Sunday, 7 May 2006

Run mf run

Had a dream this morning. I was in Oxford, somewhere along Cowley St on the east of town, looking for a shop that made robes. Couldn't find it, and started running real hard to Brasenose. Somehow I approached from the north, tried unsuccessfully to cut through Exeter. Ended up passing by Worcester and turned into a little lane. Saw the Old Tuckshop, recalled a real incident with some snack I bought there many years back, an incident I had otherwise forgot. The next moment I was running through town towards High St. A mean guy walking in my direction mimicked the way I ran - big swaying arms etc. A girl saw that and smiled kindly. I smiled back and ran past Cornmarket St. I was amazed I wasn't tired with all that running, but I was conscious I was dreaming so that explained it.

I never reached my college. I woke. And I woke tired from running. Decided to jog. Jogged a bit more than usual today. And though I was real slow sometimes, I never stopped or reduced to walking. I pushed on.

I'm feeling satisfied. For now.

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