my uncles couldn't make it today. The alter was thus kept and we had lunch.

I slacked around with my cousins for a while and left for office, within walking distance. I'm sitting here now with a 1.5l bottle of oolong tea and Siok behind me! So happy to have company though I had a big scare when she first walked in cos I heard something before I saw her :p

Backtracking a bit now.. Watched Poseidon with CTB yesterday - I made the right choice to decline the nomination for the ship thing!! Trivial: In the last scene when the survivors were in the life boat, I noticed the super thick mascara on the girl's lashes - very waterproof, considering how they swam and struggled etc! Got back quite early - no takers for Union - but still slept late cos was chatting with Kel and YX on the phone. And I did something totally dexterous too - I showered while on the phone!! Kel had mean things to say about that but well..! :p

Going to Chomp Chomp for dinner now - don't think I'll eat cos of the heavy lunch, still so full..

Monday, 8 May 2006

It's over

Nothing surprising in GE results.

One last thing before I revert to the familiar fluff: When we vote, are we voting for a compassionate spokesman to help the everyday folks, or an effective government to carry Singapore forward? How to balance domestic needs and national good??

It's always easy to ask questions, especially when I'm not the one attempting an answer..

Update 10 May 2006
Thanks YX for forwarding this! The words are real small on my screen - copy into word to read if need be, just read it!

Sunday, 7 May 2006

Run mf run

Had a dream this morning. I was in Oxford, somewhere along Cowley St on the east of town, looking for a shop that made robes. Couldn't find it, and started running real hard to Brasenose. Somehow I approached from the north, tried unsuccessfully to cut through Exeter. Ended up passing by Worcester and turned into a little lane. Saw the Old Tuckshop, recalled a real incident with some snack I bought there many years back, an incident I had otherwise forgot. The next moment I was running through town towards High St. A mean guy walking in my direction mimicked the way I ran - big swaying arms etc. A girl saw that and smiled kindly. I smiled back and ran past Cornmarket St. I was amazed I wasn't tired with all that running, but I was conscious I was dreaming so that explained it.

I never reached my college. I woke. And I woke tired from running. Decided to jog. Jogged a bit more than usual today. And though I was real slow sometimes, I never stopped or reduced to walking. I pushed on.

I'm feeling satisfied. For now.

Saturday, 6 May 2006







之前两天,上班的路上,突然有一个念头。我看着车上挤得满满的脸孔,个个面无表情,不是闭目养神,就是双眼发呆。他们到底在想什么呢?他们开心吗?他们对全新的一天是抱着怎样的心态?对前面的人生又是什么样的憧憬?是希望,是期望,是盼望,是期盼?或是负面的失望,绝望? 我望向车窗外,满街都是准备上班的人。他们又是怎样看待自己的未来呢?




追根究底,我为什么不能哭呢?很小的时候,我常趁大家都在客厅看电视,一个人躲在房间装睡,其实是偷偷抽泣,那是因为家里的许多不愉快。后来对那些事看开后,掉眼泪都是因为太多可悲或感人的剧情。到了最近,不是没有哭泣的原因,不是因为又看开了什么,而是眼泪罢工了。也许是我厌倦了一个人抽泣的日子,也可能是眼泪自觉没有“知音” ,哭了也没有人知道为什么,就连自己也不知道。可是有时候真的很想哭呀!我只想好好发泄一下,让种种的压力,所有的不满随着泪水流掉,象征性的去掉心里的包袱与矛盾。




It was a swift affair, over in 10min.

And it wasn't much of a novelty after all. Had my ID verified, cast my vote, dipped the slip into a box, and left. Nothing exciting to write about :p

Friday, 5 May 2006

Going all nuts!

The other day..

Na: You're making me nuts..
mf: Hmm.. I don't make nuts! Nuts come from.. OH NO, I DON'T KNOW! And I like to eat nuts!
Na: *.*

(Well I later realised I knew that
groundnuts were from, well, the ground.)

So I did a search..

According to good old
Wikipedia, a walnut is a nut. A chestnut is a nut too, though I've never associated that with the usual tiny nuts! But wait, a coconut is not a nut :p Pecan and hazel are the other two common nuts that are actually nuts. The nut family also includes beech, oak and birch - I didn't know these were nuts! And what the hell is a filbert nut?!

Then, imagine my shock to hear that almonds are not nuts! Neither are groundnuts! Apparently, almonds are culinary nuts, not botanically classified as nuts.. Together with Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, pine nuts and pistachio nuts, almonds are classified as seeds. Groundnuts or peanuts are both a legume and a seed, and the coconut is a drupe, which is.. Eh
definition is too long..

Anyway, back to original question of where nuts come from.. Let me modify that to where my favourite nuts come from :)

Hazel! From deciduous trees and large shrubs.. The
Turkish hazel nut doesn't look too friendly.. Almonds also come from trees with pretty flowers. Cashew - oh yummy yummy! - and pistachio are also from trees, the latter looks like a bunch of flowers on its tree!

Wa, I feel like I've just had a bio class.. Exhausted.. I'll move on to something else..

* If you somehow happen to wonder what it's like to be classified as nuts, well I can tell you it's not funny!

You have to be there to believe it

Really, cos I was at the Workers' Party rally in Tomato Town yesterday. I must record my whole experience..

CW was the only person I thought of who would likely be going so I called up and sure enough he was going. So we arranged to meet at the market bus stop.

Left the house about 8pm, all prepared: shorts and tank top cos it would be hot, lots of (useless!) mosquito repellant to compensate for the lack of cloth, my (life-saving) folded fan to keep cool.

The streets looked a bit different last night; there seemed to be too many cars on the streets and the main avenue. Later I realised that people going for the rally had to park as far out as behind my place, which was some 15-20min away (on foot) from the rally field. So starting out, I saw a lot more cars than usual, and as I reached the main avenue closest to the field, I began to see a lot more people than usual. And traffic police officers were present to keep traffic in check.

Whipped out my Samsung to call CW as I turned the corner and started to hear voices from loudspeakers. No network!! I was very sure Singtel had coverage in that area so it must be the sheer concentration of people there! I couldn't dial or sms for quite a while. Then it improved to just "network busy" so we managed to contact each other by text and met on the field. Walked further into the crowd, found a nice spot and stood there to listen for the next two hours.

Then suddenly I heard a familiar voice calling Kel so I turned back and guess what? It was Moh! But it wasn't Kel; it was Kev but well, similar :p And two others whom I knew from school as well; the four of them came from a course. At this point, also realised that there were seriously many many people standing behind us now. The turnout was huge, not as big as the Hougang one but still, big.

That's why I say you have to see it to believe it, to believe the WP's draw. The supporters right in front were all waving little flags with the hammer logo, and everyone was clapping at some point, echoing their shouts of support in response to the speakers. And all this was not without cause cos the speakers made sense, and they had the ability to connect with the ground with their ideas. I was instantly reminded of concerts; thought the crowd at the field last night was more spontaneous and generous with their applause than those at pop concerts!

I was rather inspired by what I saw and heard, in fact, heartened to see many people young and old and somewhere-in-between interested in this GE. I even bought the WP's manifesto on the way out and read most of it before bedtime and on the way to work today; I'll finish it on the way back.

Honestly, I'm not into politics and confess my lack of content knowledge, hence this rather factual entry instead of debating on the rights and wrongs. But it doesn't mean I'm not interested or concerned. Eh, all that concerned citizen bit I'm trying to think about is way over my head ie I lost my point, not to mention that lunch time is over, oops.. Anyway, I like the WP's tagline:

Yes, I do, since Tomato Town is being contested, and especially when we have a credible opposition this time. Mother asked me who I would vote for when I got back from the rally last night. I thought she would have heard on the radio that "voting is compulsory, voting is secret", but in any case I don't always reply her since she will likely answer herself wthout prompt. "Aiya, vote for your government la! Give you study, give you work.." I rolled my eyes and went to shower.

Wednesday, 3 May 2006

I was.. speechless..

Going by my blog, you wouldn't expect me to be interested in anything else but myself and fluffy stuff.. However, this got me interested - click that link!

Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Revelation: I spent more money when on my own

1) My plan for Sunday afternoon was to go get a lint roller. I ended up at Isetan Scotts and bought a top in two seconds.

2) Next was Watson's@Taka to get my cleansing oil but I was told the line was discontinued! Gaaar! Turned back to MRT but had to pass by Isetan Wisma. So I checked out Shunji Matsuo and decided to give my hair an almost unnoticeable trim just to make it neater.

3) Wandered across the aisle and found a Casio stand. I've been wanting to get a watch but as some will know, mf cannot read the time if the watch has only quarter markings *.* So I've had very limited choices even with new arrivals in City Chain. Found a pretty readable watch that didn't cost half my arm! The lady took out 6-7 of the metal bits to fit my wrist, the thinnest bit of me. Still a little loose but taking out one more may make it uncomfortable on hot days.

4) Boarded the MRT and realised I forgot about the lint roller! Decided to go to J8 to buy yoghurt before walking back. Also to check out Watson's in case they had my cleansing oil.. No =( Bought Listerine instead.

5) Strolled by Beauty Box so asked about my dry soles. Had a pedicure done in the end. Then I bought my strawberry yoghurt and sang my way back.

Kel, Moh and I were supposed to meet YX in Rochester Park but it was too crowded. We met in HV instead. Ate in the hawker centre before walking one round to Swensen. Topics were the usual; we could never seem to tire of them :) But at one point, we went geeky: we proved that root(2) is irrational. Then we generalised the proof for root(integer). And along the way, if m^2 is divisible by n, m should be divisible by n too.

Roamed Cold Storage for some 20min after that, and I finally bought my lint roller!!
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