Friday, 12 May 2006


I'm so going to die from waiting for emails to load! I didn't come back to office on yet another public holiday for all this waiting! I don't know if it's the LAN or the email system - likely the latter, a 2kb email should open IMMEDIATELY!

Anyway, it's Vesak Day today. Seems strange to say Happy Vesak Day, cos it's also my Gramps' death anniversary - he passed away this day in 2002, one week before my finals.

Passed by the Singapura Book Company on the way to Grams' place. I haven't seen it open for the longest time cos I seldom walk by in the day time. This shop is right next to my grandparents' provision shop (which has been let out) and we the cousins used to hang out with the kids there, I think.. Ah, nostalgic..

Grams and Aunt cooked a lot. Mother also made some kuey this morning. We started with burning incense sticks and after a while - there must be some trigger or something - Eldest Uncle brought the incense paper to burn in the bin downstairs.

When they came back and the red candles were almost all burnt, Grams muttered some words and dropped two coins on the floor. Uncle picked them up - negative ie we could not end the ceremony yet. This went on a few times, both Grams and Uncle dropped the coins but it was always no-go. Then at last, Grams took the coins. I heard her ask Gramps to allow them to end the ceremony, and not to be annoyed with his three other sons for their absence today. Then the coins were dropped and we had a positive! The elders were saying that Gramps preferred more people around. But well, due to work etc, three of my uncles couldn't make it today. The alter was thus kept and we had lunch.

I slacked around with my cousins for a while and left for office, within walking distance. I'm sitting here now with a 1.5l bottle of oolong tea and Siok behind me! So happy to have company though I had a big scare when she first walked in cos I heard something before I saw her :p

Backtracking a bit now.. Watched Poseidon with CTB yesterday - I made the right choice to decline the nomination for the ship thing!! Trivial: In the last scene when the survivors were in the life boat, I noticed the super thick mascara on the girl's lashes - very waterproof, considering how they swam and struggled etc! Got back quite early - no takers for Union - but still slept late cos was chatting with Kel and YX on the phone. And I did something totally dexterous too - I showered while on the phone!! Kel had mean things to say about that but well..! :p

Going to Chomp Chomp for dinner now - don't think I'll eat cos of the heavy lunch, still so full..

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  1. kekek, my dear dear mf : ) dash was so glad to see your name on the registration book at the lobby this afternoon, and was even more pleasantly surprised to meet you again at Chomp Chomp area just now! kekek lovely! : )

    Yah, dash thinks it's totally obsence that two totally interesting and cheery personalities are found working in office on a public holiday. kekek ah well : )


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