Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Morbid thoughts

Somehow, sometimes, I feel that my life is rather meaningless. Really, there's only one big thing keeping me alive - responsibility to an uncle and an aunt, who signed their names on the dotted line for my $300,000 bond.

If I die, everyone will be a bit sad, I suppose, but in the end, life moves on. Meh is fine, cos if I die, she'll be cremated with me. Mother is fine, cos I've got siblings I didn't ask for and a good insurance plan.

I realise I'm lacking in purpose. After I've discharged that expensive responsibility, I'll need to find a purpose to keep me going. I have no desire to jump off any building; don't want to die ugly! :p

Anyway, I'm uttering nonsense again.. On leave today to make rice dumplings. Will be giving out rice dumplings as usual - make everyone grow fat with me! *Evil* :p


  1. dear mf, why are u thinking abt dying at such a young age? u seemed rather pessimistic abt life...hey, u are still young...still got a long way to go....just finish up your bond and go out there to explore...

    well, me feeling the same like u too....dun like the present job but no choice have to struggle on..at least for the sake of my loved ones....i cannot possibly give up now...let's hope that it would be a better tomorrow....

    enjoy your dumpling making...yummu, i love dumpling...long time since my mum makes them....

  2. Excuse me, if u die, I have no salsa partner anymore... We're almost bond free lah.. Rem the goal to market our cosmetic products to Japan!!

  3. OI pong !! dun sound so bei guan!rem we must 含饴弄孙tog in future..u said one....

  4. Woman, do you expect me to dance alone?! Besides, am still waiting for those wild girly parties you've promised to throw..


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