Thursday, 25 May 2006

Salsa in the morning

Was on morning leave today but woke at the same time cos I was going for salsa! Hup was doing a salsa elective class for civics and I wanted to see RJ - perfect chance! We started with YY taking the girls while Hup and I revised the CBLT with the boys. Then, the usual two concentric circles and the practice started. Now the funny bits came in..

Boy 1: She's tall..
Boy 2: Look at the heels!
Boy 3: Stress stress...

Hup told them how our instructor could spin girls taller than him. We also did a demo at the end of the class and..

Students: You never taught us those!!

So funny I was giggling most of the time! I CANNOT BE A TEACHER AH! But think I like hanging out with young people. I mean, youngER people. Ahem, mf is still very young :p

After we shooed them off for their classes, we carried on dancing a bit before packing up. Bumped into Ms Chia at the lift - she used to teach in NJ! She wasn't my tutor but I had her for MCS once and I remember she said something like, "You have to start doing the questions!" I've been applying that to things I do ie to just do it, with some thinking of course, but without dwelling too much on it or I'll never get started and the thing won't ever be done! Also remember her for her maggi mee hair. Her hair was still long but no longer as maggi mee as - omg - ten year back.. And she didn't seem to have aged!

Chatted in the canteen for a while, discussing our Bali trip - can't wait! - and how we would like to go overseas at the end of our bond. Hup was thinking of cosmetic chemistry in US and since I so wish to go to Japan, I offered to break into the Asian market for him! Haha! And of course, London, Rome, Paris, EUROPE! And the nice things there.. Always happy to talk about such things :)

Took a bus to Thomson Rd to change bus to work but stopped by a reflexology centre for a foot massage since it was only 11am. Then I had to make a little trip to Prata House *guilty* I know, sinful!! But but but, when I was seated at my desk with the prata in my hands, the following sms exchange took place..

Hup: I think they read your blog.. They asked, is she meifoong.. So no more bad things about me or they know! :)
mf: Haha! Oops I try.. (anyway, nothing bad for me to write about la!)
Hup: Besides some students say your figure is very good :) Hope this makes you happy.
mf: Omg! I feel very good eating prata now!

Yes mf is obviously very happy! To be able to eat prata without guilt - how often does that happen? :p

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